Best Router table 2023

Are you searching for the best router table 2023 to upgrade your woodworking setup? You’re in the right place!

This comprehensive buying guide will help you pick the perfect model based on your needs and expectations while offering expert tips and tricks.

Equip yourself with the right information and purchase a router table that will last for years to come!

Best Router table 2023

  1. BOSCH RA1181 Benchtop Router Table (Editor’s Pick)
  2. Grizzly Industrial T28780 – Router Table (Best Overall)
  3. KREG PRS1045 Precision Router Table(Budget Friendly)
  4. JET JRL-912 Router  Table 
  5. Bosch RA1171 Benchtop Router Table 
  6. Grizzly Industrial G0528 -Router Table
  7. Leegol Electric Benchtop Router Table 

1) BOSCH RA1181 Benchtop Router Table

Best Router table

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Quality materials start craftsmanship, and the BOSCH RA1181 delivers. This router table is composed of premium metal. This material gives the table a clean, professional look and durability. The clear-coated aluminum top adds style to any workshop or working site.

Release Reliable Power

Powering woodworking projects is crucial, and the BOSCH RA1181 excels. A reliable 120-volt corded electric system powers this router table. It eliminates the need to recharge batteries or monitor power levels. You can expect this router table to operate well for woodworking with its constant power supply.

The Right Size for Your Workspace

The BOSCH RA1181 Benchtop Router Table is versatile for woodworking setups of various sizes. Its 22.75 x 27 x 14.5-inch proportions fit any workspace. Its modest size makes storage easier, which is important in a small workshop. Portable at 30 pounds, you may take it wherever your woodworking journey takes you.

One Package: Precision and Convenience

Precision and convenience go together in woodworking. The BOSCH RA1181 Benchtop Router Table has several woodworking benefits. With its large work surface, you can accurately cut and shape your materials. A tall aluminum fence with movable MDF face plates and other accessories make the router table more versatile and usable.

Safety First

Woodworking is difficult, but safety must always come first. With featherboards and dual outlet switches, the BOSCH RA1181 Benchtop Router Table prioritizes safety. These features keep your hands away from the cutting area and make power management easy, assuring a safe woodworking session.


In conclusion, the BOSCH RA1181 Benchtop Router Table is the perfect combination of durability, performance, and versatility. Its excellent aluminum design and stable power source make woodworking tasks precise and easy. Its portability and compactness make it ideal for all-sized workplaces. Safety features let you practice carpentry without worrying about dangers. Increase your woodworking game with the BOSCH RA1181 Benchtop Router Table and see the difference.

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  1. The BOSCH RA1181 Benchtop Router Table has a clear-coated aluminum top that gives it a sleek and professional look.
  2. It is a corded electric router table that operates on 120 volts, providing a consistent and reliable power supply.
  3. With item dimensions of 22.75 x 27 x 14.5 inches and a weight of 30 pounds, it is compact and easy to move around and store.
  4. The aluminum construction material makes it durable and sturdy, ensuring long-lasting performance.
  5. The BOSCH RA1181 Benchtop Router Table is a versatile tool that can be used by both woodworking enthusiasts and professional carpenters.


Material ‎Aluminum
Power Source ‎Corded Electric
Item Dimensions LxWxH ‎22.75 x 27 x 14.5 inches
Voltage ‎120 Volts

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2) Grizzly Industrial T28780 – Router Table

Best Router table

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Size is Grizzly Industrial T28780 router table’s main benefit. The 32″ x 34″ main table provides adequate workspace for large and little projects. This enables you work on various woodworking projects without space constraints. The router table is ideal for intricate details and bulky products.

Precision at Fingertips

Woodworking requires precision, and the Grizzly Industrial T28780 router table delivers. Precision cuts are possible with its 32″ x 2-3/4″ x 13/16″ fence. This router table eliminates wobbles and erroneous results during tasks. Woodworking projects are precise with this instrument.

Flexible Compatibility

Like every router table, the Grizzly Industrial T28780 supports several routers. The 9″ x 12″ x 3/8″ aluminium table insert fits most routers with a 3-3/4″ plate aperture. The adaptability enables you use your favourite router without compatibility issues, reducing setup time.

Custom Height Change

Woodworkers and projects differ. The height of the Grizzly Industrial T28780 router table is adjustable. A 36″ to 39″ table height adjustment lets this router table be tailored for different users and projects. The table may be simply adjusted to the right height for delicate inlays or big tabletops for maximum control and comfort.

Safety First

The Grizzly Industrial T28780 router table prioritises woodworking safety. Clear polycarbonate router guard protects and illuminates work. This helps you stay safe and track your progress, reducing accidents.

Dust-Free Workspace

Woodworking dust can be dangerous if not properly handled. The dust shroud fence on the Grizzly Industrial T28780 router table fixes this. This innovative mechanism keeps your desk dust-free, preventing dust inhalation and respiratory issues. You can focus in a safer, more comfortable woodworking space.

Finally, woodworkers wanting precision, adaptability, and safety may consider the Grizzly Industrial T28780 router table. Its huge surface, router compatibility, and height adjustment make it a top DIY and professional tool. Get the Grizzly Industrial T28780 to practise woodworking in a dust-free environment.

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  1. The Grizzly Industrial T28780 router table has a large main table surface of 32″ x 34″, providing enough space for large and small projects.
  2. The fence size measures 32″ x 2-3/4″ x 13/16″, ensuring precise and accurate cuts.
  3. It has a table height that ranges from 36″ to 39″, making it suitable for different users and projects.
  4. The clear polycarbonate router guard provides safety and protection while working.
  5. The dust shroud fence assembly ensures a clean and safe workspace, reducing the risk of dust inhalation and respiratory issues.


Main table surface:  32″ x 34″
Plate Opening Size::  3-3/4″
Aluminum Table Insert:  9″ x 12″ x 3/8″
Table height:  36″ to 39″

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3) Kreg Prs1045 Precision Router Table

Best Router table

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The Kreg Prs1045 router table has a sturdy metal 24″ x 32″ surface. This top gives your woodworking projects a stable, flat surface for precision and stability. The table top’s intelligent design reduces vibrations and noise, allowing you to work with precision and accuracy.

The steel platform holding the table is adjustable from 31″ to 39″ to accommodate a variety of users and project needs. This router table is versatile and accessible for woodworkers of all sizes and project types.

UX Excellence: Standout Features

Kreg Prs1045 router table user-friendliness is notable. Its accessories and features facilitate setup and use. Let’s examine these traits:

1. Plate Insert Compatibility

The router table’s insert plate is pre-drilled to fit most router models. The Kreg Prs1045 router table may easily accommodate professionals with preferred routers or hobbyists with various collections due to this design feature.

2. Accurate Woodworking Precision Fence

A precise fence system improves woodworking accuracy. You can easily cut and adjust precisely using it. Precision is essential while making delicate woodwork.

3. Quiet Workspace Noise Reduction

Along with stability, the Kreg Prs1045 router table reduces noise. This feature respects woodworkers and coworkers. It lets you work uninterrupted and realise your creative thoughts.

4. Height Adjustment Flexibility

The steel stand, which adjusts between 31″ and 39″, offers unmatched flexibility. This router table can easily adjust to your needs, whether you’re working on massive projects that require a higher tabletop or complex chores that require a lower one.


Woodworking requires precision and simplicity. Both are strengths of the Kreg Prs1045 Precision Router Table. It is the top pick for woodworking aficionados due to its sturdy design that reduces vibration, height-adjustable steel stand, and user-friendly features. Bring precision and convenience to your woodworking tasks with the Kreg Prs1045 router table.

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  1. The Kreg Prs1045 router table is made of high-quality metal that provides a stable and flat surface for your projects.
  2. The steel stand is adjustable from 31″ to 39″ in height, making it suitable for different users and projects.
  3. The router table comes with an insert plate that is pre-drilled to fit most routers, making it compatible with a wide range of router models.
  4. The precision fence system allows you to make accurate cuts and adjustments.
  5. The Kreg Prs1045 router table is easy to set up and use, thanks to its variety of accessories and features.


Item Weight ‎54 pounds
Product Dimensions ‎37.48 x 25.51 x 36.5 inches
Material ‎Metal

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4) Jet Jrl-912 Router Table

Best Router table

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Durability and longevity define the Jet Jrl-912 Router Table. This tool is made of high-quality materials for durability. Its sturdy steel structure is its foundation. Woodworking is stable and supported by its sturdy base.

Any router table needs a precision-ground, robust plastic tabletop. This creates a flawless surface that showcases your work.

Powering Your Projects

The Jet Jrl-912 Router Table’s router motor packs a punch. Engineered for power, it handles a variety of woodworking chores easily. This router motor handles precise details and large cuts, making projects easy.

Fingertip Precision

Woodworking requires precision, and the Jet Jrl-912 Router Table delivers. A precision fence system makes precise cuts and modifications easy. Avoid guessing and enjoy precise, fine-tuned craftsmanship.

Woodworking’s Rise

In conclusion, the Jet Jrl-912 Router Table represents woodworking quality. Its high-quality build, powerful router motor, and precise fence system guarantee amazing products. This router table unlocks the full potential of your woodworking projects, whether you’re a pro or a beginner. Purchase the Jet Jrl-912 Router Table today to see your creations fly. Your woodworking adventure will change.

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  1. The Jet Jrl-912 Router Table is made of high-quality materials that ensure durability and longevity.
  2. The table features a sturdy frame made of heavy-duty steel that provides stability and support for your projects.
  3. The table comes with a precision-ground tabletop made of durable plastic that provides a smooth and flat surface for your work.
  4. The router table comes with a high-performance router motor that provides sufficient power for most woodworking tasks.
  5. The precision fence system allows you to make accurate cuts and adjustments.


Brand ‎Jet
Material ‎Other
Power Source ‎AC
Item Dimensions LxWxH ‎40 x 32 x 42 inches

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5) Bosch Ra1171 Benchtop Router Table

Best Router table

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Bosch Ra1171 Benchtop Router Table provides the right instruments for craftsmanship. It’s a reliable friend for pros and hobbyists. Let’s examine its advantages.

Premium Construction: Unmatched Durability

High-quality aluminium construction makes the Bosch Ra1171 durable. Sturdy frame and base provide this router table stability for your work.

Router Mounting Plate: Perfect Precision

Bosch’s router table mounting plate is top-notch. The Ra1171’s precision router mounting plate raises the bar for accuracy. This feature eliminates guesswork and makes precise cutting easy.

Spacious Workspace: Creativity Room

A large workspace is needed for multiple projects. The Bosch Ra1171 has a 25.5-by-15.88-inch tabletop. This large surface space lets you be creative.

Masters Precision: Adjustable Fence

For woodworkers, precision is essential. The Bosch Ra1171 Benchtop Router Table’s movable fence improves precision. This feature ensures excellent results while cutting or fine-tuning.

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Router Mounting Plate: Perfect Precision

Large Workspace: Freedom to Create

Mastering Precision: Fence Adjustment

Finally, the Bosch Ra1171 Benchtop Router Table is a precise woodworking tool. It is meticulously constructed to fulfil the needs of experts and DIYers, offering unsurpassed durability, precision, and versatility. Precision makes the Bosch Ra1171 a game-changer for woodworking. Your works are deserving.

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  1. The Bosch Ra1171 Benchtop Router Table is made of high-quality aluminum that provides durability and longevity.
  2. The table features a sturdy frame and base that provide stability and support for your work.
  3. The router table comes with a precision router mounting plate that allows you to make accurate and precise cuts.
  4. The large tabletop provides ample space for your projects.
  5. The adjustable fence allows you to make precise cuts and adjustments.


Material ‎Aluminum
Brand ‎BOSCH
Item Dimensions LxWxH ‎15.88 x 25.5 x 18 inches
Color ‎Blue

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6) Grizzly Industrial G0528 -Router Table

Best Router table

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Its outstanding dimensions underpin this router table’s design. Woodworking space is considerable on the 31″ x 10″ main table surface. Other characteristics of the G0528 include a 31″ x 12″ sliding table. This unusual feature makes feeding workpieces easy, improving workflow.

Fundamental Precision

Precision is essential for woodworkers, and the G0528 Router Table is designed accordingly. The strong 3″ x 12″ adjustable fence comes in pairs to accommodate even the largest workpieces. This function keeps workpieces stable throughout operation, ensuring precise cuts.

Flexibility in Bit Compatibility

This router table’s ability to accommodate different-sized bits is notable. With table insert diameters of 1-1/8″ and 2-5/16″, the table’s 3-1/2″ counterbore can handle many bit sizes. This versatility lets you work on different woodworking projects without changing tools.

Elevating Your Workspace

Woodworking requires comfort and efficiency. The G0528 Router Table’s 34″ height meets this purpose. This ergonomic design keeps you in a comfortable position, avoiding strain and tiredness throughout long projects. This table’s design encourages high-quality work for beginners and experts alike.


Finally, the Grizzly Industrial G0528 Router Table is a woodworker’s dream. Its sturdy structure, accurate engineering, and careful design make it a woodworking industry leader. This router table is versatile and reliable for complicated pieces and huge tasks. Buy the Grizzly Industrial G0528 Router Table to improve your woodworking precision and efficiency.

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  1. The Grizzly Industrial G0528 Router Table comes with a sliding table surface that allows for easy feeding of workpieces, making it ideal for woodworking projects.
  2. The table height of 34″ provides a comfortable working position for woodworkers, reducing fatigue during extended working hours.
  3. The router table’s adjustable fence keeps the workpiece in place during operation, enhancing precision and accuracy in cuts.
  4. The 3-1/2″ counterbore and 1-1/8″ and 2-5/16″ table insert diameters accommodate different-sized bits, making the router table versatile and suitable for various woodworking applications.
  5. The pair of 3″ x 12″ fences provide adequate support for large workpieces, enhancing stability during operation.


Product Dimensions ‎35.25 x 26 x 7.75 inches
Main table surface:  31″ x 10″
Sliding table surface:  31″ x 12″
Table counterbore:  3-1/2″

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7) Leegol Electric Benchtop Router Table

Best Router table

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The Leegol Electric Benchtop Router Table simplifies woodworking. This table helps beginners and pros. Its versatility lets you use it on any worktop for stability and efficiency.

Built to Last

Quality woodworking equipment like the Leegol Electric Benchtop Router Table is needed. Its premium materials make it long-lasting. Trust this investment for years.

Compact and Lightweight

Interestingly, this router table is portable. At 17.56 pounds and 19.1 x 15 x 6.4 inches, it’s portable. The table fits in a large workshop or small garage.

Simple to Use

Electricity makes the Leegol Electric Benchtop Router Table easy to use. Its simple design enables beginners utilise it. Professional productivity will increase with its accuracy and reliability.


The Leegol Electric Benchtop Router Table is vital for woodworkers. Its portability, durability, and utility make it workshop essential. Leegol Electric makes a great woodworking router table. It will be your trusted collaborator for complex designs and large projects. Purchase the Leegol Electric Benchtop Router Table today to improve your woodworking skills.

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  1. The Leegol Electric Benchtop Router Table is lightweight and portable, making it easy to move around.
  2. The router table is easy to set up and use, making it perfect for beginners.
  3. It is made of high-quality materials, ensuring that it is durable and long-lasting.
  4. The Router Table A pattern is aesthetically pleasing and will fit well in any workshop.
  5. The Leegol Electric Benchtop Router Table is affordable, making it accessible to anyone who wants to start woodworking.


Manufacturer ‎Leegol Electric
Item Weight ‎17.56 pounds
Package Dimensions ‎19.1 x 15 x 6.4 inches
Pattern: ‎Router Table A

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Best Router table 2023  – Complete Buying Guide

Welcome to our comprehensive guide for choosing the best router table for your needs in 2023. Router tables are an essential part of any woodworker’s toolbox and offer a level of precision and control that other tools simply can’t match. With this guide, you’ll find the perfect router table to meet your unique needs and budget.

We have divided this guide into four sections:

1) Introduction which explains what a router table is, the benefits it offers, general features to consider when shopping, how to choose the right model, and a few FAQs;

2) Reviews where we provide detailed reviews on some of the best router tables available;

3) Comparison Chart comparing eight of the top products at a glance;

4) Summary wrapping up with an overview of our findings & recommendations.

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Definition of Router Table

A router table is an essential tool for completing a range of woodworking tasks. It provides the user with an extra level of control when working with wood and other materials. The main purpose of a router table is to keep the material secure and provide adequate support for the router. It also enables a more accurate cut, better production speeds and more efficient use of resources.

A Router Table consists of three main components; the table, fence and base. The table is typically constructed from either wood, resin or metal, depending on the type of routing you will be carrying out. The fence supports the router bit in place while cutting and the base helps to provide stability during use. Additionally, some routers feature additional features such as dust collection ports, speed control dials or adjustability allowing different heights to be achieved. Depending on your specific needs there are many types of router tables to chose from that come with a variety of features including miter gauges, adjustable fences, accessories trays and storage drawers etc. Ultimately it’s important to research your options before making a purchase as each type can take many hours of fine tuning and set-up before optimal performance can be achieved.

Importance of Router Table

A router table is a stationary woodworking machine, often mounted on a stand or workbench that helps to accurately shape and profile wood for furniture projects. While handheld routing can do some tasks accurately, a router table is often the best tool for performing more detailed and precise woodworking tasks. Router tables are particularly valuable when working with the wide variety of routing bits available. Bits that can be used with a router table include mortising and grooving chisels, pattern molding bits, dovetail jigs, door hinges and more.

While some routers come with built-in tables and stands, investing in an aftermarket setup may be beneficial as they are both more accurate and flexible than their factory-stock counterparts. When purchasing your cutting tools in combination with the table itself, it’s important to take both quality of components as well as the weight of the device into consideration; although heavier models afford greater stability when cutting large pieces of material, lighter models may be preferable if portability or storage is an issue.

Purpose of Buying Guide

It’s important to understand the purpose of a router table buying guide when shopping for router tables. There are many factors to consider when purchasing a router table, and this buying guide will help you out in understanding what’s available on the market. This buying guide is designed to help you understand different features and options for router tables, so that you can purchase the best product for your needs.

The first factor to consider is size- the larger the size of your router table, the more tasks it will be able to take on. Different types of router tables come in varying sizes, usually ranging from 24 inches up to 40 inches. When deciding on a model and size, it’s important to check how much space you will have available in your workroom or shop before making any purchases.

Another consideration is type- there are several types of table top materials used for router tables. Popular options include glass, laminates and phenolic resins. The type of material chosen depends heavily on dependencies such as budget and application requirements- glass may be more visually pleasing but more expensive than laminates, while phenolic resin may provide greater flexibility if an intricate shape needs cutting out or multiple routering projects need to be undertaken simultaneously. Each material has its own pros and cons as well as upkeep requirements so it’s important that you select one that meets all of your needs before making a purchase decision.

Finally, there are various features offered by manufacturers such as dust collection systems, adjustable fences and fence locks which can make the job easier by giving better control over each task at hand. It’s essential to evaluate what features are essential for the projects planned so that the best model with maximum compatibility with tools is selected for use in future projects.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Router Table

When choosing the best router table for your needs, there are several factors to consider. These include size, weight, strength and durability, power capabilities, ease of use and adjustability.

Size: Router tables come in a variety of sizes with the largest being around 80″ x 40″. When selecting the size you should consider what types of tasks you will be performing. If you plan to work with large pieces of wood or to do precision work then it may be better to purchase a larger table so that you have enough space to maneuver the material while still maintaining accurate control over the router’s movement.

Weight: The weight of a router table is also an important factor as heavier tables tend to stay in place better when working. While some light duty models may work for occasional home projects, heavier tables are often more stable and offer better performance for tougher jobs.

Strength and Durability: As routers can generate large amounts of torque when cutting materials it is important for a router table to be strong and durable enough to withstand this force without warping or damage over time. Generally the more stable a router table is the longer it will last and performance will remain consistent even after heavy usage.

Power Capabilities: The power capabilities required by your particular project will depend on what types of materials you plan on cutting as some may require more powerful motors than others in order to achieve satisfactory results. It is also important to check what accessories are compatible with each model as this can often limit your selection when it comes time to purchase one that meets your requirements.

Ease of Use: Many routers come with accessories that make them much easier for casual users such as dust collection systems, adjustable fences and feather boards which help maximize accuracy when cutting materials of different widths or shapes. Other features such as split tops/drop outs can help increase efficiency when working on multiple projects at once by allowing multiple bits/attachments at one time while keeping dust off the operator’s body parts or nearby surfaces while working in tightly-spaced areas such as closets or cabinets where space is limited but quality still needs attention paid too.

Adjustability: Adjustable guides on certain models allow users great flexibility when adjusting bit height settings so they can accurately complete various cuts without having start over if they get slightly off track – especially helpful if one type of material requires different depths or settings than another (such as veneers vs hardwoods). Other models may offer atypical attachments such as base plates which let users swap from bits used by hand-held routers which are usually lower powered versus ones used under stationary mountings which tend toward higher power levels & greater precision (such said changes sometimes requiring recalibration before effective use – something typically done easily & very quickly without requiring complicated adjustments).

Size of Tabletop

When shopping for a router table, the size of the tabletop needs to be taken into account. The larger the top, the more versatile the table will be for your woodworking needs. A larger top provides you with more room to work on and will also accommodate bigger projects.

Height is another major factor in determining the size of your router table. Traditionally, router tables have a taller height than saws tables in order to position your body lower and make it easier to operate the router. Manufacturers offer tabletop heights ranging from 28” to 34” tall, with many at 31” tall being ideal for most users. It’s important to note that some lower-priced models may cost less but have shorter heights or lack adjustability — something that might not work well when using large bits.

If you plan on adding outfeed support to your table, look for one equipped with a shelf or other built-in storage space that can accommodate these extra items. Additionally, many tables come with onboard accessories such as dust collection ports which occupy additional space along one side of the table. Take these measurements into account before making a purchase so there’s room for all of your woodworking equipment!

Compatibility with Router

When searching for the best router table, you must consider whether your specific router model is compatible with the table in question. Many tables are designed to be versatile and will accommodate a wide range of routers, but certain smaller models may have narrower compatibility requirements that limit their ability to fit larger or different types of routers. Therefore, it’s important to read the product specifications carefully before making your selection so you know exactly what type of routers can fit onto the particular table that interests you.

Furthermore, some tables are pre-drilled for convenience and others require manual drilling so users can mount their own router clamps differently or in unconventional ways. This offers extra flexibility when choosing a model because it eliminates the need for precision drilling on all sides if preferred.

Material of Tabletop

The material of the tabletop is another important factor when it comes to deciding which router table is best for you. The type of material affects the durability and accuracy of the table, as well as the compatibility with various router models.

The most common materials used in making router tables are MDF, particleboard and phenolic boards. MDF (medium-density fiberboard) is a high-grade composite wood material that is strong, flat and lightweight. It’s ideal for being machined and can be easily painted or stained. Particleboard is also a composite wood material, but isn’t quite as sturdy as MDF. However, it’s cheaper, making it a great choice for those on a budget.

Phenolic boards feature a more dense construction than both MDF and particleboard, providing a much sturdier base for your router table top. They are nearly indestructible and remain very flat even after extended use over time. Many higher end tables feature phenolic tabletops because of their superior strength and longevity.

Top Router Tables in 2023

Choosing the right router table is essential for any job shop or woodworking enthusiast. To help you select the appropriate option for your needs, we’ve compiled a list of the best router tables currently available in 2023. Our reviews contain detailed information about features, performance, pricing and more. We hope that this guide will prove useful in helping you make your purchase decision.

Top Router Tables in 2023:

  1. Kreg KRS1020 PRS-1045 Router Table – This deluxe router table has a spacious cast iron surface and a dust collector port to reduce airborne particles, making it perfect for precision routing projects. It also has a durable aluminum fence with adjustable faces, adjustable safety guard and 2 easy access inserts to keep your workspace safe and organized.
  2. Rockler Pro Table Router Table – This heavy-duty table is designed with professional woodworkers in mind. It has rails made of cold rolled steel and laminated medium density fiberboard top that provide an accurate surface ideal for efficient routing jobs. An integrated dust collection system keeps debris out of your workspace during operation without sacrificing performance or accuracy.
  3. Bosch RA1181 Benchtop Router Table – This portable router table features a work surface area that is wide enough to accept larger workpieces with ease yet compact enough to fit into any space-challenged workshops or hobbyists’ garages without taking up too much room when not in use. The included fence design makes it very easy to adjust cuts for accuracy as well as versatility in task types supported on the benchtop workspace without needing extra tools or supplies during set up process.

Bosch RA1181

The Bosch RA1181 is designed for use with a router. It is equipped with an aluminum top that has been machined flat to ensure accuracy and it is combined with a laminate surface for smooth sliding of the router. There are large adjustable butterfly clips to hold the router in place, as well as two mounting plates that fit over the edge of the work surface to hold larger routers securely.

The Bosch RA1181 also features foldable legs, making it easy to store and transport. The base is adjustable so you can level it evenly on any surface. There’s even an auxiliary above-table dust collector so you can collect scraps and sawdust easily while cutting projects.

Overall, this router table offers great value for its price and can help you make precise cuts faster than ever before!

Kreg PRS1045

When looking for a router table that offers a perfect combination of functionality and reliability, the Kreg PRS1045 precision router table is a great choice. This router table features an MDF core top for easy operation and includes Kreg’s easy-to-operate miter tracking system and adjustable fence. With its heavy-duty construction and unbeatable convenience, this router table is ideal for any shop or garage.

The Kreg PRS1045 comes with the necessary mounting accessories, including two T-tracks for quick accessory adjustments, heavy-duty steel stand that provides added stability when in use, two steel feather boards to guide your material when working on them, and adjustable height rear legs so that you can place it wherever you need it most. The included three insert plates also make it easier to work with different routing bits. All these features make this router table one of the best on the market today.

Bench Dog 40-102 ProMax

The Bench Dog 40-102 ProMax Router Table is a sturdy and reliable option for any maker’s workshop. This router table is constructed from steel with a lumber core, making it capable of holding up to 250 pounds of weight. The large 27” by 31” steel tabletop provides plenty of space for larger projects, while the 16” by 24” insert plate includes two rings and four T-bolts for easy installation.

The fence system has been designed to be adjustable in every direction, providing optimum accuracy for even the most detailed projects. Additionally, this model offers compatibility with a full suite of accessories such as featherboards and fence clamps so you can tailor your workspace to fit your individual needs.

Ultimately, the Bench Dog 40-102 ProMax Router Table is a great choice for makers who are looking for a durable and adjustable table that supports any type of project.

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Choosing the best router table for your particular shop and needs can be a daunting task. This comprehensive buying guide should give you the information necessary to make an informed decision on which router table is best for you.

We are confident that with your home-use or small-shop size router table needs, one of these models reviewed above is just what you need to get your work done with efficiency and accuracy.

In any case, we recommend doing careful research in order to determine that you are purchasing a quality product that will last for years. The importance of safety cannot be emphasized enough—it is essential to pay careful attention to correctly install and use the tools described in this buying guide. Additionally, it pays off to take special care when handling larger, heavier routers as well as when assembling complicated joinery.


What is the best top for a router table?

There is no single “best” top for a router table, as it largely depends on personal preferences and the intended use. However, common materials for router table tops include MDF, phenolic resin, and cast iron.

What to look for when buying a router table?

When buying a router table, you should consider factors such as size, stability, adjustability, and compatibility with your router. You should also look for features such as a dust collection port, safety features, and accessories.

What is the best router top material?

The best router top material depends on personal preferences and intended use. MDF is a popular choice due to its affordability and ease of customization, while phenolic resin offers better durability and moisture resistance. Cast iron is also a high-end option that provides stability and precision.

Which is better a shaper or router table?

A shaper is typically better for larger, more complex woodworking projects, as it offers more power and precision. However, a router table is more versatile and portable, and can handle a wider range of projects.

How necessary is a router table?

A router table is not absolutely necessary for woodworking, but it can greatly expand the capabilities and versatility of a router. It allows for more precision and control, and can also be used for jointing, shaping, and other tasks.

How do I choose a good wood router?

When choosing a wood router, you should consider factors such as horsepower, speed, adjustability, and compatibility with different bits. You should also look for features such as dust collection and safety features.

Is router good for woodworking?

Yes, a router is a very useful tool for woodworking. It can be used for a wide range of tasks, including edging, jointing, shaping, and carving, and can greatly enhance the precision and versatility of a woodworking project.

How do I make a cheap router table?

There are many tutorials and plans available online for making a router table on a budget. Some common materials for a DIY router table include MDF, plywood, and PVC pipes.

Can you use a router table as a joiner?

Yes, a router table can be used as a joiner with the right accessories and techniques. A straight bit or jointing bit can be used to create a flat edge or joint, and a featherboard or clamps can help to hold the wood in place.

What is a shaper table used for?

A shaper table is a woodworking tool used for shaping wood and other materials with precision and power. It is often used for creating moldings, decorative edges, and other complex shapes.

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