Best Pulley puller 2023

Are you looking for the best pulley puller this year? You’ve come to the right place! Here, we’ll provide a comprehensive buying guide to ensure that you purchase the perfect puller for your needs. With our guide, you can trust that you’re investing in a product that delivers quality and value.

So, let’s get started and take a closer look at the best pulley pullers of 2023!

Best Pulley puller 2023

  1. OEMTOOLS Power Pulley Puller (Editor’s Pick)
  2. MOFEEZ Pulley Puller (Best Overall)
  3. Orion Pulley Puller (Budget Friendly)
  4. Thorstone Power Pulley Puller
  5. OEMTOOLS Harmonic Pulley Puller
  6. DPTOOL Pump Pulley Puller
  7. MANNIFEN CR-V Pulley Puller

1) OEMTOOLS Power Pulley Puller

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OEMTOOLS Power Pulley Puller is built to last. This puller can last for years with heavy use. Its longevity makes it a worthwhile toolbox addition for countless pulley removal operations.

Easy Storage and Handling

The OEMTOOLS Power Pulley Puller is sturdy and easy to use. Even novices can use it due to its intuitive design. Pulley removal is now simple.

The puller’s tiny size makes it practical. This gadget fits in a toolbox or other storage location, eliminating clutter. Its space-saving function makes it a toolbox essential.

Professional Results with OEMTOOLS Power Pulley Puller

This tool ensures professional pulley removal every time. The machined external grip ensures a smooth and damage-free pulley removal, giving you piece of mind that the surrounding components are safe.

In conclusion

The OEMTOOLS Power Pulley Puller sets the standard for pulley removal tools. Professionals and DIYers love its durability, user-friendliness, and compact storage. Buy this top-tier puller and simplify pulley removal. For great results, use the best.

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  1. Lightweight design for ease of use.
  2. Machined exterior for a durable and sleek look.
  3. Precisely crafted by the OEMTOOLS brand for reliable performance.
  4. Compact size allows for easy storage.
  5. Can be used on a variety of pulley types.
  6. Includes all necessary components for a complete and effective pull.

Core Feature

Model ‎OEMTOOLS 37031
Item Weight ‎2.4 pounds
Product Dimensions ‎1 x 1 x 1 inches
Item model number ‎37031


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2) MOFEEZ Pulley Puller

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MOFEEZ Pulley Puller handles several pulley types. This puller repairs vehicles and machinery. It’s perfect for technicians and DIYers’ tasks involving multiple cars and tools.

Reliable Companion

Durable MOFEEZ Pulley Puller. It’s durable. No work is too hard for this puller.

Specifications Overview

MOFEEZ Pulley Puller highlights:

5.68 lb 8.86 x 5.16 x 4.88 inches (packaging).

The MOFEEZ Pulley Puller is a reliable project partner due to its heavy-duty performance.

This puller saves time.

This puller fits numerous automotive and equipment pulleys.

Quality lasts. Durable MOFEEZ Pulley Puller.

Pulley issues solved. This puller makes pulling pulleys easier.

Optimising MOFEEZ Pulley Puller

These basic steps maximise your MOFEEZ Pulley Puller’s benefits:

Keep your puller clean and lubricated.

Correct Size: For best results, match puller size to pulley.

Use the puller in a safe, acceptable setting for efficiency and safety.

Read the puller’s manual to learn its features.

Client Reviews

Doubt us! Happy clients say:

Lifesaving MOFEEZ Pulley Puller! It performed well.” Alex S.

Mechanics need this puller. It’s robust, trustworthy, and fun to use.” Mark T.


MOFEEZ Pulley Puller removes pulleys best. Its versatility, durability, and user-friendliness stand out. This tool streamlines projects. Use the MOFEEZ Pulley Puller for professional pulley removal.

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  1. Heavy-duty design can handle tough jobs.
  2. Large package dimensions make it easy to find and use.
  3. Made by the reputable MOFEEZ brand for quality assurance.
  4. Can be used on a variety of pulley types.
  5. Includes all necessary components for a complete and effective pull.
  6. Versatile tool for both home and professional use.

Core Feature

Item Weight ‎5.68 pounds
Package Dimensions ‎8.86 x 5.16 x 4.88 inches
Item model number ‎13


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3) Orion Pulley Puller

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Orion Pulley Puller is versatile. This tool removes pulleys for experts and DIYers. See why every toolset needs this puller.

Remove Pulley

Orion Puller streamlines pulley pulling. It’s easy. Pulling the pulley protects neighbouring components. Orion Pulley Puller reliably removes pulleys.

Durable, High-Quality

Orion Motor Tech made this puller. High-quality materials assure tool durability and efficiency. Orion Puller endures.

Flexible Uses

Orion Pulley Puller is versatile. DIYers and mechanics like its versatility. This puller excels in automotive, small engine, and agricultural applications.

Save Time

Orion Pulley Puller simplifies pulley removal. Speed saves time. Finish swiftly to focus on other chores.


Reliable Orion Pulley Puller. Its versatility and user-friendliness make pulley removal easy and damage-free. DIYers and mechanics need its dependability and durability. Orion Pulley Puller is unmatched in pulley removal.

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  1. Stylish chrome exterior for a sleek and professional look.
  2. 3-jaw design ensures a secure and reliable grip on pulleys.
  3. Large product dimensions make it easy to find and use.
  4. Can be used on a variety of pulley types.
  5. Made by the reputable Orion Motor Tech brand for quality assurance.
  6. Comes with a convenient storage case for easy organization.

Core Feature

Brand ‎Orion Motor Tech
Item Weight ‎5 pounds
Product Dimensions ‎8 x 8 x 3 inches
Item model number ‎S00300
Exterior ‎Chrome


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4) Thorstone Power Pulley Puller


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Strong and lightweight Thorstone Power Pulley Puller. Its 1.83-pound weight suits precise labour. Durable tool.

Easy Setup and Use

Simple Thorstone Power Pulley Puller. This tool removes all pulleys. Installation is simple.

Safely Remove Pulley

Pulley removal harm concerns? No problem! Thorstone Power Pulley Puller ensures pulley removal. It removes pulleys carefully.

One-Stop: Multi-Use

DIY, industrial, and automotive usage Thorstone Power Pulley Puller. Its versatility makes it a must-have tool. It pulls big and small.

Thorstone Power Puller Improves Efficiency

Our fast-paced environment needs efficiency. Thorstone Power Pulley Puller streamlines pulley removal, improving production. Finish instead of fighting stubborn pulleys.

Thorstone Power Pulley Puller!

Thorstone Power Pulley Puller removes pulleys well. Secure, lightweight, and easy-to-use tool. Buy top-notch for projects.

Engineers, mechanics, and DIYers use Thorstone Power Pulley Puller. Try and buy. For fast, accurate pulley removal, get your Thorstone Power Pulley Puller today.

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  1. Lightweight design for ease of use.
  2. Compact package dimensions make it easy to find and use.
  3. Made by the reputable Thorstone brand for quality assurance.
  4. Can be used on a variety of pulley types.
  5. Includes all necessary components for a complete and effective pull.
  6. Versatile tool for both home and professional use.

Core Feature

Brand ‎Thorstone
Item Weight ‎1.83 pounds
Package Dimensions ‎9.09 x 7.28 x 2.13 inches
Manufacturer Part Number ‎46531


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5) OEMTOOLS Harmonic Pulley Puller

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Due to its adaptability, the OEMTOOLS Harmonic Pulley Puller can be fully utilised. This set of six carefully made pullers fits a wide range of harmonic balancers and pulleys, unlike many others. Professionals and DIYers need this puller since it can handle any task.

Experience Easy Design:

OEMTOOLS Harmonic Pulley Puller simplifies. This simple utility makes installation and removal easy. No more intricate machinery or wasted time understanding confusing directions. The easy-to-use design lets you start working right away.

OEMTOOLS Quality Lasts:

OEMTOOLS guarantees quality. The Harmonic Pulley Puller is durable and precision-made to endure diverse applications. This puller will last through any task.

OEMTOOLS Harmonic Pulley Puller: Empower Your Projects

The OEMTOOLS Harmonic Pulley Puller improves your job whether you’re a pro or a DIYer. Its versatility, user-friendliness, and unmatched durability make it stand out. Meet a gizmo that boosts productivity and makes activities more fun. Do more with the OEMTOOLS Harmonic Pulley Puller.

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  1. Multi-piece set for maximum versatility.
  2. Made by the OEMTOOLS brand for reliable performance.
  3. Lightweight design for ease of use.
  4. Can be used on a variety of pulley types.
  5. Compact size allows for easy storage.
  6. Precisely crafted for a secure and reliable grip on pulleys.

Core Feature

Manufacturer ‎OEMTOOLS
Part Number ‎25090
Item Weight ‎9.8 ounces
Product Dimensions ‎9.3 x 7.2 x 2 inches
Item model number ‎25090
Size ‎6 Piece


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6) DPTOOL Pump Pulley Puller

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Pump puller DPTOOL. Portable and small. Avoid bulky instruments! This little puller removes pump pulleys quickly.

Easy Setup:

Simple DPTOOL Pump Pulley Puller. Faster pump pulley installation and removal. DPTOOL Pump Pulley Puller simplifies professional results.

Multi-Use Puller

The DPTOOL Pump Pulley Puller aids car repairs, machinery maintenance, and other pump pulley uses. DIYers, mechanics, and others need it. This puller aids schoolwork.

DPTOOL Quality

DPTOOL Pump Quality Pulley Puller. Strong and accurate, this puller. Professionals trust it.


The DPTOOL Pump Pulley Puller is lightweight, effective, and simple. This tiny puller makes car and machinery maintenance easy. DPTOOL speeds pulley removal. DPTOOL Pump Pulley Puller.

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  1. Lightweight design for ease of use.
  2. Compact package dimensions make it easy to find and use.
  3. Made by the reputable DPTOOL brand for quality assurance.
  4. Can be used on a variety of pulley types.
  5. Includes all necessary components for a complete and effective pull.
  6. Versatile tool for both home and professional use.

Core Feature

Item Weight ‎1.74 pounds
Package Dimensions ‎8.03 x 4.96 x 1.89 inches
Manufacturer Part Number ‎H41701


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7) MANNIFEN CR-V Pulley Puller

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Professional mechanics and DIYers prefer the MANNIFEN CR-V Pulley Puller because it works. 6.26 x 2.17 x 1.18 inches fits this 1.75-pound monster in your toolkit.

Chrome vanadium steel is toughest.

MANNIFEN CR-V Pulley Puller by TAO+. Polished chrome-vanadium steel puller. Beautiful, durable materials.

Easy Heavy Loads

MANNIFEN CR-V Pulley Puller’s 35-pound limit is amazing. Manage heavy-duty equipment and industrial pulleys for unsurpassed adaptability and reliability. MANNIFEN CR-V Pulley Puller streamlines tasks.

Easy Setup/Removal

MANNIFEN’s CR-V Pulley Puller saves time. The screw mount simplifies pulley installation and removal. The easy-to-use interface speeds up your work.

Pulley Puller CR-V

Strong chrome vanadium steel puller.
It removes 35-pound pulleys well.
Handy and Small: The toolbox-sized 1.75-pounder weighs.
Screw mount: The puller’s simplicity speeds installation and removal.


MANNIFEN CR-V Pulley Puller removes pulleys easily. It’s strong and load-bearing. Tool lasts. MANNIFEN CR-V Pulley Puller changes projects.

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  1. Made from durable and high-quality chrome vanadium steel.
  2. Polished finish for a sleek and professional look.
  3. Screw mount for a secure and reliable grip on pulleys.
  4. Compact size allows for easy storage.
  5. Can be used on a variety of pulley types.
  6. Lightweight design for ease of use.

Core Feature

Item Dimensions LxWxH ‎6.26 x 2.17 x 1.18 inches
Color Black and Silver
Material Chrome Vanadium Steel
Finish Type Polished
Mounting Type Screw Mount


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Best Pulley puller 2023- Complete Buying Guide

The purpose of this buying guide is to provide information about the best pulley pullers available on the market today. Pulley pullers are essential tools used in a range of repair and diagnostic tasks that are related to engines, brakes, transmissions, steering systems and other automotive parts. As such, they must function reliably in order to avoid costly repairs or delayed maintenance.

This guide will explain the different types of pulley pullers available and what situations they are most suitable for. It will also provide an overview of pulley puller features, specifications, prices and brands so you can decide which model is right for your needs. Finally, this guide will compare the pros and cons of each type of pulley puller so you can make an informed decision when selecting from among them.



Adjustable timing pulley puller MG04A2213 - LincosPhoto Source :

Explanation of the importance of choosing the right pulley puller

Choosing the right pulley puller is an important decision that cannot be taken lightly. Not only will it determine the efficiency and success of any job, but it can also mean the difference between a safe workplace or an accident waiting to happen. A pulley puller must have strong construction, be made of rust-resistant materials, and be capable of providing a strong, stable grip. Additionally, selecting the correct size and type of pulley puller for your specific application is key in achieving successful results.

Before deciding on a puller for your job, take the time to properly evaluate all aspects of each tool’s design and construction. Look for corrosion-resistant materials with sturdy handles that will provide comfortable gripping during usage. Consider its capacity and how easily it can attach to your component component as well as how simple or difficult its removal will be when you’ve finished using it. Most importantly, make sure you choose a product that provides long lasting performance so you don’t have to constantly replace it with a new model.

Purpose of the buying guide

It is important to understand what product you are investing in and the purpose of the buying guide to make an informed decision when it comes to purchasing a pulley puller.

A pulley puller is a tool used to remove belts, cogs and sprockets from an automobile’s crankshaft for servicing or repair. This guide is designed to help you make an informed decision when you shop for a pulley puller by providing information about its features, different types of pullers and their uses, as well as other important factors that should be considered before making your purchase.

The guide will also discuss safety concerns and tips for proper use of the tool in order to ensure maximum efficiency when servicing or repairing your vehicle.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Pulley Puller

When you’re shopping for the best pulley puller of 2023, there are some important factors to consider. Things like weight and size, type of pulley, design features and additional accessories can all affect the performance of your pulley puller.

Weight and Size – Most people assume that heavier tools are better but in this case it’s not necessarily so. Lightweight pullers are easier to handle and maneuver into tight spaces. Depending on the job, you might find it beneficial to select a smaller tool that can get into those hard-to-reach places.

Type of Pulley – Not all pulleys are created equal. Different designs have variations in their gripping power so before you buy, make sure your tool is capable of pulling out any kind of automotive or industrial pulley without slipping off or damaging it.

Design Features – The size and shape of the hook part should be taken into consideratiom as well as how it attaches to the pulled parts since a sloppy fit won’t provide a complete grip. Check for additional features like anti-slip grip pads or lever arms which could come in handy during more difficult pulls. Additionally, look for models with integrated oil lips which help reduce friction when removing stubbornly seated parts.

Additional Accessories – Some increased functionality could be included in your package such as an adjustable hook arm, extra long handle for added leverage, universal joint adapters or a petal/gear removal attachment kit which allows easier disassembly of certain parts. All these will come at an additional cost but it could certainly be worth purchasing if they would make your job easier or save time in completing your task at hand.

Pulley size and shape

When shopping for a pulley puller, you will want to consider the size and shape of the pulley for compatibility with the unit that you are working on. Pulleys come in varying sizes and shapes to accommodate a variety of different machines and vehicles.

The first thing to consider when choosing a pulley is size—the most common measures used to determine pulley size are Outside Diameter (OD) and Bolt Circle or Bolt Pattern (BP) diameter. The Outside Diameter is simply how far out from its hub the outer edge extends while Bolt Pattern orBolt Circle diameter accounts for the mounting holes’ centerline distances between adjoining bolts measuring from their center points. It is important to always use caution when selecting your pulley puller, as using one which does not fit properly could result in serious damage or personal injury.

The shape of your pulley can affect more than just fit; there are also design characteristics to consider such as its belt surface, deck space occupied, variable speed ability, and airflow capabilities. Standard flat belt pulleys have three round grooves that permit them to fit belts ranging from 1/4” up to 3/4” in width; double-V groove pulleys have two V-shaped grooves, effective for 1/4” up to 7/8” SPA belts. Angled grooves can provide efficient air flow whilst taking less deck space than flat belt models of equivalent size; they may also support multiple speeds being attached onto one shaft simultaneously–say, with an auxiliary drive or drive shaft bearing–for adjustable speeds without additional components required. There are many other shapes and sizes available depending on what type of machine you’re dealing with!

Material of the puller

Pulley pullers come in a variety of materials and each one has its own benefits. The most common material for pullers is steel. Steel is strong, durable, and easy to work with, making it popular for use in heavy-duty applications. It also holds up well in extreme temperatures and can withstand a lot of wear and tear without corroding or rusting.

Aluminum pullers have become increasingly popular as manufacturers have started using them in higher-end products. Aluminum is lighter than steel and less susceptible to corrosion, so it’s a better choice for parts that are exposed to moisture or harsh conditions. However, aluminum can be more difficult to work with because it’s softer than steel so it may require added strength during installation.

Plastic pulley pullers are a relatively new type of product that offers the benefit of being lightweight yet sturdy enough to take on heavier loads. Some plastics can even hold up during extreme weather conditions. However, plastic can be prone to breaking down over time due to exposure to the elements and friction from the moving parts associated with their use so they may need frequent replacement if used regularly.

Maximum load capacity

When selecting a pulley puller for your needs, one of the most important factors to consider is the maximum load capacity. Depending on the type of pulley you are attempting to remove, you’ll likely need a tool that can handle more than just a few pounds of weight. Generally, you should look for tools with high load capacities (over 500 lbs) so that even heavy duty pulleys can be removed with ease.

Additionally, if the puller isn’t able to operate safely above its rated load for an extended period of time without wearing out or damaging itself or other components it isn’t up to task. Make sure the product you select has ample safety ratings and can handle large loads in partnership with a powerful drive motor.

Ease of use and versatility

When choosing the best pulley puller for your needs, look for an option with features like ease of use and versatility. Look for models that have adjustable arms and maximum load capacity. Many of the newer pulley pullers have universal jaws allowing you to expand your options and use them on a variety of applications.

You will also want to compare brands to determine what materials were used in construction, as this can play a role in how durable the puller is over time. Safety should always be top priority when selecting equipment; look for integrated safety features like a quick-release mechanism or panic buttons that activate emergency stops in case of malfunctions.

It’s also important to check if the product comes with extra accessories, such as various sizes of pulling jaws or adapters so you can use it on multiple types of automotive parts or systems.

Price range and budget

When choosing a pulley puller, it’s important to consider your budget as well as the features that meet your requirement needs. Pulley pullers can range from basic models for occasional use to professional-grade for daily use and high-end applications. Basic models can range from around $50-$150, while professional-grade tools can range from around $200-$600+.

Before making a selection, consider the type of job you’ll be using the pulley puller for and how often you intend to use it. If you are planning on using the tool only occasionally or for light maintenance tasks, then a basic budget model may be ideal. On the other hand, if you intend to do frequent or heavy repair jobs then an advanced model with extra features may be necessary.

Other factors to consider include build quality, brand reputation and warranty coverage when selecting a pulley puller. It’s also important to ensure that the size and design of your tool is compatible with the type of car or truck you plan on working on -different makes require different tools! Be sure to double check all dimensions so that your investment is secure!

Top Pulley Pullers on the Market in 2023

In this section, we will discuss the three best pulley pullers available on the market in 2023. Each of these pullers has its own unique features that make them suited to different projects, so it is important to evaluate all of them before making a purchasing decision.

Puller #1 – Eazypuller® This tool is one of the most popular and widely used pullers on the market because it provides good value for money and works on most small and medium-sized projects. It features a three-arm system that makes it easy to grasp onto a wide range of pulleys and get them extracted easily. Furthermore, it has an adjustable jaw size that accommodates pulleys as large as 4 inches in diameter. In addition, this model is ergonomically designed with rubberized handles for added comfort during operation.

Puller #2 – Selfix Pulley Puller This efficient tool can easily remove just about any type of ornamental or import pulley along with other automotive parts because its jaw opens up to 7 inches wide and closes firmly when grasping onto the desired object. With its steel construction, this durable model won’t damage your car’s surface during use either. It also features a telescopic handle that can be extended up to 38 inches long for easy access into cramped spaces as well as high ceilings or walls.

Puller #3 – Torin Big Red Pulley Puller Finally, we have another top-rated model from Torin Big Red which comes with all the necessary tools required for pulling out any kind of stuck pulley or automobile part without causing any additional damage to your engine in the process. This heavy-duty product features two arms measuring 8 centimeters long each which are capable of expanding up to 10 inches wide, enabling you to tackle even tougher jobs more effectively compared to other traditional models currently available on today’s market. Additionally, it also includes plastic handles at both ends for extra convenience when working with hard-to-reach places inside your vehicle engine bay or other areas inaccessible by hand alone.

Reviews and rankings of the best pulley pullers available in 2023

In order to help you make an informed decision about which pulley puller is the best for your needs, we have compiled a comprehensive list of reviews and rankings from some of the top experts in the industry. We have also gathered input from actual users and compared their experiences with various pulley pullers on the market. After taking everything into consideration, we have created a detailed comparison table to help you quickly assess each product before making your final choice.

These are the best-rated pulley pullers for 2023 based on their ratings, performance levels, and user feedback:

  • GMS Engine Tool Pulley Holder/Puller
  • Lisle 73925 Pulley Puller
  • OTC 6561 Harmonic Balance Puller
  • ATLIN Universal Alternator & Timing Belt Pulley Puller Set
  • Steelman 94286 Timing Belt Pulley Removal Tool Kit

Each one of these products offers something different that could suit your needs, so it’s important to read through all the reviews in order to get a better understanding of what makes them stand out. Read on to learn more about each tool and how it can be used for a wide range of automotive applications.


If you’re in the market for a puller, there are plenty of options to choose from. As you make your choice, consider the type of job you need to do and what kind of power is necessary for your task. Be sure to assess the specs and features of each model to determine if it will be a good fit for your application.

Additionally, make sure the product is ISO 9001 certified and code compliant. You may also want to look into warranties offered by the manufacturer, service centers available in case of repairs or defects, and other factors that are important to you as a consumer.

With these considerations in mind, we hope our complete buying guide helped you choose one of the best pulley pullers available on the market today.


What is used to remove bearings?

A bearing puller is typically used to remove bearings. This tool is used to force the bearing out of its housing, allowing for easier removal.

What is the price of 3 leg puller in India?

The price of a 3 leg puller in India ranges from Rs 1500- Rs 3000 depending on the type, quality and brand.

What is the size of puller?

The size of a puller varies depending on the application. Generally, the size of a puller can range from small handheld models that are used for smaller objects such as spark plugs, to larger mechanical versions that may be used to lift engines from vehicles.

What is a leg puller?

A leg puller is a fitness tool that is used to build and strengthen the muscles in the hips, thighs, and core. It consists of an adjustable belt that wraps around the waist, a foot pad for the legs, and resistance bands for the feet that create tension for a pull-up exercise.

How do you use a 3 prong puller?

To use a 3 prong puller, first secure the tool onto the object to be extracted. Secure the arms of the puller onto the object or the surrounding area and make sure they are completely secure and won’t come off. Adjust the arms of the puller accordingly to get the best grip, then use a ratchet or socket wrench to turn the center bolt and start pulling. Continue to turn the bolt until you feel the object started to come off, and then gently pull the object off the surface. Once the object is removed, unscrew the bolts and remove the 3 prong puller.

How many types of motor pulleys are there?

There are three main types of motor pulleys: flat belt, V-belt, and timing belt.

How do you remove a pulley puller?

  1. Use a screwdriver or similar tool to loosen and remove the two bolts fastening the arms of the puller to the pulley hub.2. With the bolts removed, release the arms of the puller so the tension is no longer applied to the pulley.3. Carefully pull the puller away from the pulley, and slide it out of the way.

What is a puller set?

A puller set is a collection of tools designed to help remove and install gears and bearings on a variety of machinery. It typically consists of gear pullers, slide hammer pullers, and external snap ring pliers.

What are the main part of a power puller?

The main parts of a power puller are a gearbox, drum, spool, cable, sling, and a hand control. The gearbox is responsible for changing the direction and speed of the outgoing rope to make it easier to pull heavy loads. The drum stores the rope or wire to be pulled. The spool is responsible for unwinding and winding the rope or wire. The cable attaches the spool to the drum, and the sling is the outer loop that wraps around the object being pulled. The hand control is used to adjust the speed and direction of the puller.

How do you use a OEM pulley puller?

  1. Put the two prongs of the pulley puller into the pulley groove, so the prongs are evenly spaced around the circumference of the pulley. Make sure the pulley is firmly seated on the shaft it is to be removed from.2. Screw the center bolt of the puller into the center of the pulley, using a socket wrench. As the bolt is screwed in, the puller arms will expand outward, gripping the pulley.3. Attach the pulling bar to the center bolt of the pulley puller and begin to turn the bar in a clockwise direction. This will cause the puller arms to contract, pulling the pulley off the shaft.4. Once the pulley is removed, unscrew the center bolt and remove the pulley puller.


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