Best Power trowel 2023

Are you searching for the best power trowel of 2023? Then you are in the right place!

You are about to discover the features and benefits of the top-rated power trowels, so that you can make an informed decision and purchase a quality product.

Get ready to learn exactly what makes these models stand out and why they are worth investing in!

Best Power trowel 2023

  1. TOMAHAWK Power Trowel (Editor’s Pick)
  2. TOMAHAWK TPT46H 270 Power Trowel (Best Overall)
  3. Bartell GX160 Power Trowel (Budget Friendly)
  4. Stark 61025 Trowel Power
  5. Honda PMES120 Power Trowel
  6. NorthStar Concrete Power Trowel
  7. California Concrete Tool Power Trowel

1) Tomahawk Power Trowel

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Tomahawk Power Trowel: Revolutionizing Concrete Finishing

The innovative Tomahawk Power Trowel has changed concrete finishing. This powerhouse is popular with contractors and DIYers due to its 14 HP Kohler CH440 engine and 3-year guarantee. This 46-inch machine with blades and a float pan covers large areas quickly and accurately, letting users to speed up their tasks without sacrificing quality.

Blade Pitch Adjustment for Precision

Its ability to alter blade pitch from 0 to 28 degrees makes the Tomahawk Power Trowel stand out. This unique feature gives users unmatched control over their final products. It helps users get the right finish and texture for each concrete variety. The machine’s 3-year engine warranty gives users confidence that they’ve bought a reliable, long-lasting product.

Made in the US for Superior Quality

The Tomahawk Power Trowel, proudly constructed in the US, has quickly become popular with contractors and DIYers seeking high-quality equipment. Despite its remarkable features and performance, the Tomahawk Power Trowel is still in production, ensuring its availability.

Finally, the Tomahawk Power Trowel revolutionises concrete finishing. Its powerful motor, adjustable blade pitch, and American craftsmanship make it the best concrete finishing tool for efficiency, precision, and reliability. See how the Tomahawk Power Trowel improves concrete jobs.

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  1. 14 HP Kohler CH440 engine with 3-year warranty for long-lasting reliability
  2. 46-inch working width with blades and float pan for efficient concrete finishing
  3. Adjustable blade pitch from 0-28° for complete control over finishing results
  4. Made in the USA for high-quality and American-made product
  5. Not discontinued by the manufacturer, ensuring availability for purchase.



specifications 14 HP Kohler CH440 engine with 3-year warranty
specifications 46 in. working width includes blades and float pan
specifications Adjust blade pitch from 0-28°

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2) Tomahawk Tpt46H 270 Power Trowel

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Tomahawk TPT46H 270 Power Trowel Revolutionises Concrete Finishing

The Tomahawk TPT46H 270 Power Trowel revolutionised concrete finishing. This essay will discuss how this amazing technology can improve your concrete projects. Explore this game-changing equipment’s unique features and benefits.

Unmatched Blade Pitch Control

A superior blade pitch control mechanism powers the Tomahawk TPT46H 270 Power Trowel. This function lets customers adjust the blade angle from 0 to 28 degrees for unequalled concrete finishing precision and customisation. This tool lets you get the right finish and texture for any job, whether you’re a pro or a DIYer.

Manoeuvrability Revised

Despite its compact size, the Tomahawk TPT46H 270 Power Trowel is powerful and efficient. It excels in confined places, making it perfect for tasks with limited space. This lets you easily cover large regions in less time, improving production and efficiency. Its 49 x 39 x 37-inch size and 300-pound weight make it easy to transport to job sites.

Combat Operator Fatigue

Operator fatigue reduction is a Tomahawk TPT46H 270 Power Trowel benefit. Its ergonomic design makes long-term use comfortable. Precision blade pitch control and a high-performance engine produce a smooth, efficient finish that reduces operator strain. This feature revolutionises contractor efficiency and profitability.

In conclusion, the Tomahawk TPT46H 270 Power Trowel revolutionises concrete finishing. Its blade pitch control, manoeuvrability, and fatigue-fighting characteristics make it essential for pros and hobbyists. This precision, efficiency, and comfort-boosting equipment will elevate your concrete work.

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  1. Blade pitch control adjusts from 0-28 degrees for complete control over finishing results
  2. Compact design makes it easy to maneuver in tight spaces
  3. Package dimensions of 49 x 39 x 37 inches and weight of 300 pounds make it easy to transport
  4. Ergonomic design reduces operator fatigue for extended use
  5. High-performance engine ensures a smooth and efficient finish.



specifications Blade pitch control adjusts from 0-28 degrees
Package Dimensions : 49 x 39 x 37 inches; 300 Pounds

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3) Bartell Gx160 Power Trowel

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Improve Concrete Finishing with Bartell GX160 Power Trowel

Concrete finishing requires efficiency and durability. This industry-changing Bartell GX160 Power Trowel is tough and effective. This gas-powered marvel will change concrete finishing with its speed, convenience, and efficiency. This comprehensive overview covers the Bartell GX160 Power Trowel’s excellent features and benefits.

Bartell GX160 Power Trowel unveiling: Unmatched Power

An impressive 9-horsepower petrol engine powers the Bartell GX160 Power Trowel. Covering big concrete expanses is easy with this power. Bartell GX160 is a trusted building partner for large or little projects.

Compact, Flexible Design

This 185-pound power trowel is compact and ergonomic, measuring 36 x 36 x 45 inches. This makes crossing tight spaces and corners easy. The Bartell GX160 takes on demanding concrete finishing work.

Quality matters in the demanding concrete finishing sector. Quality steel makes the Bartell GX160 Power Trowel sturdy and long-lasting. Its durability makes it job site-ready year-round.

Functional and attractive

Bartell GX160 Power Trowels are more than tools—they leave an impression. The circular shape and brilliant blue hue make it stand out on any job site. But its beauty goes deeper. This power trowel creates a smooth, professional finish that is appealing and functional.

Unmatched Control

A single handle characterises the Bartell GX160 Power Trowel. This design gives users great control over the machine’s movements. The trowel is precise and easy to use around obstacles and narrow spaces.

Efficiency Redefined

The 46-inch Bartell GX160 Power Trowel is efficient. It quickly covers large areas, saving labour and money. This trowel keeps concrete finishing jobs on track during tight deadlines.


Best for concrete finishing: Bartell GX160 Power Trowel. Contractors and construction workers need its power, durability, and precision. The Bartell GX160 Power Trowel improves concrete finishes and project efficiency. The Bartell GX160 eliminates tedious concrete finishing, revolutionising building.

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  1. Gas-powered machine with maximum power of 9 horsepower for efficient concrete finishing
  2. Compact design with product dimensions of 36 x 36 x 45 inches and weight of 185 pounds for easy maneuverability
  3. Made from high-quality steel for durability and long-lasting performance
  4. Single handle provides greater control over the machine’s movements
  5. 46-inch size is perfect for covering large areas quickly and efficiently.



Part Number BC436
Item Weight 185 pounds
Product Dimensions 36 x 36 x 45 inches
Size 46 Inch
Color Blue

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4) Stark 61025 Trowel Power

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Enhancing Concrete Finishing with Stark 61025 Trowel Power

The Stark 61025 Trowel Power, a powerful, precise equipment, improved concrete finishing. This tiny, powerful powerhouse weighs 220 pounds and is 40 x 40 x 14 inches, making it easy to navigate in tight areas. At every building site, its bright yellow colour and construction equipment aesthetics stand out.

The Stark 61025 Trowel Power is made of high-quality steel, metal, and plastic to last. Petrol powers its engine for fast, effective covering of large areas. This machine is the best for concrete surface polishing, producing a smooth, professional, and functional finish.

Stark 61025 Trowel Power Features

Easy Operation for All Skill Levels

The Stark 61025 Trowel Power is easy to use for beginners. Its gasoline-powered engine eliminates electricity and wires, giving it unmatched flexibility and mobility on the work site. For experienced contractors and eager DIYers, this machine works without batteries, making it cost-effective.

Optimal Compact Space Manoeuvrability

Due to its tiny size, this heavy-duty trowel can fit in tight locations and finish every corner. Stark 61025 Trowel Power will be your dependable partner in a busy construction zone or tight indoor location.

Professional-Grade Finish

The Stark 61025 Trowel Power gives concrete surfaces a professional-grade finish that improves their appearance and functionality. Forget uneven, rough surfaces and hello to flawless results with this equipment.

Strong Construction for Durability

Made of durable steel, metal, and plastic, this trowel can sustain hard use. It’s an investment that will keep your concrete finishing projects top-notch for years.

Stark 61025 Trowel Power Increases Efficiency

The Stark 61025 Trowel Power revolutionises concrete finishing with its efficiency, durability, and ease of use. This gadget lets contractors and DIYers get perfect outcomes in less time. Get noticed in concrete finishing with the Stark 61025 Trowel Power, the ideal tool for turning everyday surfaces into masterpieces.

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  1. Heavy-duty machine with a weight of 220 pounds for efficient concrete finishing
  2. Compact design with package dimensions of 40 x 40 x 14 inches for easy maneuverability
  3. Made from high-quality steel, metal, and plastic for durability and long-lasting performance
  4. Gasoline-powered engine provides the machine with the power needed to cover large areas quickly and efficiently
  5. User-friendly design eliminates the need for electricity or cords and does not require any batteries, making it a cost-effective option.



Part Number 61025
Item Weight 220 pounds
Package Dimensions 40 x 40 x 14 inches
Color Yellow
Style Construction Equipment

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5) Honda Pmes120 Power Trowel

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Enhancing Concrete Finishing with Honda PMES120 Power Trowel

Concrete finishing requires efficiency and dependability. This is where the Honda PMES120 Power Trowel shines. To speed up and simplify concrete polishing, this high-performance machine is precisely built. With a powerful Honda GX270 9.0 HP engine, it finishes big areas quickly and reliably, reassuring contractors and DIYers.

Experience the Honda PMES120’s Power

1. Superior Engine Performance

The Honda PMES120 Power Trowel powerhouse is the Honda GX270 9.0 HP engine. This powerful engine lets the trowel cover large areas quickly. This trowel is essential for concrete finishing efficiency and precision because to its engine performance.

2. Convenient Standard Lifting Hook

The Honda PMES120 Power Trowel’s standard lifting hook is notable. This increases user flexibility while transferring and storing the equipment. Contractors will appreciate the trowel’s portability between job sites. It streamlines workflows, decreasing downtime and increasing productivity.

3. Compact Space Manoeuvrability

Working in tight spaces during concrete finishing has never been easier. The Honda PMES120 is tiny at 46 x 46 x 36 inches and weighs 224 pounds. This ergonomic shape lets the trowel easily navigate confined work areas and reach hard-to-reach regions.

Durability that lasts 4. Built to Last

The Honda PMES120 Power Trowel is built to last with high-quality materials. Its sturdy construction and trustworthy design allow it to handle even the toughest concrete surfaces. Because it constantly produces excellent results, this trowel is an investment that pays off.

Excellence in Concrete Finishing

The Honda PMES120 Power Trowel is best for perfect concrete surfaces. Its powerful engine, user-friendly features, and sturdy build give it a professional look. The finished product is both attractive and useful, making it suitable for concrete finishing projects.

In conclusion, the Honda PMES120 Power Trowel revolutionises concrete finishing efficiency and reliability. Its exceptional engine performance, handy lifting hook, and manoeuvrability in small areas demonstrate Honda’s commitment to excellence. Whether you’re a professional contractor or a DIYer, this power trowel will improve your concrete finishing skills and ensure perfection. Try the Honda PMES120 Power Trowel and see the difference.

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  1. Engine powered by a Honda GX270 9.0 HP for greater performance and reliability
  2. Standard lifting hook provides greater flexibility when transporting and storing the machine
  3. Compact design with product dimensions of 46 x 46 x 36 inches and an item weight of 224 pounds for easy maneuverability
  4. Made from high-quality materials for durability and long-lasting performance
  5. Perfect for finishing concrete surfaces, providing a smooth and professional finish.



specifications Engine: Honda GX270 9.0 HP
specifications Standard lifting hook
Product Dimensions 46 x 46 x 36 inches

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6) Northstar Concrete Power Trowel

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NorthStar Concrete Power Trowel Improves Concrete Finishing

For flawless concrete finishing, the NorthStar Concrete Power Trowel is the best. This article highlights this powerhouse equipment’s unique qualities while using SEO keywords.

Using the NorthStar Trowel to Perfect Concrete

The NorthStar Concrete Power Trowel excels at concrete finishing. Its Honda GX160 OHV engine is powerful enough to cover large regions. This trowel’s 36-inch assembled diameter and 198-pound weight make it easy to manoeuvre in confined places.

Precision Control for Perfect Results

Easy pitch and speed settings distinguish the NorthStar Concrete Power Trowel. Users have remarkable accuracy over the machine’s movements using these controls. With a blade adjustability of 0° to 15°, the trowel makes it easy for beginners and experts to achieve the required finish and texture.

Made to Last: Durability Redefined

The NorthStar Concrete Power Trowel is made of high-quality materials for durability. Even on tough concrete surfaces, its powerful engine and reliable construction assure a smooth, efficient finish. This concrete finishing equipment is the pinnacle of professionalism, combining aesthetics and functionality.

The NorthStar Benefit

Using the NorthStar Concrete Power Trowel for concrete finishing has many benefits. Here are its main advantages:

This trowel finishes huge concrete surfaces faster and easier thanks to its powerful engine.

Precision: Pitch, speed, and blade adjustment give you complete control over the finishing process, ensuring every job meets your high standards.

Durability: The NorthStar Trowel can resist tough jobs thanks to its durable build.

Professional Finish: Create a smooth, perfect finish that looks great and improves concrete surface functionality.

Versatility: The NorthStar Concrete Power Trowel works well on home driveways and commercial floors.

Improve Your Concrete Finish

The NorthStar Concrete Power Trowel is a concrete finishing game-changer, not just a machine. Professionals and fans choose it for its power, precision, and durability. This amazing tool will elevate your concrete finishing efforts.

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  1. Honda GX160 OHV engine provides the power and performance needed for efficient concrete finishing
  2. Easy-to-use pitch and speed controls provide greater control over the machine’s movements
  3. Blades can adjust from 0° to 15° angle for easier achievement of desired finish and texture
  4. Compact design with an assembled diameter of 36 inches and an item weight of 198 pounds for easy maneuverability
  5. Perfect for finishing concrete surfaces, providing a smooth and professional finish.



specifications Honda GX160 OHV engine
specifications Easy-to-use pitch and speed controls
specifications Blades can adjust from 0° to 15° angle

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7) California Concrete Tool Power Trowel

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Enhancing Concrete Finishing: California Concrete Tool Power Trowel

The California Concrete Tool Power Trowel finishes concrete well. This high-quality, easy-to-use machine speeds concrete finishing. This essay will describe this wonderful technology and why it’s a game-changer for contractors and DIYers.

Efficiency Unmatched with 36-Inch Powerhouse

The California Concrete Tool Power Trowel’s 36-inch operating width lets it easily cover big areas. This trowel’s great coverage enables you finish large construction or DIY projects quickly.

Maximum manoeuvrability in small design

A 36 x 36 x 26-inch power trowel weighing 205 pounds is powerful and manoeuvrable. Small enough to fit in compact spaces, it finishes every project corner.

Ready to Go: 90% For your convenience, assembled

Construction is time-sensitive, and the California Concrete Tool Power Trowel knows. This 90%-assembled machine is ready to use straight away. This functionality revolutionises straightforward setup for contractors and DIYers.

Durable Steel Build

Durability is key when selecting construction equipment. Steel structure passes this criteria for the California Concrete Tool Power Trowel. This machine can handle severe building operations.

Excellent Concrete Finish

Smooth, expert concrete finishing is required. California Concrete Tool Power Trowels make concrete surfaces look and work excellent. Polish and precision make it a valuable instrument.

Worksite Beauty

This power trowel works well and looks well. Bright orange makes it stand out. The California Concrete Tool Power Trowel boosts productivity and attractiveness.

Operating Economically

Cost-conscious times suit this power trowel. It runs battery-free, saving money. Professional contractors and DIYers like this affordable feature.

Finally, concrete finishers choose the California Concrete Tool Power Trowel. This tool pays for itself with each project due to its efficiency, durability, and superb results. The electric trowel revolutionises concrete finishing for contractors and DIYers. Upgrade your tools today to see the difference.

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  1. 90% assembled design for easy setup and use
  2. Compact design with product dimensions of 36 x 36 x 26 inches and an item weight of 205 pounds for easy maneuverability
  3. Steel construction ensures durability and long-lasting performance
  4. Perfect for finishing concrete surfaces, providing a smooth and professional finish
  5. No batteries required or included, making it a cost-effective option.



specifications 90% Assembled – Almost Ready To Run Out of Box
Item Weight 205 pounds
Product Dimensions 36 x 36 x 26 inches
Size 36 Inch
Color Orange


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Best Power trowel 2023-Complete Buying Guide

 The power trowel is an important piece of equipment for any concrete construction job. In the past, these tools were solely used by professionals but nowadays, more and more DIYers are taking advantage of their convenience and efficiency. There are several criteria you need to consider when you’re buying a power trowel, like its speed and size, but the most important factor is that the product is reliable and durable.

In this buying guide, we’ll explore what makes a good power trowel, discuss the various types available on the market today, and list some of our favorite picks. We also address common queries about how to use this tool efficiently as well as provide some useful maintenance tips. Read through each section carefully to help determine which power trowel best suits your needs and budget.

Ride On Power Trowel For Sale Good Price - Hiking® Machinery

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Brief overview of power trowels

Power trowels are typically used to finish concrete surfaces during the final stages of cementation. They help improve the quality and speed of the process and can dramatically reduce labor costs. Depending on size, they are powered by either gas or electric motors. Many manufacturers offer various models with different characteristics, that address different types of jobs in order to get the best tool for any job.

Power trowels can be divided into two main categories: walk-behind and ride-on types. Walk-behind power trowels have handles for manual operation whereas ride-on use a seat for comfortable operation. Both categories come in various sizes and feature different motors, blades and pan configurations that should be chosen depending on job requirements as well as operator’s expertise level.

Remember to check the weight rating before buying a power trowel since special care should be taken when operating these machines since concrete can move and reshape under the spinning blades if overloaded, resulting in undesired outcomes such as scouring or edges that are not leveled correctly. Depending on size and features, some units may require additional attachments or accessories such as turbines, plunge cutters or even floating pans in order to provide optimal performance when dealing with large areas or tough jobs like screeding joints.

Additionally, some manufacturers may offer combination packs which include multiple tools at better value than buying each piece separately; making them a valid option when purchasing power trowel equipment.

Importance of choosing the best power trowel

Choosing the best power trowel for your concrete finishing job is essential for achieving a professional, quality look. A power trowel is an efficient tool used in the final stage of concrete preparation – smoothing, leveling and polishing it to achieve an even surface. Manual labor can be time-consuming and laborious. Power trowels are motorized machines that enable you to quickly cover large surface areas and ensure consistency across the entire slab. As such, they are essential pieces of equipment on commercial construction sites everywhere.

In order to purchase the right power trowel for your project, it’s important to consider factors such as size, speed control, blades and handles. The size will depend on the amount of coverage you need – larger job requiring larger trowels. Speed control is necessary so that you can adjust according to the type of surface being worked on. Blades influence how strong and sharp they are while their shape affects certain types of finishes more than others; finally, handles must have comfortable grips for maximum manoeuvrability in tight spaces or around edges and slopes .

With so many options available on the market today, researching models that meet these criteria can be overwhelming but is something that must be done if your goal is a perfect finish each time!

Types of Power Trowels

When it comes to power trowels, there are several types available. Each one is designed to handle different tasks and conditions, so it’s important to review all of the features before making a purchase. They can be broadly classified into two categories: Walk-behind and Ride-on.

Walk-behind Power Trowels: Ideal for medium-sized job sites, walk-behind power trowels have an adjustable radius and can reach corners where larger models cannot easily access. They also feature adjustable handlebars that can help prevent strain on the operator’s body when using them for long periods of time.

Ride-on Power Trowels: These large motorized power trowels feature a set radius that cannot be adjusted and they are best used on large job sites with more room to maneuver them around. They often come equipped with additional features such as forward/reverse speeds, variable speed throttle variations, blades for edging or grooving, water tank attachments for wet pouring applications and specialty floats for finishing jobs quickly and efficiently.

The type of trowel you choose will depend on the size of your job site as well as any additional needs that you may have in terms of speed or special options such as floating blades or special washing systems. Understanding the needs of your project can help you select the best type of trowel for the job at hand!

Walk-behind power trowels

Walk-behind power trowels are used for smoothing large areas of concrete quickly. They have adjustable handles and easy-to-grip handles for greater control. The blades can be changed on walk-behind power trowels to match the specific job requirements. These units can be used on floors, driveways, sidewalks, and patios. The swivel arm allows the user to control which direction the tractor runs in and since it’s powered by a gas engine, you don’t need to worry about cords or electrical outlets needing to be nearby while you work. There are also different types of blades available for different kinds of finishes – from a coarse finish to a highly polished one!

These trowels are typically heavier than ride-on models because they are designed to tackle bigger jobs with more accuracy when it comes to ensuring a level, smooth surface. They generally come with 2 or 4 independent floating decks powered by separate engines that make them great for getting into corners, angles and tight spaces where the larger models might struggle. Furthermore, using the independent floating decks makes it very easy for an operator to adjust blade levels depending on what kind of finish is needed and what type of materials need smoothing out such as sand mix or gravel mix concrete surfaces.

Ride-on power trowels

Ride-on power trowels are a great choice for large-scale concrete jobs. These machines are larger and more powerful than the standard walk-behind units and come with operator cabs. This type of power trowel is typically used to cover gymnasium floors or on large paving projects. On these types of projects, it is important to consider factors such as size, speed, control and power.

Size: The size of ride-on power trowels varies from model to model with some weighing up to 1,400 pounds. Mobility is also a factor when selecting the right size for your job; you want one that can fit easily through the doorways of the project area and navigate tight corners.

Speed: Ride-on power trowels typically come with several adjustable speeds that enable you to work personal preference into their operation. Many models also feature a thrust mechanism which helps compensate for larger floor areas while still providing a smooth finish without churning or digging into the surface of the concrete.

Control: Ride-on trowels are designed with operator comfort in mind. These machines often feature adjustable ergonomic controls to reduce fatigue on long jobs or in uncomfortable environments. The control panel should be user friendly so that operators can easily adjust settings as necessary during operation, and the joystick should be positioned within easy reach of both hands so that they don’t have to constantly reposition themselves while operating the machine.

Power: Ride-on models have powerful engines, ranging from 9 hp up to 38 hp, making them suitable for all kinds of heavy applications such as fully exposed aggregate surfaces or heavily crevassed surfaces like industrial slabs or walkways. They offer more horsepower than walk-behind models which means greater finishing capabilities combined with fewer passes required for complete coverage – important factors when completing large scale jobs in a timely manner!

Edging power trowels

Edging power trowels are designed for small to medium sized floor areas. This type of power trowel is generally used with lightweight mix designs and works well when used in tight spaces. The edging blades on the trowel can operate effectively up to ¼ inch. The disc size is 9 -14 inches, while the engine size is 5hp to 7hp. This type of power trowel allows you to apply amazing finishing touches on sidewalks, patios and other projects requiring extra attention in tight spaces with little room for maneuverability.

Some other benefits of this type of power trowel are:

  • Compact size: Edging power trowels have a smaller profile than standard models, making them ideal for use in tight or confined jobsite areas such as basements and smaller garages.
  • Low cost: The relatively lower cost of edging power trowels means that your investment will be minimal compared to some other options out there.
  • Convenience: Edging models make completing detailed projects easier due to their lightweight design and maneuverability.
  • Durability: Edging models are designed for long-term use and can handle rigorous use with minimal maintenance required.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Power Trowel

When choosing the right power trowel, there are several features and factors to keep in mind. You don’t want to end up with a tool that doesn’t give you the performance you need or fails after only a short period of use.

When considering which trowel is best for your project consider the following items:

  • Type – There are two main types of power trowels – floating and climbing. Each offers a different application such as small residential projects, larger commercial projects, and difficult-to-access areas such as steps.
  • Size – Power trowels come in various sizes ranging from 24″ models to 36″ units with some even larger than this. The size of the model you pick should be based on the size and scope of your project.
  • Power source – There are three types of power sources for power trowels. Gas models require an outlet while electric models can be plugged into an extension cord or receptacle while battery-powered units offer portability with no cords needed at all.
  • Engine type and horsepower – Gas powered units usually feature four cycle engines while electric designs may offer single or multiple speed operation options depending on the model you choose. Look for minimum 7 horse power ratings for larger jobs like large commercial projects but lighter jobs may require lower horsepower ratings for efficiency purposes.
  • Blade diameter – Look for circular blades of 10 – 30 inches in diameter that rotate rapidly to help smooth concrete flatwork quickly and easily without leaving behind bumps or ridges in surface finish product quality issues due to improper blade selection can lead to expensive repairs down the line if not considered prior to purchase.

Size and weight

Power trowels come in a variety of sizes. Your choice of size will depend on the size of the area you need to cover, as well as your own physical capabilities and preferences. Weight is also an important factor to consider when choosing a power trowel: lighter models are easier to maneuver and require less effort to use. Power trowels can range anywhere from 70-200 pounds, with smaller models weighing as little as 46 pounds.

Appropriate sizing is essential for optimal performance and safety; users should always select a power trowel that they feel comfortable controlling.

Engine power and fuel type

When buying a power trowel for your concrete jobs, there are a few factors to consider, such as engine power and fuel type. Power trowels range from between 5 hp and 25 hp, depending on the job you need to do. Generally speaking, a higher powered machine will allow you to finish more concrete faster and smoother than one with less horsepower.

When it comes to fuel type, there are three primary options; petrol-powered, electric-powered and natural gas-powered. Petrol trowels are usually chosen for high-output operations due to their speed and portability while electric models offer an environmentally friendly option with quieter operation. Natural gas models offer an economical choice with low emissions but their performance levels often initiate vastly lower horsepower rates when compared to other types of engines. It’s important to carefully research the job requirements before deciding on a fuel type as each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Blade diameter and quantity

The blade diameter size of the power trowel you choose will depend on the size of the area you are working with. Blades should be wide enough to cover a larger surface area with each pass, but not so wide that they cannot enter certain corners or get close to walls and columns.

Generally, smaller blades from 28-48 inches are well suited for small spaces, while larger blades from 50-72 inches are better suited for outdoor work. You will want to consider the quantity of blades as well; most power trowels come with two or four blades in a set that accommodate most projects. Be sure to check if additional blade sets are available for purchase if your job requires a greater coverage area.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Power Trowel?

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It is very important to consider the type of job(s) you have in mind before shopping for a power trowel. Each one provides a unique set of features that make it better suited for certain tasks. For example, walk-behind models are perfect for large, open spaces while ride-on units offer superior speed and maneuverability. Furthermore, consider factors such as size and weight, surface speed and durability before selecting the right model.

Once you have the right machine, good maintenance practices can ensure your trowel will last for many years. It’s also worth noting that you may need additional attachments to make your work even more efficient and help you achieve professional results every time.

We hope this guide has provided you with useful information about choosing the best power trowel for your needs in 2023. If you have any further questions or want to discuss any of the points we made here, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!


What size trowel is best?

The size of the trowel will depend on the job you plan to do. For smaller projects like tile repair, a 1/4 inch trowel may be sufficient. For larger projects such as laying a full tile floor, a 1/2 inch or larger may be necessary.

What is trowel size?

Trowel size is the size of the trowel used for tiling. Trowel sizes vary depending on the size of the tiles being laid, but typically range from 1/4-inch up to 1/2-inch or larger.

What is the type of trowel?

A trowel is a type of hand tool used in gardening and construction. It is typically used to spread or smooth mixtures such as cement, plaster, mortar, or soil.

Why is it called a trowel?

A trowel is called a trowel because it resembled the association of the tool with a trowel (or a small, often hand-held, tool) as they have been used throughout history in both gardening and masonry. This tool has been used for centuries in the masonry and construction trades and is similar in shape to the trowels used in gardening.

What is trowel used for Class 8?

Trowels are a type of hand tool used for digging and spreading small amounts of material like soil, sand, cement, plaster, etc. They are usually made of metal, plastic, or wood. They are most commonly used in gardening, landscaping, bricklaying, and other construction activities.

What is the example of trowel?

A trowel is a small hand tool used for digging, applying, smoothing, or moving small amounts of viscous or particulate material. Examples of trowels include garden trowels, masonry trowels, and tile trowels.

How do you hold a trowel?

To hold a trowel, grip the handle with your fingers and place your thumb on top of the handle for stability. Your index finger should be pressed against the top edge of the trowel, while your other fingers should help support the trowel.

What is wall trowel?

A wall trowel is a type of trowel tool that is used to apply mortar to the sides of bricks or stones when building or repairing walls. It is typically equipped with a curved, hooked blade, and can also be used to remove mortar and clean off any surface flaws.

Is trowel a machine?

No, a trowel is a tool used for digging, smoothing, and carrying materials such as soil, concrete, or mortar. It is typically a hand tool, but may also be powered.

What is a trowel floor?

A trowel floor is a flooring surface made by applying multiple layers of tile mortar and grout to a substrate. The cement-based mortar and grout is applied with a trowel, giving the finished floor a smooth, flat, and durable surface.


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