Best Phillips screwdriver 2023

Do you need to buy a Phillips screwdriver but don’t know what to look for? Get the inside scoop on the best Phillips screwdriver 2023 and which features make for an exceptional tool.

With this complete buying guide, you’ll find the perfect purchase!

Best Phillips screwdriver 2023

  1. CRAFTSMAN CMHT65002 Phillips Screwdriver(Editor’s Pick)
  2. Klein Tools 603 Screwdriver(Best Overall)
  3. Crescent CP4PCSET Phillips Screwdriver (Budget Friendly)
  4. SUNHZMCKP Phillips Screwdriver 
  5. Wiha 32091 Phillips Screwdriver 
  6. BQKKWIN Phillips Screwdriver
  7. FIXITOK Phillips Screwdrivers

1) CRAFTSMAN CMHT65002 Phillips Screwdriver

Best Phillips screwdriver

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The CRAFTSMAN CMHT65002 Phillips Screwdriver has a Phillips head for tightening or loosening cross-indented screws. This head type keeps screws snug, decreasing sliding and project frustration.

Built to Last

Its structure distinguishes this screwdriver. Its high-quality alloy steel construction ensures longevity and strength. This sturdy construction ensures that your tool will last for years and withstand severe use.

Ergonomics Excellence

Hand tools must be comfortable and controllable, and this screwdriver is both. Its compact, ergonomic form provides a pleasant grip for precise control and prolonged use without hand strain. This gadget suits tradespeople and DIYers alike.

Compact & Handy

This 8.07 x 0.98 x 0.87-inch screwdriver fits snugly in your toolbox. Its 1.8-ounce weight makes it easy to carry around for projects. This size and weight means that your tools never weigh you down so you can focus on work.

Unleash Versatility

The CRAFTSMAN CMHT65002 Phillips Screwdriver is versatile. Its Phillips head makes it compatible with many screws. You can use this screwdriver to build furniture, fix appliances, or fix electronics.

In conclusion, the CRAFTSMAN CMHT65002 Phillips Screwdriver is a trusted tool for all your undertakings. It’s a vital toolbox item made of alloy steel, comfortable to use, and multifunctional. Quality and Craftsmanship will elevate your DIY and professional projects.

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  1. Durable: Made of alloy steel, ensuring superior strength and durability for heavy-duty use.
  2. Compact and ergonomic design: Easy to handle and provides a comfortable grip for precise control and reduced hand fatigue.
  3. Lightweight: Weighing only 1.8 ounces, making it easy to maneuver and carry on the go.
  4. Versatile: The Phillips head style allows for easy use on a wide range of screws, making it suitable for various tasks.
  5. Reliable brand: Craftsman is known for its high-quality and durable tools, ensuring the longevity of the screwdriver.



Brand Craftsman
Head Style Phillips
Material Alloy Steel
Manufacturer ‎CRAFTSMAN

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2) Klein Tools 603 Screwdriver

Best Phillips screwdriver

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Flat heads allow excellent control for tightening or loosening screws with a straight, slotted depression, making the Klein Tools 603 Screwdriver ideal. Its durable build, made of a blend of materials that can survive the roughest conditions, makes it your trusty partner for heavy-duty applications.

Compact but Strong

Its small size (1 x 1 x 1 inch) makes the Klein Tools 603 Screwdriver stand out. Its small size lets you store it in your toolkit or carry it in your pocket. This 4-ounce screwdriver is easy to use, reducing hand fatigue and increasing efficiency.

Klein Tools’ Reliability Legacy

Klein Tools, known for its quality, designed the Klein Tools 603 Screwdriver to last. Its durable and wear-resistant materials make it ideal for heavy-duty applications in numerous fields. The flat head form of this screwdriver lets you easily do a variety of jobs in carpentry, electronics, and household repairs.

Finally, the Klein Tools 603 Screwdriver is an investment in precision, reliability, and efficiency. Its superior craftsmanship, compact design, and Klein Tools brand support will elevate your DIY and professional projects. Klein Tools 603 Screwdriver eliminates the difficulties of poor tools and streamlines productivity. Make it your trusty friend today!

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  1. Durable: Made from a blend material, ensuring durability for heavy-duty use.
  2. Compact size: With item dimensions of 1 x 1 x 1 inches, making it easy to carry in your toolbox or pocket.
  3. Lightweight: Weighing only 4 ounces, reducing hand fatigue and increasing overall efficiency.
  4. Versatile: Featuring a flat head style, suitable for different types of screws, making it versatile for various tasks.
  5. Trusted brand: Manufactured by Klein Tools, a reputable brand known for its high-quality tools, ensuring reliability and performance.



Brand Klein Tools
Head Style Flat
Material Blend
Item Dimensions LxWxH ‎1 x 1 x 1 inches

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3) Crescent CP4PCSET Phillips Screwdriver

Best Phillips screwdriver

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Crescent’s CP4PCSET Phillips Screwdriver is durable. Apex Tool Group’s quality ensures this tool’s longevity and performance, making it appropriate for many tasks. You can trust this screwdriver whether you’re a pro or a DIYer.

Tri-Lobe Ergonomics Improve Grip

This screwdriver’s ergonomic Tri-Lobe extruded design sets it distinct. This unique grip ensures precision and comfort while working. Stop dealing with slippery handles and unpleasant grips. The Crescent CP4PCSET Phillips Screwdriver makes screwdriving easy.

Built to Weather

This screwdriver can handle hard use and hostile situations. Its improved corrosion resistance and chrome-plated shafts keep it in good shape even in outdoor or high-moisture settings. This makes it excellent for professionals in difficult environments.

Light and manoeuvrable

Another Crescent CP4PCSET Phillips Screwdriver highlight is its lightweight construction. At 2.24 ounces, it’s lightweight and easy to use. This instrument eliminates hand fatigue and boosts efficiency. Its 10.8 x 4.9 x 1.45-inch size makes it easy to stow in your toolbox or carry about.

Phillips Head Style Flexibility

The Phillips head makes this screwdriver versatile. Its cross-shaped depression makes it ideal for tightening or loosening these screws. This Phillips screwdriver tool works for furniture, electronics, and other projects.


Finally, the Crescent CP4PCSET Phillips Screwdriver is essential. It can tackle any job because to its durability, ergonomic design, corrosion resistance, and lightweight construction. Try the Crescent CP4PCSET Phillips Screwdriver and see the difference. This top-notch screwdriver makes jobs easier, faster, and more fun.

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  1. Lightweight: Weighing only 2.24 ounces, reducing hand fatigue and increasing efficiency.
  2. Durable: Increased corrosion resistance and chrome plated shafts for long-lasting use.
  3. Ergonomic design: Tri-Lobe extruded design for superior grip and comfort during use.
  4. Versatile: Featuring a Phillips head style, suitable for various tasks requiring cross-shaped screws.
  5. Trusted brand: Manufactured by Apex Tool Group, a reputable brand known for its quality tools, ensuring reliability and performance.



Manufacturer ‎Apex Tool Group
Item Weight ‎2.24 ounces
Product Dimensions ‎10.8 x 4.9 x 1.45 inches
Specifications Ergonomic Tri-Lobe Extruded

Best Phillips screwdriver

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4) SUNHZMCKP Phillips Screwdriver

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Phillips, Slotted, and Torx heads make the SUNHZMCKP Phillips Screwdriver multifunctional. Screwdrivers work with many screws and tasks. The SUNHZMCKP Phillips Screwdriver reduces tool changes.

Built to Last

The screwdriver emphasises durability. Tool steel makes it tough. Wear-resistant SUNHZMCKP Phillips Screwdrivers operate well.

Compactness and Convenience Matter

For convenience, this screwdriver is compact (7.7 x 1.6 x 1.6 inches). Its tiny size saves tool space. No trouble transferring.

Light and manoeuvrable

The 7.4-ounce SUNHZMCKP Phillips Screwdriver is lightweight. Tasks are simplified. This screwdriver’s ergonomics prevent hand fatigue and increase efficiency.

Extended Reach

Screws are frustratingly far away. SUNHZMCKP Phillips Screwdrivers stand out with 7.7-inch extensions. These tools make reaching distant screws easier and simplify even the hardest operations.

Ultimate Choice
Finally, the SUNHZMCKP Phillips Screwdriver is unique and high-quality. Its durability, head styles, and ergonomics appeal to professionals and DIYers. A screwdriver is important for home improvement, furniture assembly, and maintenance.

For greater screwdriving performance, durability, and adaptability, buy the SUNHZMCKP Phillips Screwdriver today. A superior tool.

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  1. Versatile: Featuring multiple head styles, including Phillips, Slotted, and Torx, making it suitable for a wide range of screws.
  2. Durable: Made from tool steel, providing long-lasting performance and resistance to wear and tear.
  3. Convenient size: Measuring at 7.7 x 1.6 x 1.6 inches and weighing 7.4 ounces, it’s compact and easy to store or carry on the go.
  4. Extended reach: With an extension length of 7.7 inches, it provides added reach for hard-to-reach screws.
  5. Trusted brand: Manufactured by SUNHZ MCKP, a reputable brand known for its high-quality tools, ensuring reliability and performance.



Head Style Phillips, Slotted, Torx
Material Tool Steel
Item Dimensions LxWxH ‎7.7 x 1.6 x 1.6 inches

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5) Wiha 32091 Phillips Screwdriver

Best Phillips screwdriver

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Famous for its quality tools, Wiha offers the 32091 Phillips Screwdriver. Precision and durability are built into this screwdriver for great performance. Find out what makes this tool special.

Excellent Construction

High-quality stainless steel makes the Wiha 32091 Phillips Screwdriver durable and corrosion-resistant. This sturdy design ensures its longevity, making it a good investment for experts and DIYers.

Screwdriving versatility

Due to its flat and Phillips head designs, this screwdriver works with many screws. This tool can handle delicate electronics or hefty construction projects. Its adaptability shows its great design and functionality.

Small and Portable

At 12 x 1 inches, the Wiha 32091 Phillips Screwdriver fits comfortably in your hand for precise screwdriving. Its small size makes tight locations easy to reach. This level of control is crucial for complex undertakings that require accuracy.

Fatigue-Free and Lightweight

This screwdriver is quite light at 0.08 pounds (1.28 ounces). This reduces hand fatigue, allowing long-term use without discomfort. This ergonomic design offers long-term comfort for tradespeople and hobbyists.

Elegant and Practical Design

The Wiha 32091 Phillips Screwdriver is stylish and powerful. Its design shows the brand’s attention to aesthetics and function. It makes work easier and adds style to your toolset.


In conclusion, the Wiha 32091 Phillips Screwdriver is a top-notch equipment for experts and DIYers. Its sturdy stainless steel construction, screw compatibility, compact size, lightweight nature, and elegant appearance make it excellent for precision screwdriving. Buying this screwdriver improves project efficiency and precision.

Try the Wiha 32091 Phillips Screwdriver today and see how it improves screwdriving. Take advantage of a tool that performs well and improves your craftsmanship.

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  1. Versatile: Featuring flat and Phillips head styles, suitable for a wide range of screws.
  2. Durable: Made from stainless steel, providing excellent resistance to corrosion and wear.
  3. Compact and lightweight: Measuring at 12 x 1 inches and weighing 0.08 pounds or 1.28 ounces, it is easy to handle and reduces hand fatigue.
  4. Precision tool: Manufactured by Wiha, a reputable brand known for its precision tools, ensuring reliable and consistent performance.
  5. Functional design: With its sleek and functional design, it is a practical choice for any screwdriving application.



Brand Wiha
Head Style Flat, Phillips
Material Stainless Steel
Item Dimensions LxWxH ‎12 x 1 inches

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6) BQKKWIN Phillips Screwdriver

Best Phillips screwdriver

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BQKKWIN Phillips Screwdrivers have unique Phillips heads. It fits many screws due to its shape. This screwdriver is for household and professional repairs.

Durable tool steel

The BQKKWIN Phillips Screwdriver is sturdy, which is vital when buying a tool. High-quality tool steel makes it tough enough for harsh work. It will perform consistently and reliably project after project.

Compact and Accurate: Perfect Size

Small BQKKWIN Phillips Screwdriver 10 x 0.24 x 1.18 inches fits easily in your hand. This ergonomic design lets you do chores precisely and get optimal results.

Lightweight: Reduces Hand Fatigue

No one likes a painful tool. The 100-gram screwdriver is quite light. Hand fatigue-reducing design makes long-term use comfortable. This screwdriver’s form is comfortable for quick fixes and extensive undertakings.

Any Screwdriving Use

The BQKKWIN Phillips Screwdriver is a game-changer for reliable, multipurpose tools. It works well with many screws because to its tool steel construction and Phillips head shape. Perfect for experts and DIYers, its small size and lightweight design provide fine control and reduce hand fatigue during long use.

Improve your screwdriving skills with the BQKKWIN Phillips Screwdriver. Add this fantastic tool to your collection today and you’ll wonder how you survived without it.

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  1. Versatile: Featuring a Phillips head style, suitable for a wide range of screws.
  2. Durable: Made from tool steel, providing durability and longevity.
  3. Compact and lightweight: Measuring at 10 x 0.24 x 1.18 inches and weighing 100 grams or 3.53 ounces, it is easy to handle and reduces hand fatigue.
  4. Reliable brand: Manufactured by BQKKWIN, a trusted brand known for its quality tools, ensuring reliable performance.
  5. Functional design: With its practical and functional design, it is a convenient choice for any screwdriving application.



Head Style Phillips
Material Tool Steel
Item Dimensions LxWxH ‎10 x 0.24 x 1.18 inches

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7) FIXITOK Phillips Screwdrivers

Best Phillips screwdriver

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FIXITOK Phillips Screwdrivers have Flat, Pentalobe, Phillips, Swivel, Hex, and Torx heads. These screwdrivers are essential to any toolbox because they work with many screw kinds. These products are perfect for DIY, professional, and home repairs. Adaptability makes them unique, giving you the proper tool for every work.

The Magnetic Benefit

Magnetic tips distinguish FIXITOK Phillips Screwdrivers. This magnetic prowess simplifies screw handling and manipulation, revolutionising screwdriving. No more worrying about losing screws during projects. The magnetic tip holds screws firmly and speeds screwdriving. With significant time and effort savings, you can finish jobs more efficiently.

Compact, accurate, and durable

The FIXITOK Phillips Screwdrivers are small powerhouses at 7.4 ounces and 6.38 x 4.88 x 1.61 inches. Their ergonomic shape makes screwdriving comfortable and precise. These screwdrivers are accurate and reliable for complex applications.

High-quality stainless steel makes these tools durable. They can perform difficult activities without losing efficacy. FIXITOK Phillips Screwdrivers are reliable tools for perfect screwdriving due to their durability and lifespan.

Step Up Your Screwdriving

Finally, FIXITOK Phillips Screwdrivers are the best screwdrivers. They improve your screwdriving game with their numerous head styles, magnetic tips, compact design, and stainless steel construction. These screwdrivers are ideal for DIYers and professionals. Try FIXITOK Phillips Screwdrivers for quality, performance, and simplicity. Consider using remarkable tools instead of ordinary ones. Update your tools today!

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  1. Versatile head style: Featuring Flat, Pentalobe, Phillips, Swivel, Hex, and Torx head styles for various types of screws.
  2. Magnetic tip: The magnetic tip allows for easy handling and manipulation of screws, reducing the risk of dropping or losing them during tasks.
  3. Compact and lightweight: Weighing 7.4 ounces and measuring at 6.38 x 4.88 x 1.61 inches in package dimensions, they are easy to handle and provide precise control.
  4. Durable material: Made from stainless steel, ensuring durability and longevity for long-lasting use.
  5. Reliable brand: Manufactured by FIXITOK, a trusted brand known for its durable and efficient tools, ensuring reliable performance.



Head Style Flat, Pentalobe, Phillips, Swivel, Hex, Torx
Material Stainless Steel
Special Feature ‎Magnetic Tip

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Best Phillips screwdriver 2023- Complete Buying Guide

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to the best Phillips screwdriver for 2023. We created this guide to help you find the perfect tool for your needs. Whether you are a professional or just someone who likes to do DIY projects around the house, this guide will provide you with useful information about different Phillips screwdrivers available on the market. The purpose of this guide is to help you make an informed decision when selecting the best tool for your job.

At the end of this guide, we have included a buying checklist that should be used when shopping for a Phillips screwdriver so that you can make sure you’re getting what you need in terms of quality and affordability. We cover each type of Phillips head Screw Driver in detail, including their use cases, features and benefits, as well as potential drawbacks so that you can decide which one is right for your project. In addition, we have provided some tips and tricks and helpful advice that should be taken into consideration before purchasing. Read on if you’d like to learn more about Phillips Screw Drivers and select one that fits your needs!

8 Best Precision Screwdriver Sets (2023 Guide) - DIY Gear Reviews

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Brief explanation of the importance of Phillips screwdrivers

Phillips screwdrivers allow you to fix and/or assemble items such as furniture and various machines with greater precision and efficiency. The unique cross-shaped design of Phillips screws provides improved gripping power, making them great for use in vertical surfaces and projects that require heavy torque or have deeper recesses.

Phillips screwdrivers differ from regular flathead screwdrivers in that their tip has a slight raised rounded shape, allowing those rounded corners of the screws more easily fit into the compatible tools. Therefore, it is crucial that a user is equipped with the correct Phillips screwdriver to ensure easy installation and a secure fit. Not using the correct tools can lead to stripping, stripping down, or having difficulty removing screws when needed.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Phillips Screwdriver

When shopping for a Phillips screwdriver, there are several factors to consider. First and foremost, you want to ensure that the screwdriver fits the screws you need it for. Phillips screws come in two sizes – #1 and #2 – making it important to know what size bolts or screws your project requires. Additionally, think about the size of your job and the type of material involved when selecting a Phillips screwdriver. For smaller projects, such as jewelry making or crafting, a precision screwdriver with interchangeable tips is a great tool option. For larger jobs—building wooden furniture or assembling appliances—you may need an electric or cordless drill driver with interchangeable bits.

No matter what type of job you’re tackling, always choose a Phillips screwdriver with strong grip handle and durable construction. This will help provide leverage when loosening hard screws and complete tasks faster than ever before. Another essential element to look for is a swivel top head which allows for an improved angle when using the bit, along with an adjustable tension so that all sizes of screw heads can be handled safely and easily.

Finally determine whether you need additional features on your Phillips Screwdriver such as magnetic tips or an LED lighting system for helpful illumination in dark work spaces. Ultimately these factors will help guide your decision process and help make sure you select the best Philips Screwdriver for your needs in 2023.

Size and shape of the screwdriver

When selecting a Phillips screwdriver, the size and shape of the driver and the screws you are working with are important factors to consider. Philips heads come in different sizes, ranging from small slotted and standard Phillips heads to large “power” Phillips heads. The size of your screwdriver needs to fit snugly into the head of the screw. If it is too small, it will not engage with the screw properly, while if it is too big it might strip the head of the screw or damage its surface.

So make sure to choose a driver that matches the size and shape of your screws. Generally speaking, smaller screwdrivers are used for precision work on small electronic items while larger drivers are used for heavy-duty tasks such as furniture assembly or construction work.

Material and durability

When you’re looking for the best Phillips screwdriver, the material and durability of the screwdriver should be a high priority. Screwdrivers feature many different materials such as chrome-plated steel, chrome-vanadium steel and solid steel with plastic grips. The type of metal used to construct the Phillips head can affect its durability and how it stands up to different tasks.

Chrome-plated steel is generally seen as a reliable metal to use in producing a quality Phillips head screwdriver that will stand up to nearly every job. This type of metal is resistant to rust which makes it ideal for both in home or professional use. If you’re looking for an economical option, chrome-vanadium steel is often considered a cheaper alternative however its resistance to corrosion may not be as great as that of chrome-plated steel. Solid steel with plastic grips should still serve many functions but may come with less premium features than other options on the market today.

In addition, investing in a Phillips screwdriver set where all items are constructed from high quality materials like hardened bits, ergonomic handles and durable construction can greatly improve your taking on tasks that require precision and strength. Consider what type of material would work best for your specific needs before making your purchase so you can ensure you have the right tool for every job.

Comfort and ergonomics

When it comes to buying a Phillips screwdriver, comfort and ergonomics should be at the top of your list when making a purchase decision. The screwdriver should feel comfortable in your hand and not cause strain or discomfort in the arm or wrist while you are working. You should also be able to hold onto the handle safely, even when you need to apply pressure.

The handle should be of sufficient width so that it can distribute your grip force efficiently when exerting maximum torque on screws and bolts. Additionally, materials such as rubber, molding plastic and cushion grip technology can all help provide a better hand feel while ensuring firmer control and maneuverability over long hours of project work.

Price and value for money

Phillips screwdrivers come in a range of prices to suit any budget. You can expect to pay anywhere from $5 to $50 or more, depending on the size and quality of the screwdriver. Generally, you’ll get better value for money by spending a little more on your Phillips screwdriver purchase.

In terms of price versus value for money, there are a few key things to look for when choosing your Phillips screwdriver:

  • A high-quality magnetic head that can hold onto screws securely without slipping off;
  • A durable composition that is rust-resistant and will last for years;
  • An ergonomic handle shape that is comfortable and easy to use; and
  • An anti-slip grip on the handle surface for added stability while using the tool.

Finally, consider what type of warranty or guarantee comes with your Phillips screwdriver purchase after looking at online reviews of various brands. A good warranty ensures that you’ll be able to get a replacement should something go wrong with the tool itself over time – so it’s definitely worth investing in if you plan on using your Phillips screwdriver regularly!

Brand and reputation

Familiarizing yourself with the various screwdriver brands and their reputations can be one of the smartest investments you can make in getting the right tool for your needs. Reputable brands like Philips are known for manufacturing top-of-the-line screwdriver products that last for years on end. These screws come with excellent warranties, as well as fastener kits to make any job easier.

It’s important to know what kind of material a Phillips screwdriver is made from. Most Phillips screwdrivers have stainless steel blades and durable rubber handles, both offering superior grip and resistance to wear or tear. Higher quality Phillips screwdrivers might even feature carbon steel driver tips, which offer superior durability while allowing easy adjustment when the necessary torque is reached. Look up customer reviews and ratings to determine which type of Phillips screwdrivers offer the best combination of longevity, reliability, precision, and affordability.

Best Screwdriver Sets

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The Phillips screwdriver is one of the simplest tools you can find in any toolbox. It is designed to tighten and loosen screws with a four-pointed cross-shaped head. Depending on the type of screw they are used on, Phillips screwdrivers come in various sizes. The most popular sizes are #1 and #2, but there are much smaller and larger sizes as well.

When selecting a Phillips screwdriver, it is essential to select a head size that will match the recesses of the fasteners you need to drive or loosen. Be sure to explore all available options before making your final selection, as choosing the wrong size Phillips screwdriver could cause damage to your project or tool bits. Furthermore, ensure that your selected tool has a good tip shape and enough torque for optimal performance.

Finally, after making the purchase and putting your new Phillips screwdriver into action, be sure to store it safely in its designated compartment or container for easy access when needed next time. With proper care and maintenance, your new Phillips screwdriver should serve you reliably for years to come!


Which Phillips screwdriver is most popular?

The most popular Phillips screwdriver is the #2 size, as it is used in a wide range of applications including electronics, appliances, and automotive repair.

What is a number 1 Phillips screwdriver?

A number 1 Phillips screwdriver is a smaller size than the #2 and is typically used for smaller screws, such as those found in eyeglasses or some electronics.

Which company is best for screwdriver?

There are many companies that make high-quality screwdrivers, but some of the most well-known and trusted brands include Wiha, Wera, Klein Tools, and Snap-On.

What is the best Phillips screwdriver size?

The best Phillips screwdriver size depends on the specific application. For general use, the #2 size is the most versatile, but smaller or larger sizes may be needed for certain tasks.

How do I choose a Phillips screwdriver?

When choosing a Phillips screwdriver, consider the size and type of screw you will be working with, as well as the quality and durability of the screwdriver itself.

What is the difference between JIS and Phillips?

JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) screwdrivers are similar to Phillips screwdrivers but have a different tip design, which can prevent damage to the screw head.

Is JIS still used?

Yes, JIS screwdrivers are still used, particularly in industries that rely heavily on Japanese-made products or components.

How do I know if my screwdriver is JIS?

To determine if your screwdriver is JIS, you can look for markings on the handle or shaft of the tool, or compare the tip design to that of a known JIS screwdriver.

What is another name for JIS screwdriver?

Another name for a JIS screwdriver is a “Japanese screwdriver.”

What is the difference between POZI and Philips?

POZI (Pozidriv) screwdrivers are similar to Phillips screwdrivers but have additional ridges on the tip that provide better grip and reduce the risk of slipping or camming out. The main difference between POZI and Phillips is the shape of the tip, which can affect the level of torque that can be applied to the screw.


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