Best Oscillating saw 2023

Are you looking for a saw that can be used for both cutting and sanding? Look no further as the best Oscillating saw has arrived in 2023 to revolutionize your craft!

You will find everything you need to know in this comprehensive buying guide, so let’s get started!

Best Oscillating saw 2023

  1. AIOPR Oscillating saw (Editor’s Pick)
  2. ENERTWIST Oscillating saw(Best Overall)
  3. BOSCH Power Tools Oscillating Saw(Budget Friendly)
  4. Hammerhead  Oscillating saw
  5. VEVOR Multitool Oscillating  saw
  6. Yougfin Power Oscillating saw

1) AIOPR Oscillating saw

Best Oscillating saw

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Corded electric power powers the AIOPR Oscillating Saw. The lifeline offers you the strength to handle the hardest tasks. Its 2-amp motor can reach 21,000 RPM, making it ideal for cutting wood, metal, and plastic. Its compact 14″L x 4″W x 6″H size and 6 pound weight give you unequalled mobility in tight spaces.

Always put safety first.

The AIOPR Oscillating Saw prioritises safety. For safe, smooth cuts, its high-speed steel blade intelligently reduces vibrations and kickback. The ergonomic handle is comfortable and secure even during long sessions, enhancing confidence.

Total Finish

In conclusion, the AIOPR Oscillating Saw is a formidable instrument for beginners and specialists. Its corded power source, high-speed steel blade, and user-friendly design make it essential. Modern, multicoloured design enhances this saw’s functionality and beauty.

Why delay? The AIOPR Oscillating Saw makes projects masterpieces.

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  1. Powerful 2-amp motor capable of reaching speeds of up to 21000 RPM
  2. Durable high-speed steel blade for cutting through a variety of materials
  3. Lightweight and compact design for easy handling and maneuverability
  4. Ergonomic handle for comfortable and secure grip
  5. Sleek and modern multicolor design


Brand ‎AIOPR
Color ‎Multicolor
Blade Material ‎High Speed Steel

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2) Enertwist Oscillating Saw

Best Oscillating saw

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Its powerful 4.2-amp motor powers the Enertwist Oscillating Saw’s 500-watt cutting speeds. Its enormous force makes it perfect for cutting wood, metal, and plastic. The 5-degree cutting angle allows precision cutting in tight places and hard-to-reach corners.

Safe and Ergonomic

Enertwist designed this oscillating saw with safety in mind. The ergonomic handle provides a solid grip for long-term use without strain. It’s lightweight at 2 kilogrammes, making it easy to move. The tool-less rapid change and universal fit technology simplifies blade changes, decreasing project downtime.

In summary, the Enertwist Oscillating Saw is a versatile and reliable power tool for DIYers and professionals. Its powerful engine, accuracy cutting, and ergonomic design make it a toolkit essential. Its vivid orange colour and compact size add aesthetics and functionality to your office.

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  1. Powerful 4.2-amp motor with a maximum cutting speed of up to 500 watts
  2. Cutting angle of 5 degrees for precision cutting in tight spaces
  3. Lightweight construction weighing only 2 kilograms for easy handling and maneuverability
  4. Ergonomic handle for comfortable and secure grip
  5. Special tool-less quick change and universal fit system for easy blade changes


Color ‎Orange
Power Source ‎Corded Electric
Special Feature ‎Tool-Less Quick Change & Universal Fit System

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3) Bosch Power Tools Oscillating Saw

Best Oscillating saw

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The Bosch Power Tools Oscillating Saw’s 8,000–20,000 oscillations per minute are outstanding. This exceptional range allows precise, inexpensive cutting in hard-to-reach areas. Strong cuts are possible with this 120-volt saw.

Strongly resilient

Durability defines this oscillating saw. It can last for years due to its high-quality materials. Compact and user-friendly, it’s great for contractors and DIYers.

Finale: Best Cutting Partner

Overall, the Bosch Power Tools Oscillating Saw is a versatile and reliable cutter. It deserves in your toolset because to its powerful motor, accuracy cutting angle, and durability. Contractors and DIYers will love this saw, which makes every cut flawless.

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  1. Powerful 4-amp motor for efficient cutting
  2. Oscillating angle of 3 degrees for precision cutting
  3. Oscillations per minute ranging from 8,000 to 20,000 for versatility
  4. Durable construction for long-lasting use
  5. Lightweight construction weighing only 3.3 lbs. for easy handling and maneuverability


Cord length:  13 feet
Height:  3.75 inches
Length:  11 inches
Net tool weight:  3.3 lbs.

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4) Hammerhead Oscillating Saw

Best Oscillating saw

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A versatile tool, the Hammerhead Oscillating Saw has many uses. At 20,000 RPM, it effortlessly slices through wood, metal, and plastic.

Your Hands Precision

Precision distinguishes the Hammerhead Oscillating Saw. Made by Accelerator_Chervon CNNJI, its small pencil-style shape makes it a hand extension as well as a cutting tool. Though lightweight at 3.36 pounds, it minimises tiredness with extended use.

The Powerhouse Motor

This fantastic tool has a powerful motor for even the toughest cutting chores. The Hammerhead Oscillating Saw cuts dense timber and delicate metalwork with ease.

Compact & Handy

Built for convenience, this tool measures 12.48 x 4.41 x 3.82 inches. Transporting and storing it is easy. The part number, HAMT022, ensures that you’re buying a durable product.

Professionals and DIYers Choose

Its global appeal makes the Hammerhead Oscillating Saw special. It serves professionals and DIYers. Its precision cutting makes it ideal for shaping plasterboard and trimming door jambs.

Your Ultimate Cutting Partner

The Hammerhead Oscillating Saw is your constant buddy on a building site or during a home remodelling. It represents precision, power, and performance, not just a tool.

In conclusion, the Hammerhead Oscillating Saw revolutionises cutting equipment. Its powerful motor, accurate cutting, and lightweight build make it a must-have toolkit addition. This saw unlocks precision and power in cutting chores for contractors and DIYers alike. Upgrade your cutting game with the Hammerhead Oscillating Saw!

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  1. Maximum rotational speed of 20,000 RPM for efficient cutting
  2. Compact pencil-style design for easy handling and maneuverability
  3. Lightweight construction of 3.36 pounds for extended use without fatigue
  4. High-quality product built to last
  5. Versatile and precision cutting for a range of tasks


Maximum Rotational Speed ‎20000 RPM
Style ‎Pencil
Manufacturer ‎Accelerator_Chervon CNNJI
Part Number ‎HAMT022

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5) Vevor Multitool Oscillating Saw

Best Oscillating saw

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The 2.5Amp copper motor powers the Vevor Multitool Oscillating Saw. This powerhouse guarantees you always have enough power to finish. This tool provides power for cutting, sanding, and more.

3.1-degree precision

Power tools require precision. The Vevor Multitool Oscillating Saw’s 3.1-degree oscillation angle makes even the most precise cuts easy. Leave rough edges and finishes behind.

Flexible beyond measure

OPM: 11,000–22,000

Featuring 11,000 to 22,000 no-load OPM, the Vevor Multitool Oscillating Saw is impressive. This makes it a powerful beast that can handle the toughest materials. Working with hardwood, metal, or plastic, this tool excels.

3.1lbs/1.42kg feather-light

At 3.1 pounds (1.42 kilogrammes), this multitool is remarkably light for its capability. This feather-light design makes it easy to carry and manoeuvre, decreasing user fatigue during long work sessions.

Reliability Unmatched 120V Voltage offers consistent performance.

Vevor Multitool Oscillating Saw uses stable 120 volts. This voltage ensures reliable performance even in the toughest jobs. Whether you’re a professional contractor or a DIYer, this equipment will never fail.

Finally, the Vevor Multitool Oscillating Saw revolutionises power tools. Power, precision, versatility, and reliability make it a top choice for pros and enthusiasts. This fantastic tool will boost your toolkit and give you confidence to tackle assignments.

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  1. Powerful 2.5Amp copper motor
  2. No-load OPM range of 11,000 – 22,000
  3. Lightweight design with a weight of just 5 pounds
  4. Oscillation angle of 3.1 degrees for precise cuts
  5. Voltage of 120v for reliable and consistent performance


Item Weight ‎5 pounds
Product Dimensions ‎11 x 2.5 x 3.5 inches
powerful 2.5Amp copper motor
No-load OPM:  11,000 – 22,000

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6) Yougfin Power Oscillating Saw

Best Oscillating saw

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A powerful 20V lithium-ion battery powers the cordless Yougfin Power Oscillating Saw. This cordless feature lets you work swiftly and freely in your workshop or outdoors without electricity.

2. Light and manoeuvrable

Despite weighing 5.92 pounds, this oscillating saw is light. This reduces user fatigue and simplifies tight, complicated spaces. Full control and precision are improved by its ergonomic design.

3. Slim and portable

Tool storage and transport should be easy. At 14.53 x 9.69 x 4.17 inches, the Yougfin Power Oscillating Saw is small. It fits easily in your toolbox or car for quick access.

4. Longer Runtimes

Yougfin Power Oscillating Saw is cordless and sturdy. The lithium-ion battery lasts longer per charge. Avoid mid-project setbacks and power outages.

5 Flexible Uses

This gizmo is versatile. The Yougfin Power Oscillating Saw helps pros and DIYers. It works well indoors and outdoors, providing you unrivalled freedom.

6. Efficiency Redefined

Yougfin Power Oscillating Saws are efficient. You can do things rapidly with the 20V lithium-ion battery. Why wait for the tool to meet your desire?

Finally, the Yougfin Power Oscillating Saw revolutionises convenience, efficiency, and versatility. Its cordless design, lightweight build, and lengthy run times make it vital for cutting, grinding, and sanding. You can count on this instrument for precision and speed indoors or out. The Yougfin Power Oscillating Saw offers unlimited possibilities.

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  1. Cordless design for greater flexibility and freedom of movement.
  2. 20V lithium-ion battery provides sufficient power to get the job done quickly and efficiently.
  3. Relatively lightweight design, weighing just 5.92 pounds, and compact dimensions make it easy to carry and store.
  4. Comes with a lithium-ion battery, so you can start working right away without purchasing additional batteries.
  5. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor projects, giving you the freedom to work anywhere.


Item Weight ‎5.92 pounds
Package Dimensions ‎14.53 x 9.69 x 4.17 inches
Batteries ‎1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)
Power Source ‎Battery Powered

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Best Oscillating saw 2023  – Complete Buying Guide


The oscillating saw (known as the oscilac or hobby saw) is an important tool in any homeowner and tradesperson’s toolbox. It can help you make precision cuts on hard surfaces like wood, metal, plastic, and even drywall. Whether you’re a carpenter working on a construction project or a DIYer completing home improvement projects, you will want to make sure to invest in the best oscillating saw for your needs.

In this buying guide, we’ll review seven of the best oscillating saws available so that you can make an informed choice when selecting one. We’ll cover professional and budget options so that no matter your budget or skill level, you can find the right tool for your job. Additionally, we’ll discuss different features associated with each saw to help you understand more about these tools before committing to one.

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Definition of an oscillating saw

An oscillating saw, also known as a “oscillating multitool” or “multi-purpose saw”, is a versatile power tool designed to cut through a variety of materials including wood, plastic, drywall and metal. It uses a variety of blades with different shapes and teeth to efficiently cut through the material it is working on. The saw also includes an adjustable speed control for precision cutting and a swiveling head for making curved cuts. The most popular types of these tools are corded or cordless versions with different voltage ratings depending on the amount of power needed for the task at hand.

The blades oscillate from side to side at high speeds and make very precise cuts with minimal effort. This feature makes it ideal for tasks that require intricate shapes or curves such as trimming doorways or making electrical outlet holes in walls. Oscillating saws are favored by contractors due to their convenience, portability and versatility in comparison to traditional jigsaws or circular saws which require extra setup time and accuracy when cutting multiple pieces of material. Additionally, since no clamps are required when using an oscillating saw, it’s perfect for completing awkward projects such as tight corners where other tools may not fit easily.

Purpose of the buying guide

The purpose of this buying guide is to provide consumers with a comprehensive overview of the features and characteristics of oscillating saws available on the market in 2023. It will cover all aspects of selection, including product features, construction materials, comfortability and safety precautions.

We will also give advice on selecting a reliable product within your budget, as well as proper maintenance tips to ensure your saw’s longevity. In addition, this guide provides observations from both professional contractors and do-it-yourselfers for an insight into choosing the saw that is right for you.

Ultimately, it is essential that consumers are knowledgeable about oscillating saws before making their purchase decision so they can make an informed decision that best suit their needs and budget.

Importance of choosing the best oscillating saw

When selecting an oscillating saw, it is important to know how much power the saw can provide and how well it cuts different types of materials. Oscillating saw blades come in a variety of shapes, sizes and tooth counts. Using the wrong type of blade for a particular job may destroy the material or create an overly rough surface. Additionally, the best oscillating saws are capable of making precise cuts and can handle more difficult materials with ease.

It’s also important to consider features such as variable speed settings, ergonomic design and after-market accessories when choosing the best oscillating saw for your needs. Variable speed settings enable you to adjust the speed of your saw to suit whatever material you’re working on; a low setting works well for tougher materials while high speed settings are ideal for softer woods and metals. Ergonomic designs provide added comfort during extended use sessions while accessories such as sanding pads help accelerate tasks like surface finishing. Choose an oscillating saw that offers an optimal combination of power, accuracy, maneuverability and additional features for a better cutting experience overall!

Types of Oscillating Saws

Oscillating saws come in a variety of shapes and sizes, making it important to understand the differences between the types of saws that are available. This section is designed to provide an overview of the main oscillating saw types so that you can make an educated decision when it comes time to buy.

  1. Corded Oscillating Saws: A corded oscillating saw is electrically-powered, providing excellent performance with fewer hassles as compared to cordless models. These saws require an AC power outlet, which allows them to deliver greater levels of power than cordless models.
  2. Cordless Oscillating Saws: Cordless oscillating saws are usually powered by batteries and offer convenience at the cost of reduced performance, as they don’t have access to AC power outlets. Some models are compatible with interchangeable batteries and voltages, allowing for higher portability and convenience when working in remote areas or for longer periods of time.
  3. Variable Speed Oscillating Saw: Variable speed oscillating saws provide various speed settings, which allow users more control over their cuts and how quickly they complete their projects. It’s important to note that this feature may be available on both corded or cordless models; however, some low-end products lack this feature entirely or have a very limited range of speeds available.
  4. Multi-tool Oscillating Saw: Multi-tool oscillating saws allow users more flexibility when cutting different materials or surfaces due to their detachable blades and accessories that can be swapped out quickly and easily – typically within seconds! These tools may also be capable of reaching tight corners for more precise cutting jobs.

Corded Oscillating Saws

Corded saws are often the preferred type of oscillating saw since they naturally provide much more power than their cordless counterparts. However, that also means that these types of saws require either a direct electrical current from an outlet or generator. This may significantly limit the maneuverability of your saw, and they must always remain plugged while in use to retain a steady power source.

Additionally, most corded oscillating saws have variable speed levels varying from 6000 to 20,000 oscillations per minute which can be extremely useful for tackling various tasks with varied levels of difficulty. Some other noteworthy features in many corded oscillating tools include tools-free blade changes, dust extraction ports as well as precision control in all angles allowing you to make precise cuts on virtually any surface with pinpoint accuracy.

Cordless Oscillating Saws

Cordless oscillating saws can be powered by either Ni-Cd (nickel-cadmium) or Li-Ion (lithium-ion) batteries and are great for those seeking more portability on the job site. These tools feature the same basic blade system as a corded model, but without having to drag cords around to get the job done.

With a cordless oscillating saw, you will also have the advantage of an adjustable speed setting that can be designed for a variety of different tasks. These saws typically feature electronic power controls with variable speeds from zero to some maximum speed determined by how powerful the motor is. When looking for your ideal model, you’ll want to find one that has a comfortable ergonomic handle so that it will fit in your hands properly, as well as adjustable depth control so that you can select your desired cutting depth.

You may also want to look at run times when shopping around for cordless oscillating saw models; some models will provide longer run times than others because they use higher capacity battery cells or more efficient motors. As with other tools in this family, there are different blades available specifically designed for various types of material such as wood, metal, plastic, and tile cutting.

Factors to Consider when Buying an Oscillating Saw

Apart from selecting the right type of saw that suits your requirements, there are certain factors to consider while picking an oscillating saw. Here are some of the key considerations:

Size: Oscillating tools come in different sizes, ranging between 4 inches to 10 inches in depth. Smaller saws are suitable for getting into tight spaces and cutting out small sections whereas larger saws offer greater power and accuracy. Before selecting a saw, assess the scope and complexity of your job in order to select a size that is suitable for tackling it.

Blade speed: Most portable oscillating saws have variable speed settings, allowing you to choose from a range of blade speeds according to the material you are cutting. A slower speed may be better for harder materials like hardwood but if you’re working with softer materials like softwood laminates or plastics, a faster setting may work best.

Blade accuracy: High-end models tend to provide more precise blades than budget variants do; ensuring precise cuts along curves and other complicated shapes. Quality blades also require less force during operation making them great for delicate jobs as well.

Ease of use: Oscillating tools usually have many components like sanders, scrapers, grinders and so on that can be quickly changed via tool-free blade mounting systems. However, some models come with convenient features such as LED lights or dust collection attachments making them especially useful in poorly lit areas or workstations dealing with hazardous material respectively.

Power and Performance

When you are shopping for a top-performing oscillating saw, look for a product that offers the most powerful motor and highest performance rating. Most cordless options offer modest power and run in the 3- to 5-amp range. You can find more powerful corded tools in the 7–9 amp range that offer variable speeds and power settings, but their weight and cost generally increase with the power. A more powerful tool will be able to take on tougher tasks such as cutting through metal or hardwood studs. For most people, a saw with a 3–5 amp rating will be sufficient for most home projects.

In addition to power, you’ll also want to consider your saw’s oscillating speed and vibration rating, as these metrics can help you determine how efficient your tool is at cutting through tough materials (like wood or metal). Oscillating speeds are measured in revolutions per minute (RPM) and can range from 10,000 – 20,000 RPMs depending on the type of tool. Vibration is measured in decibels (dB) which indicate how much noise an oscillating saw will produce when it’s operating at full power. Lower decibel ratings mean less noise output from your tool when it is running so look for ones rated around 80 dB or lower if you want to work discreetly or make minimal noise when completing certain tasks.

Blades and Accessories

When shopping for an oscillating saw, you’ll want to consider the type and size of blades and other accessories that are compatible with your saw. Oscillating saw blades come in different shapes and sizes, allowing you to choose the right blade for a project. Types of blades include:

  • Flush cut: A flat blade with a straight cutting edge, flush cut blades allow for precise cutting along surfaces.
  • Wood/metal: A combination blade with both concave and convex cutting edges, designed for use on wood and metal materials.
  • Sanding: A pad made from sandpaper or other material used to sand down surfaces or corners quickly and easily.
  • Grout removal: Specialized blades designed with angled teeth used specifically for removing grout from between tiles; these are often referred to as “grout grabbers.”

Other accessories you may want to consider buying include clamps to help you hold components in place while making cuts, scrapers that can be used to remove paint or rust from surfaces, adaptors that let you switch between various types of blades quickly and easily, carrying cases that allow you to store your tools safely when not in use, etc. Be sure to make a list of all the accessories you may need before purchasing an oscillating saw so that you make sure the model you choose is compatible with them.

Comfort and Ergonomics

In any type of power tool, comfort and ergonomics are important considerations when it comes to selecting the best model for your needs. Oscillating saws are no exception; depending on the type of saw you are using and the duration of use, an uncomfortable tool can cause fatigue and aching muscles.

When looking at various models, take note of the weight and balance as well as grip design. It’s important to look for models that have a comfortable grip whether you are using them with one hand or two. Additionally, factors such as dust collection, a variable speed dial, vibration control technology and even noise blocking features may all be important in finding a tool that is easy to handle and operate while providing long-lasting comfort.

Dust Collection

Many oscillating saws come with dust collection systems. These are usually metal containers which can attach to the tool itself and collect the dust and debris as you work. The more powerful the system, the less mess you’ll have in your workspace and on your clothing. People who use oscillating saws often opt for a dust containment system because it is simple to use and eliminates potential hazards caused by flying debris.

The only downside is that they can be quite bulky and make the tool heavier, resulting in arm fatigue if used for long periods of time. Be sure to evaluate the pros and cons before investing in any type of dust collection system for your saw.

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When it comes to oscillating saws, there is an abundance of choice available. The best oscillating saw for your needs depends on how often you’ll be using it, what size of blade is needed, and what type of projects you have in mind. For one-time or infrequent use the budget brands are a viable option. If you plan on using your saw for many projects and for long-term use, then investing in a higher quality model may be worth considering.

If portability is important, then cordless models are the way to go; however, corded models tend to have more power for larger projects. While blades can be changed out between various brands, having a model that is compatible with the range of additional tools that work with it can help provide versatility when tackling different kinds of jobs.

Considering all the features available before making a purchase will help determine which oscillating saw best suits your needs and will provide years of reliable service.


Who makes the best oscillating tool?

There are several reputable brands that make high-quality oscillating tools, including Bosch, DeWalt, Fein, and Makita.

Is an oscillating saw worth it?

An oscillating saw can be worth it for DIYers and professionals who need to make precise cuts in a variety of materials. They are versatile, efficient, and can save time and effort compared to using traditional cutting tools.

Which is the best multi-cutter tool?

The best multi-cutter tool will depend on your specific needs and preferences. Some popular options include the DeWalt DWE315K, Fein MultiMaster FMM 350QSL, and Bosch GOP55-36C2.

What’s the best corded oscillating tool?

Again, this will depend on your needs and preferences, but some highly rated corded oscillating tools include the DeWalt DWE315K, Fein MultiMaster FMM 350QSL, and Bosch MX30EC-31.

What is the highest rated multi-tool?

The Fein MultiMaster FMM 350QSL is often considered one of the highest rated multi-tools due to its power, versatility, and precision.

What should I look for when buying an oscillating tool?

When buying an oscillating tool, consider factors such as power, speed, ergonomics, accessories, and price. Choose a tool that meets your specific needs and budget.

What is the difference between an oscillating tool and a multi-tool?

An oscillating tool and a multi-tool are often used interchangeably, but technically, an oscillating tool refers to a tool that vibrates at high speeds to make precise cuts, while a multi-tool can refer to any tool that can perform multiple functions.

Is a multitool the same as an oscillating tool?

Not necessarily. While an oscillating tool can be considered a type of multi-tool, a multi-tool can refer to any tool that has multiple functions, such as a rotary tool or a hammer drill.

What are the advantages of an oscillating tool?

Some advantages of an oscillating tool include versatility, precision, and efficiency. They can be used to make precise cuts in a variety of materials, including wood, metal, and plastic.

What is another name for an oscillating tool?

Another name for an oscillating tool is a multi-tool or a multi-cutter tool.

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