Best Jointer planer 2023

Have you been searching for the perfect jointer planer to meet your woodworking needs? Look no further! This guide will help you find the best jointer planer of 2023.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced woodworker, this in-depth analysis ensures you make the right choice. You’ll get first-hand insight into what makes a great jointer planer and how to pick the right one for your project.

Best Jointer planer 2023

  1. PORTER-CABLE  PC160JT Jointer planer  (Editor’s Pick)
  2. JET JJ-6HHBT jointer planer (Best Overall)
  3. Grizzly Industrial G0958-8″ Planer Jointer(Budget Friendly)
  4. Grizzly Industrial G0858 Jointer planer
  5. WEN JT3062 Benchtop Jointer planer
  6. WEN PL1326  Thickness Planer
  7. JET JWP-13BT Benchtop Planer

1) PORTER-CABLE PC160JT Jointer planer

Best Jointer planer

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The PORTER-CABLE PC160JT meets crafters’ durability needs. This jointer planer is built to handle heavy loads from durable sheet metal. Both hobbyists with infrequent projects and professionals with everyday obligations may benefit from this tool. Its durability makes it a good woodworking investment.

Best maneuverability

The PORTER-CABLE PC160JT Jointer Planer balances power and portability at 32.1 x 12.4 x 11.2 inches and 35 pounds. Its tiny dimensions and lightweight design make it easy to move around your workshop. Avoid the inconvenience of carrying big machinery.

Deflating Excellence

PORTER-CABLE PC160JT jointers flatten and straighten even the most resistant and deformed wood parts. It easily cuts various woods with a 10-amp motor. Its variable speed range lets you tailor cutting speeds to your job. Smoothing and leveling surfaces has never been easier.

Accurate Planning

The PORTER-CABLE PC160JT excels in precision planning for woodworking perfection. Its planing skills ensure your components are perfectly fitted to your project by removing unevenness and excess thickness from your wood. Avoid inaccurate cuts and enjoy woodworking precision.

Multifaceted Shine

PortableCable PC160JT Jointer Planer is a miracle for beginners and experts. Beginner woodworkers will love its user-friendliness. Its sturdy design and powerful motor make it a reliable tool for professionals who value durability. With the PORTER-CABLE PC160JT in your workshop, you can handle any woodworking task.

Conclusion: Improve Your Woodworking

In conclusion, the PORTER-CABLE PC160JT Jointer Planer exemplifies woodworking precision and longevity. Made with quality, it can suit woodworkers of all levels. You can flatten twisted wood or attain perfect thickness with this tool. With the PORTER-CABLE PC160JT Jointer Planer, improve your woodworking skills and precision. It helps craft perfection, not just a tool.



  1. Sturdy sheet metal material ensures durability for heavy-duty workloads
  2. Easy to move around and store in your workshop
  3. 10-amp motor provides enough power to handle most wood types
  4. Variable speed range allows you to adjust the cutting speed to suit your specific needs
  5. Great for both beginners and professionals in woodworking.0


Material ‎Sheet metal
Item Dimensions LxWxH ‎32.1 x 12.4 x 11.2 inches
Item Weight ‎35 Pounds

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2) Jet Jj-6Hhbt Jointer Planer

Best Jointer planer

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The JJ-6HHBT Jet Jointer Planer is a durable, stylish woodworking tool. Its sturdy cast iron construction and beautiful white finish make this tabletop marvel durable. Stylish and classic, it compliments its functionality.

Size and portability: compact but powerful.

The Jet JJ-6HHBT Jointer Planer balances power and mobility at 32.75 x 15 x 11.5 inches. At 71 pounds, it’s strong enough for tough jobs but lightweight enough to move. This can be stored in your workspace so you can always grab it when inspiration strikes.

The Jointer offers precision with ease of flattening and straightening.

When it comes to jointing, the Jet JJ-6HHBT excels. This tool easily flattens and straightens twisted and rough wood. This machine’s powerful AC motor can reach 10,000 RPM. You can easily handle different wood varieties with this power.

Table of Precision: Flatness Matches Accuracy

Precision-machined Jet JJ-6HHBT table Magic happens on Jointer Planer. It keeps your wood pieces flat and level throughout the process, ensuring maximum precision and accuracy. With this tool, you can’t compromise on creative quality.

Flexibility: The Planer Customizes Thickness for Each Project

The Jet JJ-6HHBT goes beyond jointing. It also works well as a planer to remove wood thickness. This multifunctional tool lets you easily achieve the precise thickness your project needs.

Discover Woodworking Excellence for All Skill Levels

Jet JJ-6HHBT Jointer Planer is your path to woodworking perfection, whether you’re a beginner or an expert. For reliable and consistent work, its sturdy motor and precision-crafted table make it a reliable friend. Additionally, its traditional style gives elegance to any workshop, regardless of experience.

Finally, the Jet JJ-6HHBT Jointer Planer is a work of art and precision. You’ll easily turn wood into art with this flexible and trusty buddy. Trust the Jet JJ-6HHBT to realize your vision, whether it’s a basic DIY or a complicated masterpiece. Start improving your woodworking skills today.



  1. Made of durable cast iron material
  2. Classic and timeless design
  3. Powerful AC motor delivers a maximum rotational speed of 10,000 RPM
  4. Precision-machined table ensures precise and accurate results
  5. Great for both beginners and professionals in woodworking.


Brand ‎Jet
Material ‎Cast Iron
Color ‎White
Item Dimensions LxWxH ‎32.75 x 15 x 11.5 inches

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3) Grizzly Industrial G0958-8″ Planer Jointer

Best Jointer planer

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The Grizzly Industrial G0958-8″ Planer Jointer is portable and sturdy at 17.5 x 31 x 18.5 inches and 48 pounds. It fits snuggly in any workspace and is built to last. Let’s see how this amazing machine plans and joints.

Manage 8-Inch Wood with Precision

The Grizzly Industrial G0958-8″ planer easily handles 8-inch-wide, 1/8-inch-thick wood. A 15-amp motor powers this machine, ensuring smooth, uniform cuts every time. This planer works for little and large projects.

Jointing Mastery

Grizzly Industrial G0958-8″ shows its versatility as a jointer. It flattens and straightens uneven or twisted wood into smooth, level surfaces. This feature gives woodworkers the perfect basis for their projects, changing the game.

Precision-Based: Machined Table

The precision-machined table of the Grizzly Industrial G0958-8″ Planer Jointer is notable. This table keeps wood pieces flat during the procedure. The result? Precision and accuracy that elevate woodworking. Every cut and joint shows the machine’s quality.

A Reliable Professional Friend

Professional woodworkers who demand quality equipment choose the Grizzly Industrial G0958-8″ Planer Jointer. Industrial aesthetics and sturdy construction make it strong enough for constant use. The strong motor and precision-machined table make it a versatile worker for many wood types and thicknesses. The Grizzly Industrial G0958-8″ Planer Jointer eliminates uneven surfaces and perfects carpentry. This top woodworking tool will elevate your craft.



  1. Powerful 15-amp motor ensures smooth and even cuts
  2. Precision-machined table provides accurate and precise results
  3. Can handle wood pieces up to 8 inches wide and 1/8 inch thick
  4. Industrial style and sturdy construction exude strength and durability
  5. Compact size makes it easy to fit into your workshop.


Brand ‎Grizzly Industrial
Item Dimensions LxWxH ‎17.5 x 31 x 18.5 inches
Item Weight ‎48 Pounds
Style ‎Industrial

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4) Grizzly Industrial G0858 Jointer Planer

Best Jointer planer

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Power drives the Grizzly Industrial G0858 Jointer Planer. This jointer planer is big at 475 pounds. Professional woodworkers who want the best will love its sturdy build and durable design.

Large Workspace

The Grizzly Industrial G0858 Jointer Planer knows craftsmanship takes room. This machine can accommodate large woodworking projects at 76 x 25 x 41.5 inches. Be creative without limits.

Precision cutting with Helical Cutterhead Enhanced cutting power

Helical cutterhead distinguishes the Grizzly Industrial G0858 Jointer Planer. This breakthrough boosts woodworking with unsurpassed cutting power and precision. This machine eliminates rough edges and uneven cuts for a faultless finish.

Safety First

The Grizzly Industrial G0858 Jointer Planer protects you from dangerous woodworking. Safety comes first with the push-button switch’s large off paddle. Accidental startups are gone, decreasing workshop injuries.

Mobility, convenience, and workshop freedom

This jointer planer gives woodworkers movement. The built-in transportable base makes the Grizzly Industrial G0858 easy to move about your workspace. Enjoy working anywhere without heavy lifting or inconvenient positioning.

Enjoy precise and accurate rabbetting with ease.

Rabbeting wood pieces is easier and more precise with the Grizzly Industrial G0858 Jointer Planer’s rabbeting table. Precision-machined to keep wood level and flat, the table ensures accurate and consistent results.

Built to Last Quality is crucial in woodworking machinery. High-quality metal makes the Grizzly Industrial G0858 Jointer Planer durable. Its resilience and lifespan make it a good woodworking investment.

For woodworkers, the Grizzly Industrial G0858 Jointer Planer is a powerhouse with unrivaled performance, safety, and simplicity. Its helical cutterhead, rabbeting table, and sturdy construction can boost your woodworking projects. Get the Grizzly Industrial G0858 Jointer Planer for precision and power in your woodworking quest.



  1. Helical cutterhead provides superior cutting power and precision
  2. Push-button switch with a large off paddle ensures safety during operation
  3. Built-in mobile base makes it easy to move the machine around the workshop
  4. Rabbeting table allows for easy and accurate rabbeting of wood pieces
  5. Precision-machined table ensures accurate and precise results every time.


Item Weight ‎475 pounds
Product Dimensions ‎76 x 25 x 41.5 inches
Material ‎Metal

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5) Wen Jt3062 Benchtop Jointer Planer

Best Jointer planer

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The WEN JT3062 Benchtop Jointer Planer’s elegant black style enhances any workspace. For mobile workers, its lightweight design is ideal. It’s the tool’s hidden powerhouse that makes it special.

This jointer planer can easily handle the toughest hardwoods with its 10-amp motor. Whether you’re a carpentry master or a beginner, the WEN JT3062 ensures excellence.

Improve Your Woodworking

Onboard depth scale distinguishes the WEN JT3062. This clever feature simplifies cutting depth adjustment with pinpoint accuracy. No more guesswork or uneven boards. The result? Always straight, homogeneous woodwork.

Versatility and Efficiency

Top-notch woodworking tools are versatile, and the WEN JT3062 is no exception. Its 6-1/8-inch cutting breadth achieves the perfect size-function ratio. This jointer planer handles everything from detailed work to large tasks.

User-Friendly Innovation

Woodworking requires user-friendliness. WEN JT3062 Benchtop Jointer Planer excels here. Safety and ease of use are combined in the push-button switch’s huge off paddle. This little jointer planer fits easily into your workspace, allowing room for other essentials.


In conclusion, the WEN JT3062 Benchtop Jointer Planer is essential for woodworkers who value precision, versatility, and ease of use. The strong motor, precise depth adjustments, and compact design make it a game-changer for woodworkers of all levels. Make it your partner for high-quality, precise woodworking projects. Improve your woodworking with WEN today.



  1. Lightweight and easy to move around at only 42.8 pounds
  2. Onboard depth scale for precise adjustments to the cutting depth
  3. 10-amp motor capable of handling tough hardwoods
  4. Push-button switch with large off paddle for safety
  5. Compact size that won’t take up too much space in your workshop


Item Weight ‎42.8 pounds
Package Dimensions ‎33 x 13 x 11.75 inches
Color ‎Black
Style ‎Jointer

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6) Wen Pl1326 Thickness Planer

Best Jointer planer

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Our spiral cutterhead makes the Wen Pl1326 Thickness Planer stand out. This technological advancement is crucial to woodworking quality. By eliminating snipe, a common issue where the planer cuts deeper at the beginning or end of a board, this cutterhead ensures perfect results.

Efficiency in Action

Beyond snipe reduction, the spiral cutterhead improves cutting efficiency. This makes smoother, cleaner cuts, improving woodworking projects. The 13-inch spiral blade on this planer speeds up and accurately plans lumber to your specified thickness.

Strong and Durable Foundation

The Wen Pl1326 Thickness Planer’s cast-iron base is its main draw. The prudence of choosing durable materials is evident in this choice. Cast iron is perfect for thickness planers due to its strength, longevity, and stability. Working with such a strong tool requires longevity and vibration reduction, which the cast-iron base provides.


Woodworking requires precision and performance, and the Wen Pl1326 Thickness Planer excels. Its spiral cutterhead, efficiency, and cast-iron base revolutionize carpentry. This planer lets you make high-quality woodworks whether you’re a pro or a hobbyist. Choose the Wen Pl1326 Thickness Planer to improve your woodworking today.



  1. The spiral cutterhead reduces snipe and creates smoother, cleaner cuts.
  2. The 13-inch spiral blade can quickly and accurately plane your lumber to your desired thickness.
  3. The cast-iron base material is durable, stable, and helps to reduce vibration.
  4. With a weight of 80.8 pounds, this thickness planer is sturdy and can withstand heavy use.
  5. The Wen Pl1326 Thickness Planer is a reliable and efficient tool for both professional and amateur woodworkers.


Item Weight ‎80.8 pounds
Package Dimensions ‎26 x 21.5 x 16 inches
Style ‎Spiral Cutterhead
Pattern ‎13-Inch Spiral Blade Planer

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7) Jet Jwp-13Bt Benchtop Planer

Best Jointer planer

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The Jet JWP-13BT Benchtop Planer’s design and power are its heart. This benchtop planer is built to offer a pristine finish and constant thickness to your boards in the quickest, most hassle-free manner imaginable.

Unleash Speed and Efficiency

The 10,000 RPM spinning speed of this woodworking marvel is its main feature. This speed makes cutting even the toughest workshop materials easy. When working with hard or soft hardwoods, the Jet JWP-13BT Benchtop Planer delivers excellent results.

Durability is fundamental to the Jet JWP-13BT Benchtop Planer’s design. Made of high-quality alloy steel and cast iron, this planer is durable. Owning this woodworking tool is an investment in long-term performance and reliability. Enjoy uninterrupted woodworking without tool replacements.

Compact and Moveable

The benchtop planer is tiny and portable and performs well. It’s ideal for tiny workshops and garages at 75 pounds and 26 x 17 x 21 inches. This portability lets you operate in tight locations or carry the planer without sacrificing its power.

Increase Your Woodworking Skills

The Jet JWP-13BT Benchtop Planer transforms woodworking. Any workshop benefits from its precision, speed, durability, and portability. For expert craftsmen seeking perfection or passionate DIYers eager to elevate their efforts, this benchtop planer is your passport to great results.

Finally, the Jet JWP-13BT Benchtop Planer is a woodworking buddy that helps you realize your dreams. Its advanced features and unrivaled capabilities demonstrate woodworking tool innovation and quality. Trust the Jet JWP-13BT Benchtop Planer for precision and efficiency and see your woodworking creations fly. Start mastering woodworking here.



  1. Maximum rotational speed of 10,000 RPM for efficient cutting
  2. Alloy steel and cast iron construction for durability
  3. Compact and portable design for easy storage and movement
  4. Can handle tough hardwoods with ease
  5. Provides a smooth surface and thickness to your boards


Brand ‎Jet
Material ‎Alloy Steel, Cast Iron
Item Dimensions LxWxH ‎26 x 17 x 21 inches
Item Weight ‎75 Pounds

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Best Jointer planer 2023  – Complete Buying Guide

When it comes to woodworking, it’s important to have the right tools for the job. Jointing filled and planing pieces of wood can help you create high quality, perfectly level workpieces. That’s why having a good jointer planer is essential for any woodworker. But what makes a good jointer planer?

In this guide, we will discuss all the features that you should look for when shopping for a jointer planer in 2023. We will go over various types of jointers, their purposes and specifications to ensure you find the best one for your needs and budget. We will also cover tips on how to use a jointer planer properly and safely so that you know exactly what you are doing before starting any job.

So let’s get started!

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Explanation of what a jointer planer is

A jointer planer is a woodworking tool used to square wood, smooth it, straighten the edges and endgrain of boards, and at times remove shallow twists and cupping. It is one of the most important woodworking machinery found in workshops. Jointer planers typically have two blades mounted on a cutterhead that spin in opposite directions. As a board passes through the cutterhead, each blade cuts it equally from either side giving it an even cut across its length.

Jointer planers are usually equipped with outfeed tables that allow for easy pushing of stock being trimmed or jointed. They can also feature guides on the input side of the jointer planer that aim to set uniform depths for easier edge cutting results.

Jointer planers are especially useful when dealing with long boards because they offer both a jointing and thicknessing operation in one machine. This makes them ideal for trimming long pieces of lumber or producing edge joints or other special cuts for furniture work and custom tasks such as door panels, picture frames and more. Furthermore, by using high-quality blades made out of steel or carbide tipped blade cutters; these tools are able to perfectly plane all sorts of hardwood species as much as they require while delivering smoother results than hand planes ever could achieve alone.

Importance of owning a jointer planer

A jointer planer is an incredibly useful power tool for any homeowner who enjoys the satisfaction of DIY projects. By allowing users to plane, join, and match edges of hardwood quickly and accurately, this tool gives even amateur woodworkers professional results. Regardless of whether you are looking to build furniture or simply refinish an aging set of stairs, a jointer planer can be an invaluable asset in efficiently producing accurate and attractive results.

Using a jointer planer also helps to eliminate headaches that can come with less consistent resurfacing methods such as sandpaper and blocks. With a jointer planer, users are able to plane multiple surfaces simultaneously with uniform results that are not possible when sanding by hand. Additionally, since the tool operates with blades rather than abrasive grits, finished surfaces have minimal tear out or burning which provides a smoother finish on the wood surface.

In addition to offering fast and accurate plane work on small pieces, large tables over 8’ long can be finished in significantly less time than it would take to plane them by hand due to the powerful motor contained within these tools. Bottom line – if you’re an avid DIY-er or looking for professional grade quality when refinishing furniture or other wood pieces at home – there’s nothing better than owning your own jointer planer!

Jointer Planer Buying Guide

It can be daunting trying to find the best Jointer planer in the market with so many types, brands and features. Knowing what to look for when shopping can help you in making an informed decision and avoiding spending without getting value for money. This guide provide helpful advice on factors to consider when shopping for a Jointer planer, including blade size, ability to handle stock widths, motor power, weight and much more.

Blade Size: It determines how wide a board it is capable of jointing or planing at once. In general the wider the better but also take into account spacings between blades since this influences feeding of stock into machine as well as accuracy of cut. A good guideline would be 3/4″ minimum for jointing and 1-1/2″ minimum for planing.

Ability To Handle Stock Widths: Most machines have a limitation as to how wide a board it can handle but there are some models that offer extensions that add to this limit significantly. By increasing stock width allowance enables user to joint or plane boards up 16″ wide which is quite handy when working on large projects or furniture builds.

Motor Power: When dealing with large projects or hardwoods with intricate grain structure requires starting with sequential passes of increasing depth until desired surface is achieved which means putting strain on machine’s motor power capabilities if not taken into account appropriately beforehand – greater power generally will mean faster cutting times, quieter operation and longer life expectancy overall. Choose the most powerful option available given budget constraints but know that horsepower alone isn’t everything!

Weight & Stability: Most jointers are cast iron and weigh upwards of several hundred pounds which may seem excessive but provides stability during use that is necessary for consistent accuracy across successive passes when milling multiple boards together – keep in mind time saved by proper alignment via sturdy construction outweighs some extra heft anytime! Additionally casters make all difference when moving unit around shop space so look out those too!

Key factors to consider when buying a jointer planer

When shopping for a jointer planer, there are several key factors to consider. Knowing the specs and features of each unit makes it easy to select the right tool for your needs. Here’s a look at some of the top considerations:

Power & speed: The power and speed of the motor are important for various applications. Look for models with high-quality motors that run smoothly with minimal noise levels. Make sure the jointer planer has enough power and torque to handle any project you have in mind.

Table size: Jointer planers come in sizes from 6 inches up to 20 inches or more. Make sure you measure to ensure it does not take up more space than necessary in your shop or garage. Generally speaking, larger table sizes give you more flexibility for different projects, but a small table is great if you just need to make simple cuts or joinery on a regular basis.

Cutting depth control: This feature allows you to set the depth of cut that is standard across all boards so they can be easily jointed together without having too much or too little exposed material after assembly. Many models offer digital readouts that indicate what depth of cut is being applied at any given time, making it easier and safer to use these tools.

Dust collection system: Joeliner planers generate an incredible amount of dust and chips when used on a regular basis, so be sure to choose one that comes equipped with an effective dust collection system such as those offered by Jet Tools, Delta Machinery, and Grizzly Industrial, among others. These systems help keep your work area clean while also protecting your health from exposure to dangerous airborne particles created by woodworking activity.

Type of Jointer Planer

When selecting a jointer planer, it’s important to consider the type of jointer and planer that best suits your work. Jointer planers come in two types: portable and stationary. Portable models are battery-powered, making them ideal for jobsites without power sources or when access is limited. Stationary machines are powered by an electric motor and are conveniently located wherever you need them. If a stationary model isn’t suitable for the job, then investing in a portable model is the best choice.

Another major difference between these two types of units is their size and design. Portable models are usually smaller than stationary models and have fewer features as well. They usually have shorter beds or cutterheads with fewer knives that may not have all of the same capabilities as larger machines. The main advantage is their portability, which makes them perfect for confined shop spaces or quick jobs that don’t require heavy-duty joinery or precise cuts.

When choosing either type of jointer planer, consider your specific needs for power source and ease of use. Some units offer different features such as dust collection systems to help keep your shop cleaner while using the machine, while others may offer more sophisticated controlling mechanisms with digital readouts so you can be assured of accurate results every time. Whatever type you choose should depend on how much space you have available and what tasks you expect to perform regularly with it in order to get the best return on your investment.

Size of Jointer Planer

When choosing a jointer planer, it is important to consider the size of planer that you need. Smaller models are good for home use, as they are lightweight and can easily be moved around your workshop or garage.

Larger models can handle longer pieces of wood and have more power for larger projects, making them ideal for commercial projects. The size of the planer should be based on the types of projects you will likely be attempting.

If you are planning on doing large-scale furniture building or other commercial projects, then a larger model is probably what you need; if the projects will only involve minor repairs to smaller pieces of wood, then a smaller model should suffice.

Tips for choosing the right jointer planer for your needs

Choosing the right jointer planer is essential for obtaining high-quality wood projects with perfect finishes. To help you decide which jointer planer will best suit your needs, here are some tips to consider:

Size – The size of the jointer planer partially affects the size and type of workpieces it can accommodate. Smaller models are adept at making simple straight cuts on small boards, while larger models are more able to handle wider boards and more intricate tasks. Consider the kind of projects that you’ll be performing in order to select an appropriate sized jointer planer for your needs.

Horsepower – Horsepower indicates how powerful a motor a jointer planer has and will affect its overall performance as well as its ability to handle heavy cutting tasks effortlessly. Depending on what you’ll be cutting, opt for a model with a higher horsepower if you need more power or better performance.

Cutterheads – Cutterheads determine how smoothly your project will be cut and how fast each pass will take when using a jointer plane. Evaluate the options available such as spiral or helical cutterheads; changable inserts; carbide or steel knives, etc., so that you can select a model that takes advantage of your chosen material and provide professional results every time.

Dust Collection Port – Proper dust collection is important when using large tools like jointers planers and should not be overlooked when making any purchase decision. Look for models that provide highly efficient dust collection ports since these minimize messes as well as user contact with chaotic particles in air whilst still keep workspaces clean effectively when in use.

Top 5 Best Jointer Planers of 2023

Finding the best jointer planer for your woodworking projects can be overwhelming: so many options, so few reviews. To help you make a well-informed purchase decision, we researched and gathered information about the top 5 Jointer Planers on the market in 2023.

  1. Jet 708524JJP-12 6-Inch – This is one of the most versatile and universal models that provides both jointers and planers in one unit with three adjustable speeds of up to 12000 RPM. The Jet 708524JJP-12 comes with a digital height display that allows users to monitor the depth of their cuts with precision. It also has a built-in dust collection system helps keep your work area dust-free as you work through projects.
  2. Makita 2030N 5″ Planer – This is an ideal choice for someone looking to save space while still providing excellent performance. The Makita 2030N features a powerful 9 AMP motor and a fast set blade system that makes it easy to adjust from 0-3 millimeters in thickness with precise accuracy up to 0.1mm per pass, so you can get precise results every time you work on boards or panels of different sizes and thicknesses. It also has two guide rollers for safer use when trimming down material as well as dual support tables for straightening longer pieces of wood.
  3. Dewalt DW735X 13″ Thickness Planer – One of the most powerful jointers on the market today, this 13” model from Dewalt offers superior cutting power with its 15 AMP motor, 10k RPM spindle speed, and three knife cutting head design allowing up to 36000 cuts per minute! It also comes equipped with an adjustable depth setting up to 0 – 3/32” in measurement as well as an included snipe guard that eliminates swirl marks on end grain cuts making it great for hobbyists or experienced professionals looking to make high quality furniture pieces or cabinetry parts at home or in shop settings alike.
  4. WEN 6510T 6″ Benchtop Jointer / Planer – Another great option for those who are space conscious but need reliable performance just like their larger counterparts out there, this 6” benchtop jointer/planer combo from WEN could just be what you need! Equipped with a strong 15 AMP motor capable of running at 10000 rotations per minute plus durable blades that can remain sharp & clean even after through 20+ cuts at once, this unit ensures users get precision results no matter how thick their boards are from ½” – 1/8 inch all thanks to its integrated adjustment knob located conveniently within reach!
  5. Grizzly G0811 8×60″ Jointer/Planner – Last but not least, everyone working more serious project workspaces would do well with Grizzly’s G0811 Jointer/Planner combo which provides industry standard 8×60 inches capabilities alongside superior power driven by its powerful helical cutterhead system powered by 1 HP electric motor plus three full sets (18 total) five inch long knives that features extreme sharpness & durability especially when compared against other familiar offerings out there today! Making sure craftsmen & women get their projects done quickly won’t be an issue anymore thanks its highly efficient 2 sped gear making transitions between bull nose shaping smooth & easy all day long—and if anything does need repair then repairs become even easier than before because it comes complete with all tools needed including instruction manual right inside each order box customers receive visibly upon arrival at doorstep along other materials being sent.

Product descriptions and features

When it comes to buying a jointer planer, it’s important to research the different features and options each product offers. This guide will help you compare jointer planers on the market so that you can make an informed decision when purchasing one.

Product descriptions and features should include size, power and speed capabilities, additional features such as dust collection systems or specialized blades, available accessories, warranties and return policies. When choosing a jointer planer for your project needs, review parameters such as maximum cutting widths and depths, feed rate capacities, motor types and HP ratings, the number of jointing knives included with the machine, fence types and configurations (including overlap compatibility). Additionally consider safety options such as blade guards or automatic shut-off switches that prevent accidental starting up or overheating. Depending on how often you plan to use your jointer planer there might be additional added value in accessories such as extension tables or heavy-duty dust collection systems. Product descriptions should also include details on whether it’s compatible with other tools such as jointers, biscuit cutters or router bits.

Knowing all of this information beforehand helps guarantee that you purchase a quality product perfect for your project needs.

How to Use a Jointer Planer

Using a jointer planer can save time and improve the quality of your woodworking projects. Before using any tool, make sure you have studied the manufacturer’s instructions and are familiar with all safety protocols. Learn how to set up, adjust and operate your jointer planer correctly to prevent dangerous accidents such as kickback or overheating of blades.

Setting Up: Make sure that your work area is well-lit and offers plenty of space for maneuvering the material you will be working with. Place the jointer on a flat surface, making sure that it is level by using a leveler if necessary. Securely mount the blades on the cutting head and adjust it to meet any configuration requirements before beginning projects.

Adjusting: With practice, you will develop the ability to make consistent adjustments in order to create even cuts across different pieces of wood or grain patterns. Check the depth on each cutting head; verify alignment across blades; adjust intake rollers; audit bearing guides; check tracking alignment; sharpen knives when needed and set feed rate depending on type of material being worked with.

Operating: Mark out a cut line along your material so that it can serve as a guide when running through a jointer planer blade. Test out specific motion while slowly but steadily running material through blades by hand first until you achieve an understanding of machine’s action and resistance feedback – this will help define best way for proper operation during actual project use. Do not force material more aggressively than necessary – let cutting results speak for themselves in order to minimize risks associated with improper machine handling prior to final finishing touches which may include sanding or shaping of cut sections as needed.

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Finally, choosing the right jointer planer for your needs depends on multiple factors. Re-read all the information presented in this guide and make sure to consider things such as your budget, workspace size and preferences to settle on a suitable model. Remember that you don’t always get what you pay for so look out for deals on superior jointer planers that may come with more features than models that are only slightly more expensive.

Finally, always read reviews from actual users before purchasing a jointer planer to ensure it is the right fit for you.


Are planer jointers any good?

Planer jointers are great machines for those who need both planing and jointing capabilities in a single tool. They can save space and money compared to buying separate machines for each task.

What is the best helical jointer planer?

There are several high-quality helical jointer planers on the market, including models from Jet, Powermatic, and Grizzly. The best one for you will depend on your specific needs and budget.

Is it better to buy a planer or a jointer?

It depends on what type of woodworking you plan to do. If you need to flatten and straighten the faces and edges of rough lumber, a jointer is essential. If you need to smooth and thickness the boards, then a planer is the better choice.

What is a jointer planer combo used for?

A jointer planer combo is used for both jointing and planing operations. It can save space and money in a woodworking shop, but typically it sacrifices some capacity compared to standalone jointers and planers.

Do I really need a jointer?

If you want to work with rough lumber or need to create flat, straight edges and faces on boards, then a jointer is necessary.

Can a planer replace a jointer?

A planer can partially replace a jointer for flattening a board, but it cannot create straight, flat edges like a jointer can.

Why is it called a jointer?

It is called a jointer because it is used to create a joint between two boards by flattening and straightening the edges of the boards to create a tight-fitting seam when glued together.

Do I need a jointer if I have a table saw?

A table saw can rip boards to width, but it cannot flatten and straighten the edges of rough lumber like a jointer can. So, if you need to work with rough lumber or need precise, straight edges on your boards, then a jointer is necessary.

How long should a jointer plane be?

A jointer plane typically ranges from 22 to 30 inches in length.

What is the best size jointer to buy?

The best size jointer to buy will depend on the size of the boards you plan to work with. A 6-inch jointer is a good size for hobbyists and small projects, while an 8-inch jointer is better for larger projects and professional use.

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