Best Electrician’s scissors 2023

Do you want the best tools to help you tackle your electrical projects? Are you looking for reliable electrician’s scissors that will last for years?

Look no further! In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide on how to choose the best electrician’s scissors of 2023. You won’t have to face any frustrations with your electrical projects again!

Best Electrician’s scissors 2023

  1. Klein Tools 2100-5 Electrician Scissvors(Editor’s Pick)
  2. Klein Tools 21010  Electrician Scissors(Best Overall)
  3. KNIPEX Electricians` Shears(Budget Friendly)
  4. Klein Tools 26001 Electrician’s Scissors 
  5. Jonard Tools ES-1964 Electrician Scissors
  6. Southwire Tools Electrician Scissors 
  7. WISS Electrician Data Scissor

1) Klein Tools 2100-5 Electrician Scissors

Best Electrician's scissors
Best Electrician’s scissors

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Klein Tools 2100-5 Electrician Scissors’ silver metallic sheen is immediately noticeable. This polished look elevates your toolset and shows your dedication to excellence. These scissors will please electricians who value their gear’ beauty.

Toughness Redefined: Alloy Steel

Electrical workers need durable tools, and the Klein Tools 2100-5 Electrician Scissors deliver. These scissors are made of alloy steel, known for its durability, to withstand electrical operations. Whether cutting wires, cables, or other materials, these scissors won’t dull or wear out.

Klein Tools’ Excellence Legacy

Klein Tools has been a trusted name in professional toolmaking for 160 years. The Klein Tools 2100-5 Electrician Scissors proudly continue this tradition. Klein instruments gives electricians instruments that transcend their rigorous work.

Compact, versatile Klein Tools 2100-5 electrician scissors

Transportable Precision

These scissors are portable at 10 x 10 x 10 inches and 3.2 ounces. They fit in your tool bag or pocket, so they’re always accessible. They can finely cut numerous chores with their 1.88-inch blade length and 1-inch thickness despite their size.


Klein Tools 2100-5 Electrician Scissors: Silver Metallic Finish, Alloy Steel Construction
Klein Tools Legacy: Compact Scissors, Portable Electrical Tools

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  1. Durable alloy steel construction for long-lasting performance.
  2. Sleek silver metallic color for a professional appearance.
  3. Compact and lightweight design for easy handling and storage.
  4. Trusted brand: Klein Tools has a reputation for producing high-quality tools.
  5. Versatile blade length and thickness for various cutting tasks.



Color Silver Metallic
Material Alloy Steel
Brand Klein Tools
Blade Material Alloy Steel


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2) Klein Tools 21010 Electrician Scissors

Best Electrician's scissors
Best Electrician’s scissors

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The Klein Tools 21010 Electrician Scissors’ bright yellow colour stands out. This bright colour improves visibility, making scissors easy to find even in a busy workplace. Yellow is your friend in dimly lit corners or when you’re rushing to finish a job.

Unmatched Durability for Demanding Environments

Tools for electrical work must resist constant use and demanding environments. These Klein Tools 21010 Electrician Scissors meet this difficulty with their sturdy build. These scissors are made of durable materials to withstand continuous use in electrical installations. The precision and sharpness of alloy steel blades make them ideal for wire trimming and cutting difficult materials.

Klein Tools’ Excellence Legacy

Klein Tools has been a trusted brand for 160 years, providing professionals with high-quality tools. This brilliance is reflected in the Klein Tools 21010 Electrician Scissors. The firm is dedicated to making reliable, long-lasting products for electricians’ specialised needs.

For electricians who prioritise practicality, the Klein Tools 21010 Electrician Scissors are compact, lightweight, and precise. They are small and light at 1 x 1 x 1 inches and 3.2 ounces. This allows them to fit in a tool bag or pocket without bulking up your gear. Their small size allows precise and nimble cutting in restricted places, making them useful for many electrical chores.

Finally, the Klein Tools 21010 Electrician Scissors are the pinnacle of electrical work efficiency, durability, and precision. Every electrician needs them due to their bright yellow colour, unrivalled durability, and Klein Tools brand trustworthiness. So, choose the greatest scissors to improve your electrical cutting efficiency.

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  1. High-visibility yellow color for easy locating on the job site.
  2. Durable blend material construction for long-lasting performance.
  3. Trusted brand: Klein Tools has a reputation for producing high-quality tools.
  4. Compact and lightweight design for easy handling and storage.
  5. Alloy steel blades for sharp and precise cutting performance.



Color Yellow
Material Blend
Brand Klein Tools
Blade Material Alloy Steel


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3) KNIPEX Electricians` Shears

Best Electrician's scissors
Best Electrician’s scissors

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Their multi-color design makes KNIPEX Electricians’ Shears stand out. These shears stand out in a busy workplace thanks to their colour injection. In dimly lit locations or while working fast on a job site, electricians may quickly find their shears and go to work.

Build to Last

A durable composite construction makes KNIPEX Electricians’ Shears resistant to electrical work’s daily rigours. Sharp and precise alloy steel blades make them ideal for severing cables and trimming resilient materials. Whatever the cutting job, electricians can trust these shears.

KNIPEX: Reliable

KNIPEX, a long-standing brand, makes high-quality professional tools. KNIPEX Electricians’ Shears continue this legacy of excellence, making them the top choice for electricians. KNIPEX cutting tools are trusted for their durability and performance, meeting the demands of the profession.

Compact and Accurate

Practical and lightweight, the KNIPEX Electricians’ Shears measure 6.31 x 3.13 x 1.31 inches and weigh 0.31 pounds (5 ounces). Their lightweight and ergonomic shape makes them easy to carry and store in a tool bag or pocket without burdening an electrician’s gear. Their compact design allows precision cutting in restricted locations, making them useful for many electrical applications.

KNIPEX Electricians’ Shears are more than cutting tools—they’re efficient and reliable. Any electrical expert seeking perfection needs them due to their attractive design, sturdy construction, trusted brand pedigree, and compact, accurate form. KNIPEX Electricians’ Shears help you excel in electrical work.

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  1. Eye-catching multi-color design for easy spotting on the job site.
  2. Durable blend material construction for long-lasting performance.
  3. Trusted brand: KNIPEX has a reputation for producing high-quality tools.
  4. Compact and lightweight design for easy handling and storage.
  5. Alloy steel blades for sharp and precise cutting performance.



Color Multi
Material Blend
Blade Material Alloy Steel


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4) Klein Tools 26001 Electrician’s Scissors

Best Electrician's scissors
Best Electrician’s scissors

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The Klein Tools 26001 Electrician’s Scissors’ alloy-carbon steel structure is exceptional. This combination assures durability and long-term performance. Serrated carbon steel blades cut wires, cables, and other electrical materials with precision.

Klein Legacy: A Reliable Companion

Tool trust is crucial. Klein Tools, an industry legend, makes high-quality tools that experts trust. Klein Tools 26001 Electrician’s Scissors continue this tradition by providing electricians with a trustworthy cutting companion. Klein Tools has long been the favored choice of discriminating electricians due to its durability and quality.

Size and precision redefine practicality

Klein Tools 26001 Electrician’s Scissors are practical. These scissors are small and portable, measuring 6.72 x 2.75 x 0.5 inches and weighing 4.6 ounces. They cut quickly and precisely without using much force due to their serrated blade edge.

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  1. Durable construction with alloy steel and carbon steel materials.
  2. Serrated blade edge for sharp and reliable cutting performance.
  3. Trusted brand: Klein Tools is known for producing high-quality tools.
  4. Compact and lightweight design for easy handling and storage.
  5. Item dimensions and weight make it convenient for carrying on the job site.



Material Alloy Steel, Carbon Steel
Brand Klein Tools
Blade Material Carbon Steel
Item Dimensions LxWxH 6.72 x 2.75 x 0.5 inches


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5) Jonard Tools ES-1964 Electrician Scissors

Best Electrician's scissors
Best Electrician’s scissors

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Jonard Tools ES-1964 Electrician Scissors are unique. Superior stainless steel makes these scissors durable in industrial settings. Carbon, high-carbon, and stainless steel scissor blades are also available. This unique combination produces a sharp and reliable cutting edge that can strip 18-20 AWG to 22-24 AWG wires and other electrical components.

A Trust Legacy

Professional tools are Jonard Tools’ specialty. Jonard Tools ES-1964 Our electrician scissors proudly hold this flame, a reliable cutting tool. Discriminating electricians trust Jonard Tools because of its durability and effectiveness.

Made for Usability

Jonard ES-1964 Electrician Scissors are useful. Weighting 3.17 ounces and measuring 0.59 x 4.04 x 1.38 inches, these scissors are portable. Their precise cutting makes them ideal for wire stripping and other sensitive applications.

Cutting Precision Revised

Finally, the Jonard Tools ES-1964 Electrician Scissors cut electrically precisely. These scissors are necessary for any professional electrician due to their beautiful craftsmanship, reliable heritage, and user-friendly design. Jonard Tools precise cutting makes a difference. Change your electrical work style and upgrade your tools immediately.

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  1. High-quality stainless steel construction for durability.
  2. Blades made from carbon steel, high carbon steel, and stainless steel for sharp cutting performance.
  3. Trusted brand: Jonard Tools is known for producing top-quality tools.
  4. Compact and lightweight design for easy handling and storage.
  5. Precision cutting capabilities for efficient stripping of wires and other materials.



Material Stainless Steel
Blade Material Carbon Steel,High,Stainless Steel
Item Dimensions LxWxH 0.59 x 4.04 x 1.38 inches
Item Weight 3.17 ounces


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6) Southwire Tools Electrician Scissors


Best Electrician's scissors
Best Electrician’s scissors

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Southwire Tools Electrician Scissors are composite. A unique material composition makes these scissors durable. This particular mix makes the scissors sturdy enough for DataComm work, cutting various wires and cables.

2. Credibility Legacy

High-quality Southwire tools are trusted worldwide. The Southwire Tools Electrician Scissors maintain this history, providing DataComm professionals with trustworthy cutting tools. Southwire’s lengthy history and devotion to quality make it the leading choice for professionals that need the greatest art tools.

Made Perfectly

1. Detail DataComm Precision

Southwire Tools’ Electrician Scissors match DataComm specialists’ high criteria. These 1 x 1 x 1-inch, 3.68-ounce scissors are small and lightweight for handling and storage. Precision makes them excellent for cutting DataComm wires and cables in small spaces.

Finishing Up

DataComm requires precision, which your products enable. DataComm personnel benefit from the cutting-edge and reliable Southwire Tools Electrician Scissors. Since Southwire is trusted and reliable, their Electrician Scissors make data transmissions precise and easy. Improve your craft with Southwire Tools Electrician Scissors.

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  1. Blend material construction for durability and long-lasting performance.
  2. Trusted brand: Southwire is known for producing reliable tools.
  3. Designed specifically for DataComm professionals, with a style of DataComm Snips.
  4. Compact and lightweight design for easy handling and storage.
  5. Suitable for cutting 19 AWG and 23 AWG wires, among other materials commonly used in DataComm work.



Material Blend
Brand Southwire
Item Dimensions LxWxH 1 x 1 x 1 inches
Style DataComm Snips
Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 1 x 1 x 1 inches; 3.68 Ounces


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7) WISS Electrician Data Scissor

Best Electrician's scissors
Best Electrician’s scissors

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WISS Electrician Data Scissors are known for their classic style. These scissors are lightweight and easy to handle at 1 x 1 x 1 inch and 0.035 ounces. They are ideal for both experienced and beginner electricians due to their simple design.

Wiss: Quality Brand

Wiss makes these outstanding scissors, a brand professionals trust. Electricians and other tradesmen who need precision and longevity in their equipment choose Wiss for its long history of reliable cutting solutions. WISS Electrician Data Scissors are powder-coated to increase durability.

Using Precision for Versatility

WISS Electrician Data Scissors are precision cutting tools that excel in many electrical applications. Their tiny 1 x 1 x 1-inch size and lightweight 1-gram weight make these scissors versatile and easy to use. Electricians may trust them to cut common materials surgically. Their nimble and lightweight design makes them perfect for snipping wires, cables, and other materials in tiny locations, which is useful for electricians who operate in cramped spaces.

The WISS Electrician Data Scissors are more than a tool—they represent electrical work precision and excellence. These Wiss scissors, intended for electricians, have flawless cutting performance, making them essential tools. WISS Electrician Data Scissors are the gold standard for precision cutting tools.

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  1. Precision cutting capabilities for efficient and accurate cuts.
  2. Trusted brand: Wiss is known for producing high-quality tools.
  3. Compact and lightweight design for easy handling and storage.
  4. Powder-coated finish for enhanced durability and longevity.
  5. Versatile tool for various applications in the electrical field.



Brand Wiss
Item Dimensions LxWxH 1 x 1 x 1 inches
Style Classic
Item Weight 1 Grams
Finish Type Powder Coated


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Best Electrician’s scissors 2023- Complete Buying Guide

Welcome to the best electrician’s scissors buying guide for 2023! Electrician’s scissors are an invaluable tool for any electrician, and this guide will help you find the perfect pair for your needs.

We’ve compiled an extensive list of electrician’s scissors from some of the top manufacturers in the industry. We’ll discuss their features, along with pros and cons to help you make an informed decision. We have also included some tips and tricks on picking out the best electrician’s scissors that might prove helpful.

With all this information in mind, we hope that you can confidently make a purchase decision. Good luck, and Happy Shopping!

Milwaukee Electrician Snips Review - Pro Tool Reviews

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Explanation of what electrician’s scissors are

Electrician’s scissors are specialized tools that are designed for the cutting, stripping and terminating of low-voltage cables and wires. These scissors feature one serrated edge that is meant to grip the wire strands when it is being cut. This serrated edge ensures accurate cutting without breaking or deforming the wire insulation.

Additionally, many electrician’s scissors come with built-in cable strippers and wire looping tools that can make the task of managing wires easier. They may also have a narrower blade, enabling them to get into tight spaces when installing communications wiring.

Electricians’ scissors come in a variety of shapes, materials, sizes and price points to meet different needs, so it is important to know what features you need before purchasing these specialized tools.

Importance of electrician’s scissors

Electrician’s scissors are a must-have tool for any electrician or anyone who works with electrical wiring. These specialized scissors are designed to cut through electrical tape, wires, and cable quickly and easily without damaging the material. They are an essential tool for any person working with electricity and should be part of every electrician’s toolkit.

Electrician’s scissors offer a number of advantages over standard-issue scissors. Their shorter blades make them ideal for maneuvering around tight spaces where regular-sized scissors would not be able to reach. Electrician’s scissors also feature notched blades so that they can easily grip onto cables and wires to ensure that no snagging is caused when cutting. The rubberized handles on all electrician’s scissors provide a comfortable and secure grip so that users can maintain control while they are making their cuts. The spring loaded design of electricians’ scissors enables users to cut items in tight places or awkward positions quickly and effortlessly without having to apply too much pressure with their hands.

Factors to consider when purchasing electrician’s scissors

When searching for the perfect pair of electrician’s scissors, you need to consider several factors that will help you determine the right tools for your work. Depending on your project and the materials you are cutting, it may be more beneficial to buy a pair of specialized scissors rather than a “do-it-all” type. Here are some of the main factors to consider when purchasing electrician’s scissors:

Blade Length – The length of an electrician’s scissor blade is an important consideration when choosing your tool because it determines how much material can be cut with one pass. The longer the blade, the more material can be cut in each pass and will ultimately save time.

Ergonomic Design – It is important to select a pair of electrician’s scissors that have been ergonomically designed in order to provide greater comfort during use and minimize fatigue. Look for features such as nonslip handles, tension adjustments, and adjustable pivot points.

Cutting Edge Style – Regular tip blades provide a sharp point that is great for precision cuts while hooked-tip blades allow for deep penetration into material while providing better control when making most cuts. Serrated blades offer greater traction while cutting many materials including stranded wire or webbing.

Material Compatibility – Depending on the type of cutting needing performed, certain electrician’s scissors may work best with specific materials such as fabric, paper, plastic or metal wire sheathing. Be sure to determine which material types will be used most often before purchasing your tool so you can ensure optimal performance when using them for those tasks.


When selecting the best electrician’s scissors for your exact needs, it is essential to think about the material of the scissors. Electrician’s scissors can be made of different materials, such carbon steel, stainless steel, titanium alloy or coated with tungsten steel.

Carbon steel has greater toughness than stainless steel and tends to be inexpensive. Its resistance and surface finish are not as good as stainless steel. Therefore it is important to inspect regularly for rust and corrosion when using carbon steel and avoid using it in humid places/environments.

Stainless Steel: It offers better surface finish than carbon steel and generally has unparalleled corrosion resistance. This makes stainless-steel scissors safe for use even around saltwater or in wet places without fear of rusting or tarnishing easily. Stainless-steel blades are sharper than the others but may require sharpening due to their tendency to chip if used carelessly and over a long period of time.

Titanium these scissors have improved strength over other materials almost double that of regular types with slightly higher price tag compared to some other options. They are also remarkably lighter in weight providing comfort allowing it get into tight spaces with ease unlike thicker heavier materials like stainless-steel blades which may bring fatigue easily when used over longer hours/periods of time while working on applications requiring long snips such as installing wires in conduit pipe installation jobs or cutting cord with repetitive strokes like on many electrical insulated wire jobs that require heat shrink tight sealings etc.. They have excellent corrosion resistance compareed to non alloyed steels but may not be advisable for cutting sheet metals like aluminium as they could potentially cause visible denting/bulging when used on thinner sheets without proper careful approach/techniques during operation due ti weaker hardness ratings amongst all mentioned materials..

Coated with Tungsten Steel these scissors stand out from others by far being the hardest amongst them (three times harder than regular carbon steels) ensuring unmatched sharpness retention as may need less frequent sharpenings but more expensive than all prior models we just discussed above but provided razor sharp results each time you use them which can saves you plenty of sleepless nights mostly common among electricians off late 🙂

Blade type

Blade type is one of the most important factors to contemplate before you select your electrician’s scissors. The two most common blades found in electricians’ scissors are “Straight blade” and “Curved blade”. While straight blades provide a more precise cut, curved blades are better for cutting through thicker materials. Depending on the type of material you are cutting, a combination of both types of blades may suit your needs best.

Straight Blades: Straight blades have a thick bevel taper at the backside with a hardened but thin edge which is specially designed for precision cutting and snipping on varieties of wire insulation.

Curved Blades: Typically wider than straight blades, curved blades offer significantly more power when cutting through thick materials such as conduit or multi-strand wires. When combined with its heavy-duty serrated tips and deep V shaped groove design, curved blade scissor can easily cut through various tough materials without using too much force.

Handle design

The handle design of electrician’s shears is one of the most important characteristics to consider before making a purchase. The shape and overall ergonomic comfort of the handle should be comfortable and easy to grip. The material used should also provide enough grip to prevent slipping when cutting. Good hand design should also have soft cushioning to reduce fatigue during long hours of work.

Many electricians’ shears come with a dual-pivot handle design that offers more comfort, stability, and control during cutting, as well as increased leverage when pulling apart wires or snips through tough materials.


The size of electrician’s scissors is an important factor to consider when purchasing a pair for your needs. Scissors come in a variety of sizes, from mini to full size.

Mini scissors are great for trimming wires and working in small spaces, such as behind drywall or in tight corners. Full-size electrician’s scissors can handle larger wire and offer more cutting power than mini versions, but may not be suitable for tight areas.

When choosing the best electrician’s scissors, it is important to consider the size that best fits your needs.


When choosing electrician’s scissors, price should always be taken into consideration. Higher-end electrical scissors cost more but typically have higher quality materials and are designed for professional use. There are several different ranges of electrician’s scissors that can fit various budgets.

The following is a breakdown of common prices:

-Low (under $30): Low-end electrician’s scissors can provide the need basic functions, but shouldn’t be relied upon for high demand jobs.

-Mid (between $30-$60): Mid-range electrician’s scissors tend to have higher quality materials, better ergonomics and slightly better cutting power than low end models.

-High ($60+): High end electrician’s scissors have the best performance, ergonomic design, and material quality. They usually include multiple blades as well as accessories or tools like saber saw blades or grass shears that make them more versatile.

Klein All-Purpose Electrician's Scissors - Pro Tool Reviews

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When selecting the best electrician’s scissors for your needs, there are several factors to consider. You should determine the type of work you are doing, so you can make an informed decision on what blade size and material will be best suited to tackle those projects.

It is also important to keep in mind that different materials will respond differently when exposed to certain elements, such as heat or corrosive chemicals.

Finally, you should take into account the amount of money you are willing to invest in a quality tool. By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your chosen electrician’s scissors will provide years of reliable service to help with all your electrical tasks.


What do you use electrician scissors for?

Electrician scissors are used by electricians to cut and strip electrical wires and cables. They have sharp blades and serrated edges that make it easier to grip and cut through tough materials.

How do electricians hold scissors?

Electricians typically hold scissors in a comfortable grip that allows them to apply pressure to the blades with their thumb and fingers. Some electrician scissors also have ergonomic handles that help to reduce hand fatigue.

What are lineman scissors?

Lineman scissors, also known as electrician’s shears, are a type of heavy-duty scissors designed for cutting through thicker wires and cables. They are larger and more robust than regular electrician scissors, and often have longer blades with serrated edges.

What is the end of scissors called?

The end of scissors is called the tip or the point. It is the part of the blade that comes to a sharp point and is used for precision cutting.

Why is it called scissor?

The word “scissor” comes from the Latin word “cisoria,” which means “cutting instrument.” It is believed that the modern scissors we use today evolved from ancient Roman cutting tools.

What is a scissor used for?

Scissors are used for cutting various materials, such as paper, fabric, hair, and metal. They come in different shapes and sizes and are used in a variety of fields, from art and crafts to surgery and cooking.

What is the importance of scissors?

The importance of scissors lies in their versatility and usefulness in a wide range of tasks. They are essential tools for cutting and shaping materials, and are used in many different industries and professions.

Who invented scissor?

The invention of scissors is attributed to the ancient Egyptians, who created a primitive form of scissors using two blades made of bronze or iron. The modern design of scissors, with two pivoting blades and a handle for each hand, was likely developed in Europe during the Middle Ages.

Who uses scissors?

Scissors are used by many different people, including artists, tailors, hairdressers, chefs, and medical professionals. They are also commonly used in households for various cutting tasks.

What is one scissor called?

One scissor is typically called a “pair of scissors,” as it consists of two blades that work together to cut materials.

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