Best diamond blade 2023

Are you confused about buying the right diamond blade in 2023? Don’t worry! Here’s the ultimate buying guide of the best diamond blades available in the market to help you make a well-informed purchase. You can count on this guide to provide quick and easy solutions to all your diamond blade dilemmas.

Best diamond blade 2023

  1. Makita Diamond Blade(Editor’s Pick)
  2. DEWALT DW4712 Diamond Blade(Best Overall)
  3. Bardland JC-156 Diamond Blade(Budget Friendly)
  4. Delta Crack Chaser Diamond Blade
  5. DTO SMP14P Diamond Blade
  6. SKIL Circular Diamond Blade
  7. QEP Diamond Blade

1) Makita Diamond Blade

Best diamond blade

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Makita’s B-69646 diamond blade is perfect for demanding cutting tasks because to its durability. Its high-quality diamond substance can survive extreme conditions. Laser-welded diamond segments securely bonded to the blade’s steel core provide stability and unequalled cutting power.

Easy Precision

The narrow kerf of the B-69646 reduces resistance, making cuts faster and smoother. Every pass with this diamond blade cuts concrete, asphalt, and other tough materials precisely and efficiently. Makita eliminates jagged edges and uneven cuts for faultless projects.

User-friendly design

Makita values comfort and usability. The B-69646 diamond blade is lightweight and easy to handle at 0.01 ounces and 0.8 x 16 x 20 inches. You’ll find activities easier, even after long use. Its noise and vibration reduction capabilities make operating more comfortable and less tiring.

Flexibility at its Best

The Makita Diamond Blade B-69646 works with most saws, a notable feature. This adaptability makes it a beneficial addition for professionals and DIYers because it fits smoothly into your toolset. For every saw, the B-69646 can perform.


In conclusion, Makita’s Diamond Blade B-69646 demonstrates its dedication to quality. It’s a precision tool that elevates your work, not just a cutting tool. Its durability, precision, user-friendliness, and versatility make it essential for construction and industrial workers. With Makita’s B-69646 diamond blade, you’ll maximise your cutting activities’ quality and efficiency. Choose Makita for a unique cutting experience.

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  1. The Makita Diamond Blade B-69646 is made of high-quality diamond material, providing superior durability and longevity.
  2. The blade’s laser-welded segments offer superior strength and stability during cutting tasks.
  3. Its thin kerf design reduces resistance, allowing for smoother and faster cuts.
  4. The blade’s lightweight design and reduced noise and vibration make it easy and comfortable to use.
  5. The blade is compatible with most saws, adding to its versatility.



Manufacturer ‎Makita
Part Number ‎B-69646
Item Weight ‎0.01 ounces
Product Dimensions ‎0.8 x 16 x 20 inches


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2) Dewalt Dw4712 Diamond Blade

Best diamond blade

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A superior diamond-metal combination makes the DEWALT DW4712 Diamond Blade durable and long-lasting. Its laser-welded segments ensure maximum strength and stability while cutting, making it ideal for many applications. Additionally, its narrow kerf shape decreases resistance, making cuts smoother and faster.

Compact and Lightweight

The DEWALT DW4712 Diamond Blade is lightweight and easy to handle at 12.8 ounces and 9.88 x 8.88 x 0.5 inches. Its ergonomic design makes cutting easier and reduces noise and vibration, improving operator comfort. This diamond blade also fits most saws, making it a great toolkit addition.

Benefits Summary

In conclusion, the DEWALT DW4712 Diamond Blade is the best cutting tool for efficiency and precision. It can easily handle harsh materials because to its high-quality diamond blend material and laser-welded segments. Operators will enjoy its lightweight, ergonomic design, noise and vibration reduction, and ease of use.

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  1. The DEWALT DW4712 Diamond Blade is made of a high-quality blend of diamond and metal, providing superior durability and long-lasting performance.
  2. Its laser-welded segments ensure maximum strength and stability during cutting.
  3. The blade’s thin kerf design reduces resistance, allowing for smoother and faster cuts.
  4. Measuring only 12.8 ounces, the blade is lightweight and easy to handle.
  5. The blade is compatible with most saws, adding to its versatility.



Manufacturer ‎DEWALT
Part Number ‎DW4712
Item Weight ‎12.8 ounces
Product Dimensions ‎9.88 x 8.88 x 0.5 inches


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3) Bardland Jc-156 Diamond Blade

Best diamond blade

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This blade is a marvel of engineering, made from premium 65 manganese steel and carefully selected diamond particles. This combination of high-quality materials makes the blade durable and capable of cutting the toughest tasks.

Fully Balanced Design

The Bardland JC-156 Diamond Blade is a featherweight champion at 7.1 ounces and 6 inches in diameter, guaranteeing excellent manoeuvrability. Its wave-shaped core, an engineering marvel, sets it unique. This design stabilises every cut and reduces vibrations for unmatched precision and control. Additionally, the blade’s colourful design adds beauty to your cutting instruments.

Redefining Versatility

The Bardland JC-156 Diamond Blade is the best choice for many applications because it works with many saws. Diamond particles provide it unmatched cutting power, allowing smoother, quicker cuts across many materials. This diamond blade’s shape prevents overheating, increasing its longevity.

Finally, the Bardland JC-156 Diamond Blade revolutionises cutting precision and adaptability. High-quality 65 manganese steel and precisely placed diamond particles provide durability and performance. Operators that expect the best choose it for its lightweight design, stability, and vibration reduction. The Bardland JC-156 Diamond Blade combines precision and perfection for cutting.

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  1. The Bardland JC-156 Diamond Blade is made of high-quality 65 manganese steel and diamond particles, providing superior durability and long-lasting performance.
  2. Its unique wave-shaped core design provides excellent stability and reduces vibration during cutting.
  3. The blade’s multicolor design adds a touch of style to your cutting tool collection.
  4. The blade is designed for use with a variety of saws, adding to its versatility.
  5. The blade’s design reduces the risk of overheating during prolonged use, ensuring a longer lifespan for the blade.



Manufacturer ‎Bardland
Part Number ‎HNT
Item Weight ‎7.1 ounces
Size ‎HNT-156 6″/ 1 Packing


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4) Delta Crack Chaser Diamond Blade

Best diamond blade

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Delta Crack Chaser Diamond Blade is tiny and lightweight, measuring 4.5 x 0.3 x 4.5 inches and weighing a few ounces. It is easy to handle and manoeuvre, decreasing operator fatigue during lengthy use. Green makes it easy to spot in a busy workplace, preventing misplacement.

Precision at Best

Delta Crack Chaser Diamond Blades are known for their cutting precision. It cuts smooth, accurate fissures in concrete and asphalt due to its thin profile. The diamond-composite blade cuts smoothly and accurately every time. This blade’s precision will improve project results for contractors, landscapers, and DIYers.

Endurance in Action

The Delta Crack Chaser Diamond Blade is designed for extreme circumstances. Diamond-infused composition resists dullness and wear at high temperatures and heavy use. This extraordinary resilience extends the life of your cutting tool, saving you time and money on replacements.


Overall, the Delta Crack Chaser Diamond Blade is a reliable, high-performance cutting tool for many applications. Even after continuous use, its diamond composition maintains sharpness. Additionally, its lightweight and portable design simplifies cutting. It’s essential for builders and DIYers since it creates accurate cracks in varied surfaces. Choose the Delta Crack Chaser Diamond Blade for superior performance and durability.

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  1. The Delta Crack Chaser Diamond Blade is made of high-quality diamond, ensuring that it stays sharp even after prolonged use.
  2. Its lightweight design makes it easy to handle and maneuver, reducing the risk of operator fatigue.
  3. The blade’s narrow profile makes it ideal for cutting clean, precise cracks in concrete and asphalt surfaces.
  4. The blade’s diamond composition ensures that it can handle high temperatures and heavy use without becoming dull or worn down.
  5. The blade’s green color makes it easy to spot in a busy workspace, reducing the risk of misplacing it.



Material Diamond
Item Dimensions LxWxH 4.5 x 0.3 x 4.5 inches
Color Green


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5) Dto Smp14P Diamond Blade

Best diamond blade

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The Dto Smp14P Diamond Blade stands out from the competitors with its creative design. Their main goal? Cutting the hardest building materials quickly, smoothly, and precisely. This diamond blade will improve your efforts whether you’re a professional mason or a DIYer.

Superb Construction

This strong metal 14-inch marvel has a 0.125-inch thickness and a 1″-20mm arbour. Its well crafted specs make it a versatile cutting tool. With the Dto Smp14P Diamond Blade, no material is unbeatable.

Choosing Dto Smp14P: Benefits – Superior Durability

The 5.39-pound Dto Smp14P Diamond Blade is durable. Its metal composition makes it durable for frequent use, ensuring a long life. Its resistance to heat and wear makes this diamond blade even more durable and cost-effective.


In masonry and DIY, precision and durability rule. The Dto Smp14P Diamond Blade from Diamond Tool Outlet embodies these features. Its superior design and durability allow you to easily handle the roughest materials. Make the smart pick and upgrade your cutting with the Dto Smp14P Diamond Blade.

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  1. Its unique design ensures a fast and smooth cut.
  2. Made from durable metal, this blade is built to last and can withstand the wear and tear of daily use.
  3. The blade is highly resistant to heat and wear, which extends its lifespan.
  4. With a diameter of 14 inches, it is suitable for various cutting jobs.
  5. Its 0.125-inch thickness ensures a precise and clean cut.



Part Number ‎SMP14P
Item Weight ‎5.39 pounds
Package Dimensions ‎14.16 x 14.16 x 0.5 inches


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6) Skil Circular Diamond Blade

Best diamond blade

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This diamond blade from power tool manufacturer SKIL weighs little under 10 ounces and has the component number 75740W. Its 7-1/4-inch diameter and 0.04-inch thickness make it ideal for circular saws and other power instruments.

Innovative Technolog

The outstanding balance of materials in the SKIL Circular Diamond Blade makes it strong enough to slice through tough materials. Its unique design assures smooth, fast cuts and reduces dust. Operators will have cleaner and healthier workplaces.

Flexible Cutting

Versatility distinguishes the SKIL Circular Diamond Blade. Using this blade alone, you can cut through many materials without numerous blades. This adaptability saves time and money over time.

Main Benefits

1. Superior Durability

SKIL Circular Diamond Blades can handle the toughest cutting jobs. Its sturdy construction keeps it cutting well after lengthy use.

2. Fast, Smooth Cuts

Its innovative design gives this diamond blade unmatched speed and precision. Smoother, more accurate cuts will be noticeable instantly.

3. Dust Reduction

Many cutting procedures generate dust, which is unhealthy and difficult to clean up. The SKIL Circular Diamond Blade solves this problem, making the workplace safer and cleaner.

4. Cost-effectiveness

Multiple blades for different materials can be costly. By using one blade for multiple cutting jobs, the SKIL Circular Diamond Blade saves money.


In precision cutting, the appropriate instrument is crucial. The SKIL Circular Diamond Blade is the ideal choice for professionals and DIYers because to its durability, smooth and rapid cutting, dust-reducing qualities, and cost-efficiency. Forget about poor blades and enjoy the efficiency and precision of the SKIL Circular Diamond Blade. Increase your cutting skills today!

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  1. The SKIL Circular Diamond Blade is made by a reputable brand in the power tool industry.
  2. The blade is designed to be used with circular saws and other similar power tools.
  3. It is made of a special blend of materials that make it tough enough to cut through hard materials with ease.
  4. The blade’s unique design ensures smooth and fast cuts while reducing the amount of dust generated during use.
  5. With just one blade, you can cut through a variety of materials without the need for multiple blades.



Manufacturer ‎SKIL
Part Number ‎75740W
Item Weight ‎9.8 ounces
Product Dimensions ‎8.98 x 8.5 x 0.04 inches


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7) Qep Diamond Blade

Best diamond blade

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QEP Diamond Blades are made of superior alloy steel and engineered with care. This remarkable material choice ensures the blade’s toughness and endurance, even in the toughest cutting operations. This blade’s round shape and micro polish make it excellent for cutting a variety of materials due to its clean and precise cuts.

Unleash Versatility

The QEP Diamond Blade cuts tiles, marble, granite, and other tough materials with unrivalled adaptability. It can easily handle all these materials and produce professional results every time you use it because to its design and build.

Best compatibility

Its versatility with different saws is another QEP Diamond Blade characteristic. This blade fits seamlessly with circular, tile, and other saws, letting you focus on cutting. QEP strives to meet the needs of a wide spectrum of experts and DIYers, as shown by this adaptability.

Compact & Handy

Cutting tools are all about convenience. Due to its tiny size, the QEP Diamond Blade is easy to transport and store. Its compact makes it easy to transport to job sites and doesn’t take up tool storage space in your workplace.


The QEP Diamond Blade dominates precision cutting. Professionals and enthusiasts use it for its precision, durability, and versatility. The diamond blade you trust for precise tile work or powerful stone cutting always delivers flawless results. Compatibility with numerous saw types and compact design make it suitable for many applications. The QEP Diamond Blade revolutionises cutting instruments with its quality and reliability. QEP gives you the cutting precision you’ve always wanted.

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  1. The QEP Diamond Blade is made from premium alloy steel, providing durability and longevity.
  2. Its circular shape and micro finish provide clean and precise cuts, making it ideal for different types of materials.
  3. This diamond blade is versatile and suitable for both wet and dry cutting.
  4. It is compatible with different types of saws, making it convenient to use for different cutting needs.
  5. With a size of 1, this diamond blade is easy to carry around and store.



Manufacturer ‎QEP
Part Number ‎6-1008BW
Item Weight ‎1.34 pounds
Product Dimensions ‎0.25 x 12.25 x 13.25 inches


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Best diamond blade 2023-Complete Buying Guide

A diamond blade is a saw blade that has been manufactured using diamond. Diamond blades have many application in different industries, including the building and construction sector, where they are used to cut through stonework, asphalt, metallic plates and more.

In this guide, we will discuss the best diamond blades on the market for 2023. We will cover everything you need to know about purchasing a diamond blade, such as factors to consider, features to look out for as well as answer some of the frequently asked questions (FAQs).

By the end of this guide, you should be able to select the perfect diamond blade that suits your needs and budget. So keep reading!How to Choose a Diamond Blade for the Job

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Explanation of diamond blades

To begin, it is important to understand the purpose and the workings of a diamond blade. A diamond blade is an essential tool for cutting hard materials such as concrete, brick, stone, asphalt and other types of abrasive surfaces. The blades consist of diamond particles embedded into cores which are made up of metal or composite. Diamond blades provide an advantage over traditional blades because they offer fast cutting speeds, extended life and improved accuracy.

To get the most out of your diamond blade, it’s important to select the right type for your job. Depending on what material you are cutting and how thick it is will determine which type of blade you should use.

For general purpose masonry work such as block paving or asphalt, a medium grade (up to 8mm thick) standard turbo rimmed diamond blade should be used; fewer teeth per inch (TPI) will result in faster cuts with a rougher finish. For thicker materials such as reinforced concrete or reinforced natural stone, higher grade (14mm-20mm thick) turbo blades with more TPI would be recommended for a smoother finish. If you need to cut tiles or products with a glazed surface then specialist tile blades with appropriate slitting segments should be used.

Factors to Consider When Buying Diamond Blades

When buying a diamond blade, it is important to keep several factors in mind that will help ensure you get the right one for your job. Before purchasing, here are some of the things you should be aware of.

  1. Types of Blades The different types of diamond blades each have their own strengths and weaknesses, so it is important to research what type will best suit your project’s needs before making a purchase. This guide covers the following types: continuous rim blades, turbo blades, segmented rim blades, and cup wheels.
  2. Bond Type This refers to how tightly the diamonds are bonded to the steel core in the center of the blade during manufacturing. A harder bond will wear more slowly than a softer bond with constant use but can cause premature wear and tear when used for materials harder than its design intended for. It’s best to use a medium or multi-purpose bond whenever possible to get maximum performance out of your blade over its lifetime. Additionally, some blades are designed specifically for wet cutting while others can cut dry or wet without issue; pay close attention to your project’s needs before selecting a bond type accordingly.
  3. Blade Size & Thickness The size and thickness of the diamond blade come into play when selecting an appropriate size for portions needed from larger slabs of material like stone or concrete (often referred to as “slab sawing”). The size and thickness should correspond with the material being cut; these measurements are typically given in inches or millimeters on most product pages so it’s easy to determine if yours is correct , thicker than recommended could lead damage over time but too thin could make cutting more difficult due to lack of stability while sawing through harder materials like granite or ceramic tile. If you’re not sure which one suitable contact customer support they can help you make a better decision.
  4. Efficiency & Speed Efficiency is especially important when considering specialty blades like multi-application cores (made specifically for cutting both stone and concrete) or turbo blades designed for faster speed and higher RPMs; this may also dictate which type blade might be right for certain projects (i.e., segmented rim vs turbo). Additionally, look at secondary features like cooling holes under high demand applications since these extra mechanisms can increase overall efficiency by allowing heat from friction during cuts dissipate faster from inside wheel itself, resulting in less wear-and tear on components. Lastly, variable speed settings also increase efficiency depending on material being cut therefor knowing job requirements beforehand will save time (and money!) later within long Term Projects.

Material to be cut

One of the most important things to consider when buying a diamond blade is the type of material you plan to cut. Different materials require different types of diamond blades for maximum results. Diamond blades for metals such as aluminum or steel need a larger concentration of diamonds and a harder bond matrix than those used to cut softer materials like tile, brick or cured concrete. The three major types of diamond blades are segmented, turbo and continuous rim blades.

Segmented blades feature a rim that is segmented into sections and filled with diamonds embedded in the metal matrix. The segments break through more stubborn materials, making it the optimal blade for heavy-duty cutting applications in masonry, tile, block, pavers and cured concrete products. They are usually best used with lighter power tools and low RPMs due to their incredible cutting power.

Turbo blades have short waves or notches that contain diamond abrasives embedded in all over the blade’s edge surface. These notches help deliver fast cutting performance on stone, hard tile and masonry projects by creating an more aerodynamic cutting path which can help reduce dust build-up while still producing clean cuts without leaving behind chipping burrs on finished surfaces.

Continuous rim blades feature a long continuous rim which is filled with a uniform concentration of diamonds on its entire surface area making it ideal for forming clean cuts when trimming delicate or brittle materials like ceramic tile or porcelain veneers. It also provides superior performance when precision is important as these blades leave nice smooth edges behind without any chipping or burrs present after cutting. This makes them essential for work requiring minimal polishing post-cutting operations like plumbing jobs and shallow road construction projects where details matter most to finishing off your project successfully!

Blade size

The size of your diamond blade is a factor that you should consider when selecting the right blade. It is important to match the size of the blade to your tool, as an undersized blade may not cut as efficiently on larger materials, while a larger blade may cause excess wear and tear on smaller tools.

Common sizes are 4-inches, 7-inches, 10-inches, 12-inches, or 14-inches. You can typically find the right size by consulting the instruction manual for your tool or checking online. Additionally, choose a blade that fits securely in place to ensure it does not wobble during operation.

Blade quality

When making a purchase, it is important to consider the quality of the diamond blade to determine if it will be suitable for the construction work being performed. Diamond blades come in grades that range from economical to professional.

Professional blades feature high-quality diamonds as well as good quality metal used in their production. This results in a longer lasting, durable product. Economical diamond blades are lower grade and feature fewer diamonds, making them less effective at cutting and more prone to wear out quickly. Additionally, they may not be able to handle large cuts or intricate designs like their higher-grade counterparts can.

When selecting a blade, it is important to understand what level of cutting precision is needed and choose a blade accordingly for optimal results.

Blade lifespan

When it comes to buying a diamond blade, the lifespan is one of the most important factors to consider. Although this varies depending on the type of material you are cutting, it should still last for several years with reasonable use and maintenance.

A good quality diamond blade may cost more than a standard blade, but you will likely get more cuts per blade. Additionally, when choosing a diamond blade, it is important to select one that has good cooling slots or vents and a specially designed segment height for effectively dispersing heat during cutting. This will help prolong its life and make cutting easier as well.

Blade Design

Blade design is an important factor to ensure the best-possible diamond cutting tool performance. Generally, diamond blades are segmented, which helps them cut more effectively. A segmented blade consists of multiple segments with diamonds embedded at the tips and between them. The segments give the blade a chiseling action that shaves even the hardest materials into smaller crystalline shapes more easily than a non-segmented blade can do.

The diamonds are strategically placed on each segment to provide consistent cutting power along the length of the blade. Some blades feature standard segments while others use inlaid or laser welded segments that hold up better under stress and heavy loads. Blades with random segments will also perform more efficiently because they provide added stability when handling awkward cuts.

The most important aspect of diamond blades is their bond strength, which refers to how well each individual diamond is bonded to its matrix or blade body material. Lack of enough bond strength can cause chunks of the diamond material to break off and cause pricey repairs or replacements that could have otherwise been avoided. As such, it is important to select a diamond blade from reliable suppliers who offer good quality products that are designed for long-term use and optimal performance in different applications and conditions.

Blade diameter

One of the first considerations when selecting a diamond blade is the size of the blade. Blade diameter is determined by the outside edge of the central mount, which may be labeled with an actual diameter or an “industry standard” that is accepted by all diamond blade manufacturers.

Generally speaking, larger blades are more effective at cutting through harder materials and larger objects, while smaller blades are better for tighter curves and more intricate cuts. Choosing a blade that appropriately matches your project size, material and cutting goals will save time and money later on.

Blade thickness

The thickness of the diamond blade is an important factor to consider when choosing a blade for your project. You want your blade to be thick enough that it can stand up to heavy-duty use, but not so thick that it will be too heavy or difficult to maneuver.

Different blades are designed with different objectives in mind; if you’re planning on using the blade for cutting through concrete, asphalt, or stone, a thicker blade will be preferable. If you’re using the blade to cut metal or ceramic tiles, then a thinner blade would work best.

Generally speaking, mid-range blades have thicknesses that run from 0.063 inches up to 0.090 inches and offer the best combination of durability and maneuverability for most projects.

Number of segments

As its name suggests, the number of segments on a diamond blade refers to the number of cutting ‘pieces’ it has. Blade segments are diamond-embedded particles that come in varying shapes, sizes and compositions. Generally, electric saws require a higher number of segments on their blades because they have less power than their gas-based counterparts.

Although more segments tend to result in slower blade speeds, it does make the blade more powerful in cutting through harder surfaces like concrete blocks or rocks. If your project requires you to cut soft materials like asphalt or wood, fewer and larger segmented blades are recommended for smaller saws because they allow for faster speed and greater control.

Always check your manufacturer’s guide for the exact number and size of segments you will need for your project; otherwise choosing a diamond blade with too few or too many segment may lead to unsatisfactory performance results.

Segment height

Segment height is a key factor to consider when selecting the right diamond blade for your project. Diamond blade segments are the raised parts of the diamond blade that intermittently surround it and contain the diamonds used for cutting. The height of the segment should be chosen based on the material you will be working with as well as its hardness.

Generally speaking, a higher segment height equates to higher diamond concentration, which is ideal for hard materials like concrete or stone while a lower segment will work better with softer materials and provide a faster cut time. Segment heights come in standard measurements and range from 7mm – 25mm or even greater.

It’s important to specify what material you’ll be cutting when making your selection so that you can select an appropriate segment height for maximum efficiency.How To Choose the Best Diamond Blade | Acme Tools

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Ultimately, the diamond blade you select for your particular project is up to you. Carefully consider your options and weigh them against your expected performance results. From high-quality construction and longer blade life to faster cutting times, there are several features to consider before purchasing a diamond blade.

Additionally, selecting the right saw can improve efficiency, reduce safety risks and maintain high productivity levels. Reach out to us or other industry experts if you need additional advice on selecting a diamond blade–we’re here to help.


What is the best diamond blade to cut tiles?

The best diamond blade to cut tiles is a continuous rim diamond blade, also known as a tile saw blade.

What makes a good diamond blade?

A good diamond blade is one that is designed to match the specific material being cut, has high-quality diamonds that are evenly distributed, has a sturdy and durable blade core, and has appropriate blade size and RPM rating for the tool being used.

Which blade is best for cutting concrete?

The best blade for cutting concrete is a segmented diamond blade with a high diamond concentration.

What is the best diamond blade for cutting reinforced concrete?

The best diamond blade for cutting reinforced concrete is a diamond blade with a specific design and bond to handle the added hardness of the reinforcement.

What is the main tool used in diamond cutting?

The main tool used in diamond cutting is a diamond saw blade, which can be used with various tools such as a tile saw, angle grinder, or circular saw.

Will a diamond blade cut brick?

Yes, a diamond blade can cut brick, but it is important to use a blade specifically designed for masonry materials.

How long do diamond blades last?

The lifespan of a diamond blade depends on various factors such as the quality of the blade, the material being cut, and the operating conditions. A good diamond blade can last anywhere from a few hours to several years of continuous use.

What diamond blade for granite?

A diamond blade for granite should be a segmented blade with a high diamond concentration and a hard bond.

What material Cannot be cut by a diamond cutting tool?

Diamond cutting tools cannot cut non-conductive materials such as plastics, wood, and rubber.

What do jewelers use to cut diamonds?

Jewelers use a specialized diamond cutting tool called a diamond cutter, which uses a diamond-coated blade to precisely cut and shape diamonds.

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